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The ceiling for high-level

Потолок высокого уровня

Remember how it was. Shpatlevanie, lime, vodoemulsionnaya paint, whitewash. The result is always the same : rovnenky (more or less), WPS ceiling is the usual, peaceful option. New times have brought new technology finishing the ceiling and, with it, its new multi-solutions. The first experiments were deplorable. Often, the entire design space was a complex, multi-folding tsirkulnym or ceilings. Such effects substitute for the author's conception of the development of interior design. For example, in the ceiling of one apartment to simultaneously share a configuration resembling pyramids Cheops, the Great Wall of China, Golden Bridge in San Francisco and other miracles. Disappointed, eccentric ideas of the authors of the ceiling fell so far that you can not return :

Today, the fascination with stacked ceiling, covering several years ago, the architects and designers involved in decorating apartments, thankfully, behind us. In itself, this admission can not be considered as a sign of bad taste. Rather, it helps resolve many technical and aesthetic problems. Construction has been compromised only by the excessive emphasis. To date, the prevailing trend : the most stylish interiors resolved without the use of the top. And if they do, in the thorough development of image and accurate calculation of height. Multilevel ceilings always been more of the premises of public than private housing. Widely distributed and made their appearance on the market slack ceilings and plasterboard. These "flexible" technology relatively cheap and virtually no restrictions on the configuration.

The occasion for the use of different levels may be irregularities and defects of the base amount. Sometimes variations so great that otherwise they could not hide. For example, a very bad state of the old ceiling between floors. After dismantling of the old walls found inappropriate and cross beams. Align such crumbling ceilings complicated than camouflage them something extra.

Sometimes in the flat to hide air conditioning, wiring, ducts, freonoprovodov, water pipes, heating. Multiple ceiling can be a "sleeve" to cover the technological elements.

The ceiling has successfully met the challenges with the volume space. In reforming the home often need at least visually, to raise the ceiling. This may seem odd, but well-known professionals get : in the modern sense adding interior space created by the podzhimaniya individual sites. For example, if the ceiling in the entrance hall of casting, and in the dining room remained base, the entrance to it from the entrance you think that you were like in advanced space. The baseline is highlighted, color or texture. At one point omitted in the other raised that stood pause.

Zoning. In the context of modern houses and significance of this issue, as an individual zones. This is of particular relevance to a new type of housing, public accommodation type peretekayuschih space constituting a single plastic structure. We know that instead of kvadratno-gnezdovoy with narrow corridors designers and architects have a new one. There are two main areas : public and private. They can combine the mini-zony-room for meals, rest, work. This requires a more logical organization of space separating each mini-zony more. Inside, there are hardly any walls, work spaces are highlighted finish floor, walls, lighting. And, of course, levels of the ceiling. For example, raising the head, we can see the oval, echoing the oval dining table in the dining area. Or any other dedicated bathroom, a bed, winter garden, massive rack, even "the road" from one zone to another. The Multi ceilings supported "floor. This may be massage, the use of different materials for floor covering, or a material, but different colors (for example, parquet and tiles, parquet two shades).

If even a multilevel ceiling nothing to hide 5302 , it turned to as interior decorations. Such a wide variety of designs : classical geometry, bent, fantastic form, line and curve combination triangle, power levels relative to the baseline, three, four, five. This can be stucco, curtain system, the abstract compositions. Simulated constructive elements in the classical interior, a species of bottom slozhnosochlenennogo ceiling. It is important to study this plastic something dictated. Sometimes emit levels of color or a simulated invoices, for example, the old ceramics. To fill the middle of the ceiling color, a single effect, just another zatemnish-and even a third colour. This movement Halftone revises plane.

Speaking of the different ceiling, we just can not say how much it enhances the light. He then more than light : "paints" Interiors, gives it intrigue and effect. This is a topic worthy of a separate discussion. Therefore, the base cabinet ceiling, otrazhenno works for the interior. Point-highlights something that is at the bottom. The low lighting deletions stress kamernost zone. Arrange correct lighting, it is not easy : they have to hide, but not too zaglubit, otherwise the world will not be enough. The light should be soft, scattered, illuminated circuit.

Different levels of ceiling plane often used in the creation of art ceilings (with the figure, moldings, various "natural" and "atmospheric" effects). That is a separate topic conversation. In the future, we will tell you about the possibilities of artistic ceiling.

The interior is nothing accidental, and one from the other. It can lift a page from the book, so can seize the context of a house some zone. That is why, working with the stacked ceiling, designers do not work in a particular location. Think of you and your ceiling as an integral part of their living space, combined with furniture, walls, floors. Professionals can help you in this.

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