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Stack laminate

Укладка ламината Nothing is in place. All moves forward and, thank God, is where to proceed. New ideas take on new forms, and it is always a pleasure. Moreover, the form infiltrating our lives in the form of the invention. A new items not only interesting but also help us. Take, for example, the laminate. It has long become popular among floor coverings. How profitable substitute expensive flooring, laminate attracted the attention of the new development and design. This is amply demonstrated, and an exhibition floor coverings, held in January in Hanover. There were novelties in the field of laminated covers almost the entire world. On some of them we are.

As you know, the quality and reliability of floor covering called laminate define the two main points. First, the panel (indeed, they are laminate) is a thin, but very strong "Companies cake", it provides the entire burden : trample, shlepane, tantsy-shmantsy different hosts favour. Secondly, a mechanism of attachment bar with their neighbor.

Manufacturers laminated cover attempt to improve each part. Much attention is focused on functionality laminate-ie neistiraemosti cover and the strength of attachment.

So far, most often arranged in the laminate laminated boards affixed via a special adhesive. The result yielded strong solid surface. However, such connections have disadvantages. For example, glue over time lose their properties, and durability is a lost connection leads to the formation of cracks. Skleiv this floor once, repair or replace a board you will not be able to : board pasted to another board namertvo and otlomav laminatinu one, you violate the overall design.

Thomas, and the whole assembly

But various specialists "laminated" companies have invented new mounting system. For example, his company set up its Kaindl beskleevuyu system, the so-called SNAP-sistemu (snap-snap means literally "Thomas"). The special profilyu-zaschelke of expansion joints in packing your firm is attracted to each other and fixed without creating gaps. You do not need any glue or special tools, just Click-and-ready. The motto of a SNAP : modern (ie beskleevoe) + light fitting locks = excellent result.

Бесклеевая сиcтема крепления

It works glueless middle bracket (SNAP-sistema) firms Kaindl

In addition, a series of SNAP has been specifically designed carrier panel called HDF AQUASTOP 6 with a high resistance to the penetration of moisture inside of the cover. So with waterproof caulking. Previously, water repellents were only locks, and now the whole system is protected from the water : and panels, and the lock.

A Norwegian company Alloc AS, vydelivshayasya of concern Norske Skog, now produces a series of advanced laminated cover : Commercial Alloc, Alloc Original, Alloc Universal, Alloc Home. One of the major achievements is an attachment Alloc (which means "aluminum Castle"). Norwegian laminate with a locking connection awarded lifetime warranty.

Укладка ламината

So laid laminated cover Alloc Original with the chateau of attachment :

  1. upper and lower layers are made of high pressure laminate
  2. attached substrate
  3. mechanical locking system
  4. HDF-serdtsevina of vysokoplotnoy fibre board
  5. Province impregnated with paraffin, for improved humidity

The lock can carry the load 1200 kg / m, and a world of laminate is the best result. Clutches are so simple that it can handle even a child. One panel adds profile to another angle, then drops down, parallel with the floor. At this point, a commit, lighter locks. All! Separated from each other panels in the same plane impossible. But at the same time, each board can be substituted if desired. To this one must also cover "su" angle.

Supernovinkoy include Universal Alloc laminate from Alloc AS. The company joined the making of all new developments : improved fibre lock, which works on the same principle as the aforementioned aluminum but is made from the same material as the base, with the HDF-lasting wax coating of water. This bracket will be able to withstand up to 860 kg / m.


The meeting Alloc Commercial, Alloc Original and Alloc Universal from Alloc AS applied superprochny top layer of High-Pressure Laminate (ie high pressure laminate). But the most important thing is backing a new version of the bottom-soft part laminate -podlozhki Silent System.

Backing needed to cover the depreciation by walking on it and, moreover, for soundproofing. Previously with Alloc laminate used podlozhka-karton. Cardboard is well suited to laying laminate on the plywood or chipboard. But when packing for concrete and other surface trudnovyravnivaemuyu applied additional substrate. Now many companies are working with laminate, seeking a new, improved type of backing from soft elastic material. For example, the company Alloc AS this supermaterial called Silent System. Through its density, it absorbs noise 5 times better than conventional substrate. If you go through a box of shoes at length, you do not hear that call tsokanya irritant, which is so afraid of spies issue. And another important feature : the material-fire, it did not burn.

Flexible moldings and cappings

Another original novelty, which is well-known in Europe and the Russian market is just beginning to penetrate, so called "flexible molding" (the word "molding" can be translated as "generally,"). In Russia it is an Austrian company FN. The New laminate is relevant : it is convenient T-obrazny generally, which may turn kraya-granitsy, such as laminate and carpet and give intersection neat, sleek appearance.

Гибкий молдинг

From classic, direct it different moldings that can connect even the curve of the line. Flexible molding is made of durable plastic that is flexible if it deleted a few minutes in hot water. Following this procedure molding can bend even in the ring with a radius of 30 cm, and in that situation to stand it. In cold condition flexible molding can be flexible to 60 cm in radius. Thus, it can create unique designs in the house, and above all, to modify it. The inclusion will only "cutting" flooring. Incidentally, flexible generally, can be used to connect any type of surface, even to multi surfaces. For example, parquet and linoleum, min and with laminate flooring, as well as different colored min, laminate or linoleum. Moldings produce mostly "wooden" flowers : for example, under the beech, oak, maple, cherry and mahogany. "

Гибкий плинтус

The second novelty company FN - flexible mouldings from the array of wood, soaked special substances, which enabled it to Ho. A hallmark of this pseudo-power attached to the wall of any shape, even in the convoy. He simply fixed-liquid nails or Sormat.

"Elochka" laminate

Елочка из ламината Another innovation from the Austrian company Kaindl-new design laminated cover Big foot. This panel with a large width-instead of the previous 331 mm 195 mm (they also are connected with each other by means of beskleevoy SNAP). In addition, this series is a new figure, "either", which has not previously been used in the laminate (most commonly used pattern "deck"), in contrast to the image piece parquet. But good grades parquet wood was not cheap, so now the fans "gives" it is possible to save, but remain faithful to its aesthetic principles.

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