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Design ceiling

Cposoby design Ceiling

Even pyatnadtsat-dvadtsat years ago, when repair, you might not think for a moment about the design of the ceiling. The ceiling should be covered neat, smooth layer of whitewash. But times have changed, now the ceiling design is not less attention than the design room. The ceiling can completely transform the interior color of its decision, allowing zonirovat room and focus on certain elements of design. So that you conducted repairs was completed form to joy eye, created a full sense of comfort, and that the neighbors envy, you need to think about the design of the ceiling.

There are several ways to design ceiling, we will introduce them in order of increasing cost and complexity of the work.

The simplest (but very dirty) design option is staining or whitewash the ceiling. If you want to stop here, remember : 1) this work needs to be addressed initially to repair walls and floors; 2) The ceiling should be perfectly smooth, otherwise all its flaws will be apparent. While this type of design ceilings seem most boring, far from it. The ceiling paint color may overlap with some elements of the interior : with color doors, walls, curtains, and perhaps favorite sugar (who knows what can your flight designer thought). It can be divided into zones ceiling, painted different colors, so you can proceed with whitewash, it podkrasiv slightly.

The next way to design self-ceiling ceilings. These are small (50x50 mm or 60h60 mm), light (since expanded) square plates. They kleyatsya cleaned ceiling on special glue, which usually comes in the kit (if no adhesive, you can use either, but remember : glue on the "liquid nails", "Time", "glue" Epoksidny strictly prohibited). Options design label ceiling varied. Expanded tiles are all possible structure patterns and colors. A similar format will allow you to combine design your ceiling panels with different design.

Slightly more complex method of design-ceiling covering his wallpaper. It is difficult because, unlike wallpaper foamed boards more size and less strong, glue their own without any skill is difficult. Otherwise, the picture is similar : invoices, colours and quality. Main which need to remember : okleivat ceiling is not too bright wallpaper, as well as wallpaper with a large recurrent figure.

дизайн потолков The next version of the design ceiling-suspended ceiling brand. Sometimes that means using only to equalize the ceiling, but in the case of the brand, it is difficult to deny ourselves the desire to experiment with the form of the ceiling. In addition to the ceiling incredible geometric compositions, it unprecedented opportunities for the location lighting, which can be placed around the perimeter, hidden from view between the ceiling or put it nesimmetrichno. The form is only half the story. Check out plasterboard easily, it can be painting, wall wallpaper, decorative cork (or other) panels. Many believe that plasterboard easy and pliant in the material and can cope, but we would advise you to use a professional to avoid troubles with the modeling and assembly, where there is a need to buy new material.

Gear and panel ceilings are used to design ceiling in the bathroom, toilet, office, shop, etc. Reechnye ceilings are rods up to 4 m and a width of 85 mm, usually in white, silver or gold color. Panel ceilings are suspended construction, consisting of wood and tile size 60h60 and 62h62 mm mm. These tiles are usually white, but is easily repaint them in any color you need. The ceilings established itself as quite difficult.

And the most expensive, but the most creative in the design-stretched ceiling. This structure is located on the perimeter of the frame and stretched its polymer film based on PVC. The frame is modeled size room where ceiling mounted. By the way, the polymer film can carry up to 200 kg. Load square. metre (risk of being submerged in just renovated apartment neighbours decreases sharply above). With regard to the design of the ceiling, it offered such horizons ... There are more than one hundred colors and texture options : under the skin, marble, linen, glossy, mat, etc. Recently, the film has run photos and reproductions of famous paintings (customization). In general, that your heart's content. But to a suspended ceiling will not succeed, it requires special equipment.

Here are ways to design ceiling. Your choice, as always, depends on your tastes, preferences and wealth. But if you do decide to abandon layer whitewash, specialists of our company can help you draft the future of the ceiling and quickly and qualitatively carry out his instructions.

Design ceiling tips

Design ceiling gives the room a special style. Stresses its characteristics and unique. Ceilings can be very delighted, and this part of the interior is not too expensive. There are a lot of subtleties, and heed the advice of professionals.

Дизайн потолков. Автор - Елена Ляпустина Дизайн потолков. Автор - Елена Ляпустина Дизайн потолков. Автор - Елена Ляпустина

Example design ceiling. Design project ceiling (visualization), and photographs of finished ceiling.

  • If you find the color ceiling similar to the color of walls, but a little lighter, then your room will look prostorney.
  • You can give a cast-iron ceiling then "tune" architectural details, and the ceiling would be excessively.
  • The ceiling is covered with bright paint, would reflect and dissipate coverage.
  • Good looks on the green or Aquamarine ceiling wooden lattice.
  • It can be glossy ceiling is a sort of suspense.
  • If you are sensitive to nature, make a ceiling "sky" - with the clouds and stars.
  • Using dark shades, ceiling would like to "disappear".
  • Bledno-goluboy or green roof will mimic the color of the sky at dusk.

The ceiling, depending on your desires, will be higher or lower if you ink in the color, contrast with the color of walls.

Дизайн потолка. Автор - Елена Ляпустина Дизайн потолка. Автор - Елена Ляпустина Дизайн потолка. Автор - Елена Ляпустина
  • Add elements of painting, a more vigorous and ceiling and the room.
  • 한 ceiling in the light blue color, leaving the details of relief white-sky illusion works.
  • If the wooden ceiling, leave it natural color to avoid the feeling that it abuts over you.
  • The ceiling can be punctured color is a deep feeling of space.
  • Can okleit ceiling golden or silver wallpaper, beautify gold or silver leaf.
  • Can onto the ceiling in the same color as the wall, separating them relief.
  • Color ceiling should reflect and complement the color of the floor-there is an element of interaction.
  • The ceiling of a country house in zeleno-sinyuyu good ink speck on a white background.
  • The best choice is white, but try to color the walls with white ceilings create a sense of warmth and comfort. If the wood panels on the walls, the space they needed to paint in the same color as the ceiling.

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