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The ceiling of plasterboard

Потолок из гипсокартона So is that for most Russians in the summer is not only a long-awaited vacation. Often, instead of rest at the seaside, we would prefer at least pleasant, though cumbersome business of repairing apartments. Thanks to the latest developments in science, technology and the human imagination repairs went far beyond mere paint and whitewash. "Zabugorny" experience shelter set an important example for us - good, lots of opportunities here to follow and implement their own creative ideas. This article deals with the innovations in finishing ceilings, it often is with this part of the house and should begin repairs.

Boring white ceiling rap his century, and wallpaper HDF "heaven" flat reading primitive and tasteless. Invent and implement more current ceiling is a large art, inextricably linked to progress in the production of building materials. At the current market, there are several varieties of ceiling systems. Private consumers are familiar ceilings type "Armstrong" or "Baikal", which were commonly installed in the offices. There was fashionable to be stretched ceiling, but the best option for the home felt gypsum ceiling design.

Ceilings of plasterboard.

"The board has several great advantages," said Master construction company "House of Dreams" Shamil Salikhov. - Using this material can be achieved almost perfectly flat ceiling. It is no secret that the flat surface of the ceiling in our homes are rare, power reaches 8-10 cm. Gypsum ceiling rather quickly assembled and excellent masks various defects and cracks ".

Потолок из гипсокартона Plasterboard provides unlimited space for designer fantasies. Of course, stucco in a baroque little, but, if there is enough room height, it is possible to make multi-figural ceiling. You can go further and consider space-raster light fixtures, in addition to its core functions, will split into multiple lighting zones.

Notably, the brand ceiling is suitable for any room. It can be used in either a sitting or child. The bathrooms are used drying sheets. Plasterboard is one of the most environmentally friendly materials, as made without synthetic impurities, and only natural materials, gypsum fiber reinforced, and cardboard. Acidity gypsum close to the acidity of human skin, so such ceilings no harmful effects on health. Another plus gypsum ceiling systems is their high degree of sound insulation and a good fire. So this ceiling could be safely retreating from the noisy neighbors living floor above. But like other suspension systems, plasterboard vulnerable to floods. If you fill top neighbours, it is likely that the city will take care of the task. We have to wait until namokshie sheets ceiling dry, and then decide to change the ceiling entirely or merely replacing some of the fragments.

Before you decide whether to establish a brand in an apartment ceiling, it is important to note several points. To begin, decide, how many centimeters above their heads, you are willing to sacrifice for the new ceiling. Standard point lamp embedded in the ceiling height is 90 mm, that is the minimum necessary to brand design is 10 centimetres. In addition to lighting, suspended ceilings often hides various engineering Communication (sewage pipes, vents boxes, electrical cables). The ceiling will drop even lower.

Typically for the installation of gypsum ceiling attract professionals. In this case, one square metre nevodostoykogo ceiling along with painting and the work of professionals would cost the owner about 550-600 rubles. For comparison : stretched ceiling would cost about one and a half times more expensive. If you try to change to the ceiling, you can save about half that amount. However, without outside assistance in this case is indispensable.

"Gipsokarton is quite heavy material per square metre weighs 15 to 20 kilograms," says Master "House of Dreams" Shamil Salikhov. The length of a standard-brand sheet is 2.5 meters long, 0.5 or 0.6 metres, a thickness of 10 or 12.5 millimetres, and a minimum number of workers-two. The set of skills for one day you may be able to mount 12-15 square metres ceiling.

Потолок из гипсокартона So, if the self-installing gypsum ceiling accepted, then the time to produce tools. The arsenal included mandatory standard (at least 2-2,5 meters), chargers, hammer, hammer, metal scissors, as well as tools for stucco.

Installing ceiling consists of several stages. Initially limited to partitioning the zero, then mounted frame of the profiles. The installation should pay particular attention to the technical characteristics of sensors. It should be designed to load at least 14 kilograms per square metre. The frame should be rigid, exclude various design variations. Otherwise, the joy of the new ceiling will be overshadowed by the emergence of decorated surface cracks. The carcass obshivaetsya plasterboard sheets. The tightness of joints between the sheets of gypsum fill fillers. Top beads attach bint-serpyanku construction, and carefully shpatlyuyut zashlifovyvayut. The final phase of work-painting ceilings. You can use almost any type of paint to use appropriate soil.

- To install brand ceiling is not a torture specialist recommended the few simple rules. Cement sheets not put at the edge they need to be kept in a horizontal position. Otherwise, the material may be deformed. Better preferred vodostoykomu plasterboard, because after installation followed shtukaturno-malyarnye work associated with high humidity. But to the ceiling with a large number of bends or arches can only ordinary plasterboard, because it is more elastic and well gnetsya.

This well-established brand ceiling does not require special care and, best of all, a comfort in the home, it will not be one year. The only replacement with a new ceiling would be your wish.

The author : Anthony Laptev
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