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Ремонт пола    Уход за ковровыми (текстильными) покрытиями Repair floor Care carpet (textiles) coatings

Caring for carpet (textiles) coatings

The impact of negative factors

Уход за ковровыми (текстильными) покрытиями. Before turning to the subject of cleaning and caring for textiles (or carpet) surface, should understand how the types of pollution they are most vulnerable, and why the contamination is removed.

No secret that the best dirt we make our living in the streets, in the form of soil adhering to the soles of shoes. Apart from the soft fractions of soil contains a quartz particles, silicon oxide and other solid minerals with abrasive qualities. Once on the rug, coarse material remain cloth, other, smaller mixed with household dust and moving under the action of air currents, in the end, settled on the floor. In any case, but abrasive at first appear on the surface of cloth, and then, when walking on the floor vtaptyvaetsya and penetrates deeper, up to the substrate surface. While walking on the carpet covering his nap time is in motion, he then accepted and raspryamlyaetsya, then tightened spiral back to the original position, with the grain material in the carpet slowly but inexorably peretirayut nap. Seceded from the effects of abrasive material in carpet fibers remain, and take a shock load and friction efforts of our legs, gradually pereputyvayutsya among themselves and vbivayutsya in coverage. The carpet is not only intensely istiraetsya, but specialists say, "svoylachivaetsya" ie acquiring properties felt. Unfortunately, the list of "killer" features material is not exhaustive and why. All major manufacturers of textile floor coverings end-of-pipe must be used for specific combinations of their products, providing insulation fibers to the air, giving cover bactericidal effect antistatichnost etc. A particulate material "obdiraya" nap deprive it of the protective layer, thus reducing the operating and, therefore, consumer quality carpet. Obviously, the long-term presence in carpet material product accelerates its physical deterioration, not to mention that the running surface quickly loses original invoice and color, and the cleaning and enforcement appearance will require considerable effort and costs money.

It should also be borne in mind that the average band Russia is not a zone with a favourable climate. With the onset of winter, which is said to have lasted from the end of November to mid-April, the streets of our cities posypayutsya and abundantly irrigated by various reagents capable "sozhrat" not only for frazil bridge, but the underside of footwear, automobile tires, as well as the textile floor coverings, Defrosting to get together with the dirt streets. The point is that at certain times of year, the process of mechanical abrasion cloth is complemented by a strong chemical aggression. All of this can contribute to prolonging the life of the carpet floor covering.

Another group of contaminants are chemically and physically active substances, mainly organic, widely used in the home. Particularly appalling to carpet fluid, the coloring power-red wine, strong black tea, coffee, various sauces and juices. All of the products (and not only them) if they come into carpet products can be trudnovyvodimoe spots, especially noticeable on a light background. A major threat to textile fibers of beverages, which are cast (and shed on the floor) in the hot, like tea or coffee. The effects of high temperatures nap changes its configuration, and this is often, alas, irretrievably. There is also another problem with the domestic air : organic food is a perfect breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, particularly when the humidity indoors. Many microorganisms can not only cause disease, but also trigger rotting carpets. The base will be gradually destroyed, and the carpet will be a source of offensive odours. So even harmless bread crumbs trapped in the carpet, it can lead to premature deterioration. Still on the subject of pollution carpets of the food industry, it is impossible not to mention gum. This invention is a South Indian jungle today is a major scourge of all textile coatings, especially in the interior of public buildings. The lower.

