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Ideal ceiling

Идеальный потолок Repair ceiling as any repairs associated with a long and laborious process. Shifted all the furniture and belongings, the floor covered with newspapers. Working many days or weeks on their shoes carry traces of chalk all over the apartment. This scene is familiar to each Russian, zatevavshemu traditional whitewash. Meanwhile, the problem is solved in Europe decades ago when delivering now widely used stretched ceiling. In Russia, they are relatively recent. Today we introduce you to this convenient and reliable way device quality ceiling.

What is the suspended ceiling? The product of a flexible film material on the basis of ultra-strong vinyl. The thickness of the material, 0,15-0,25 mm, weighs 200 g / sq. km. m. Its advantage over conventional-it is possible to obtain sophisticated spatial configuration inclined or in the same category. They are diverse in its design, color and the texture and therefore give a green light for the designer's imagination. The consumer also receives such a ceiling, which is consistent with the overall composition and the idea of housing and each room individually.

Slack ceilings produced in a large range and type of film are 10 invoices : opaque, Satin, Satin with the anti-microbial treatment, painted, painted perforated, color, metallic, metallic, the marble under the skin, under a tree, under the sea. Each invoice is a certain amount of shade, for a total of more than a hundred. In choosing the type of film include general coloring and design features and interior space, as well as what light effect to achieve.

The range of applications virtually unlimited-flats and houses, banks, shops, offices, hotels and restaurants, swimming pools, sports facilities, medical schools, museums and concert halls. In the same success they apply to new construction, renovation, reconstruction and decorative finishes.

The ceiling is set usually on the last stage repair : the work took several hours depending on the size and complexity of space. Work is a team of two or three people, leaving a no debris and, in most cases, not even moving furniture. The technology is quite simple. First, make precise measurements of space, and configuration of the ceiling can be of any complexity. Drawing sent to the factory, where it was manufactured Leaves ceiling. The perimeter of the premises at desired levels set krepezhno-dekorativny-profile picture. Determine the future location of the lights, and, accordingly, in line makes holes. At the core ceiling, where should be a point of light, mounted upright, which set and lighting, which will then be withdrawn in the upper level of tension. The plate heat guns warmed to 80 ° C. Heating transient and localized, already at the level of human growth is not overheating. It is not fear that the increases will affect the furniture, windows or doors or plant room. When Leaves left, is the effect of tension and the result is a perfectly smooth, even surface. The finished ceiling fix the perimeter mounting frame, assign a special tool in the corners and perimeter walls.

The ceiling is ready. Perfectly smooth Leaves hid from the eyes of all the defects and texture floors. This is possible because the suspended ceiling located below the capital of approximately 3-4 see is a picture (mini-baget ceiling), which takes only 1.5 cm height (often used for the preservation of decorative edges on the main floor). The installation took a little time. For example, in a flat area of 70 square kilometres. m determined for the whole seven hours. This is certainly the most successful and rapid. The ceilings will be 3 times, and the traditional plastering and whitewash 10 times longer than mounting tension ceiling.

Although the film is quite thin and light, it is very strong, can withstand up to 100 litres per square metre and only provisnet under the weight of water. It is not difficult to guess what a great feature for those who forget to close neighbours cranes. In the case of flooding from the upper deck must urgently create a brigade installers who otkrepiv one angle pictures, neatly salt water, dried heat gun your capital ceiling and stretching vinyl film put into place. However, it has recovered its previous size. Watertight film, as well as the lack of condensate makes it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, a swimming pool.

The strength and ease mounting is not the only benefit of pulling the ceiling. It absorbs noise, not skaplivaet static electricity is safe from an environmental point of view, is not subject to the incinerator, confirmed that the certificate Gosstandarta, Hygiene certificate, certificate of fire safety. It will protect you and your household dust, which is collected on the normal ceiling and trap him. This was a highly rated medical institutions and departments with higher requirements for sterility. Slack ceilings virtually require no additional care and to save money and forces for the regular or cosmetic overhaul at the ceiling line for the company is 10-year warranty.

Homogeneous, perfectly level surface, looking as solid ceiling is a great finishing touch, impeccable in aesthetic respect. You can hide existing plumbing, ventilation and gas communication. The roof can be built not only different lighting, chandeliers, but the ventilation system, fire alarm and security.

Such ceilings easily washed (dirt and dust is removed with water and soap, fat-nashatyrnym alcohol or liquid to wash windows), is not affected by moisture, do not degrade. Interlayer between major air and stretching ceilings includes thermal effect if it is insufficient, perhaps fitting in the space of the insulating material. The ceiling does not burn and does not change its color over time, is not afraid to attack and fractures easily dismantled if there is need for further work re-installation will not affect the quality of pictures.

The Moscow market represented manufacturers from France, Holland, Germany, offering an expanded selection of colors with the texture and prices : EXTENZO, NOVELUM, BARRISOL, NEWMAT. Most of them bought the film at the same plant in Europe. Therefore, and kept in a price range of about $ 30 1 square m together with the work. This price does not include the possible additional work resulting from pipes, installing lights, chandeliers, ventilation, handling more angles, arcs, in the perimeter of the premises, moving to another level, etc. The customer is more important qualifications firmy-ustanovschika. The capability, range and Bill slack ceilings great, it all depends on fantasy owner or guest designer. Correctly put them into practice can help you experienced.

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