Terms of the operation and maintenance

So, in order to serve the long carpet and throughout the life of retained its original form, it must be preserved and kept clean. How to start? The first step is to prevent the penetration of dirt street spaces. It should be equipped with multi-zone entrance of gryazezaschity. In the simplest system gryazezaschity is consistently carried maty-gryazeuloviteli. First mat designed to gather dirt streets of major factions must be on the street in front of the room, the second officer to free shoes from a small particles and liquid-absorbing pollutants put into the vestibules. Third mat, which is the final cleaning shoes, put on the floor in the elevator lobby. The European experience suggests, the three mats enough to keep them up to 80% of street dirt. However, given the climatic conditions, Russia, as well as taking into account how we are cleaning the streets, experts advise not to save money on gryazezaschite and install additional exterior gryazeulovitel gained, for example, from hard synthetic bristles. Do not use a metal wire screens. This can be interpreted as a sign of disrespect for visitors : metal wire brush or spoils the underside of footwear, especially if they are made of genuine leather…

The next rule, which no longer help maintain carpet products, as follows : surface should clean as often as possible, ideally every day. Usually, the daily cleaning is the removal of carpet dust and larger particles coated with a vacuum cleaner. The craftsmen working in a professional executed, warn of cleaning vacuum cleaners. As mentioned earlier, moisture triggers development of colonies of microorganisms in the carpet surface, which can cause rot substrate. In addition, excess moisture often leads to the deformation of the substrate surface, as well as to destroy the adhesive formulations used in the manufacture of carpets.

The sine qua non for effective dry-cleaning carpet cleaning is the use nozzles with brushes, best R configuration, which is also called spiral or feed. Prochesyvaya nap, brush captures particulate pollution and raise them from the carpet on the surface, a vacuum cleaner nozzle. The brushes in the cleansing vacuum is not only remove dirt from the carpet up, but his return cloth original position. Experts say that if such a cleaning cloth is "training" that helps maintain long carpet surface invoices. When the carpet surface found localized areas of intense contamination, to remove them should apply powder dry cleaners. Typically, cleaning powder is a combination melkoporistyh granules, which are highly absorptive properties. The cleansing powder dispersed on the floor and rubbing in the nap. The grains contain an absorbent some moisture to evaporation which they declined in volume and represent the particle pollution. After evaporation of the powder all wet, it collected using a vacuum cleaner with a brush curve. The dry cleaning poroshkom-absorbentom several advantages : simplicity, efficiency (powder removes up to 90% mud), the application of coatings of natural and synthetic fibers. In addition, it does not exposed to the water and shampoos that contain chemical substances and, moreover, in the dry cleaning on the floor can walk. Good results are achieved by using a special dry-cleaning foam, published in an aerosol dispenser in concentrate. This tool is applied to the surface coating, combine soft brush while vspenivaetsya. Sold, foam decreases in the amount collected and distributed evenly in komki dirt, which then removed a vacuum cleaner. If the stain can not withdraw from poroshka-absorbenta or foam, it should take special remover.

Remover dissolving effects are powerful and have a strong impact on both the organic or inorganic contaminants. Using remover hide the carpet of cement, asphalt, nail polish, chewing gum, and more. However, as a potent tool remover can have a chilling effect on most textile cover, in particular, to change the color of cloth. Particularly sensitive to pyatnovyvoditelyam carpets from natural fibres. If a carpet gets gum, it will freeze the jet liquefied gas, then chop machine, and only then removed. So remover should be compiled on the basis of the carpet products, and use the detergent in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. In the case of textile surfaces stowed in the private interior, the owner of the house to have on hand a special "kit" for floor with a table napkin and patches, soaked in cleaning products.

Deep Cleansing

Daily care for the floor liners - a measure aimed at the extension of his service. But no matter how carefully do not regularly cleaned, sooner or later, will require deep carpet cleaning products, which are using professional equipment and specialized cleaning products. Experts in the field executed, there are two basic types of deep cleansing textile coatings : wet and dry. Wet cleaning work through kovromoechnyh machines, vacuum cleaners and detergents vodososov. Positive a wet harvest : the highest removal efficiency of any air and relatively low cost of this service. But the dignity of wet cleaning are, and begins the long list of deficiencies, chief of which is a very negative impact on the textile surface water. To avoid rot surface after wet cleaning should be thoroughly dried out, that is not always possible. Moreover, wet cleaning can be where carpet fit on falshpol, which is located electrical outlets, can be shorted out. Other weaknesses include wet cleaning that is not only clean of floor, subjected to the highest pollution, but fully cover-otherwise purified station will be different colors. Added to that heavy kovromoechnye machines equipped with rotating disc brushes, which are often damaged furniture in the place of linking her to the floor and razbryzgivayut shampoo in hand, polluting furniture and interior equipment. The shampoo himself, no matter how clean it was, it contains a reactive substance that may affect the stain or modify the properties of cloth, giving it rigidity and fragility. Thus, wet cleaning can be done, where the textile coating is intense, or a combination of pollution, as well as when the carpet can be dried out.

Exceptions are igloprobivnye pokrtiya, nap originally shot down tightly and Survey felt like, and the dry way they are simply not clear. Moreover, they are not afraid of the water, of course, that it will not be coming down on the floor. In all other cases, the professionals tend to use a dry cleaning. This use has already been mentioned poroshki-sorbenty and specialized machines, and prochesyvayuschie vtirayuschie nap in the dry cleaner and then udalyayuschie it from the carpet. Sometimes, in a very soiled with the aim of strengthening the field of pre-processed powder special составом-катализатором. The divorced water as a means slightly dilutes pollution, and concentrated, is a strong remover. Although the catalyst used in aqueous solution, it may have adverse effects on the carpet, because at 1 meter cover falls below 100 g water. For comparison : in a wet cleaning to the same area are 1.5 to 2 litres of water.

In addition to cleaning powder, in a professional executed widespread vapor and glove. The deep cleansing penogeneratorom same as a dry powder, with the only difference being that serves as an absorbent foam. In addition, unlike the dry cleaning, along with foam carpet at the water reaches a certain amount, usually a few hundred grams to 1 meter, which did not pose any threat to cover. It is also safe for textiles and steam boilers, which are saving money on shampoos and cleaners.

How often should contact kliningovoy services company and a thorough cleansing? In response to this question must take into account many factors, including the availability gryazeuloviteley and purifying capacity, time of the year, the humidity in the street and how often the front door opened and slots, what evenness grounds of gender, whether on the surface of local pollution and wear, what type of a textile cover, and the length of his cloth, etc. Yet, a major indicator in determining the frequency of deep cleaning, is the degree of road space. For example, in the theater the day at 1 meter field can be up to 10 thousand touch footwear and textiles to meet such demands will be extreme. In this situation, it will have deep cleaning at least two or three times a week, technical theater director, it makes sense to consider the professional harvesters and the appointment to specialist executed.

In a large office space, say in the operating room bank or telephone company daily load of 1 m2mozhet a 2 - 3 thousand steps that require deep cleaning to restore the nap at least once a month. The management of the company to decide that it would be more appropriate : a spring cleaning by a specialist, or to contract for services with floor kliningovoy firm.

In offices with low attendance and private residential homes, where daily load for the 200 - 300 steps at 1 meter, deep cleaning can be done every three to 12 months, of course, subject to a daily preventive cleaning and removing small particles.


After the deep cleansing, should ensure that the carpet was well protected from pollution. Usually Püssirohu drugs produced in aerosol packaging and be on the floor of a type. Today's arsenal of protective gear before convoys, nap mats outside and deny its absorbing capacity. This is especially important where there is a danger of falling on the floor of liquid pollutants. For example, red wine spilled on the carpet, added protection, not soak in water and remain on the surface coating of Dome meniscus. In this state, the wine will be for 10 - 15 minutes. This time, it is sufficient to remove him or woven paper napkins. Practice shows that up to 90% stubborn stains avoided through proofing of the textile coatings, to erase the polluter immediately after falling to the ground. Besides protecting cover of various liquids practiced processing cloth convoys to prevent deep penetration in the carpet particulate pollutants and the use of drugs, giving carpet products antistatic properties.


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