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Потолок ремонт советы подвесные штукатурные потолки реечные панельные натяжные самоклеящиеся выравнивание шпатлевание

How to Repair ceiling

Потолок So, you decide that it was time to update the ceiling. Excellent idea! But keep in mind : the choice of materials for its implementation will depend not only on your artistic taste, but also on the engineering of your home and, of course, the contents of your purse ...

To begin, decide what you would like to see in their overhead. Ceilings are suspended and major, or plastering. Suspended divided into gear, panels, slack, self, and the ceilings of the board, requiring additional decoration. Plastering ceilings are either under painting, or the paint.

Age does not taste

To begin to talk about homes, apartments which awaits repair. A major role played by its structure. If the house is brick and has been for more than 15 years, the temporary strain it has been, so you can buy most ordinary materials, trouble with cracks unlikely. If brick homes from 15 to 30 years, it will have to invest in some technical additives - primer defining mixture, as well as mounting pressure-sensitive mesh for strength and protection from cracking. However, sometimes these additives may not apply, depending on the condition of the house and your desires. But if the house more than 30 years, anchoring a must. It uses the same pool, wash, preferably penetrator. But we must note that "age" is a tentative, as a standard for the average band. Under adverse conditions, high humidity, etc.-house is getting older and for 25 years.

The prefabricated houses, the walls and ceilings are made from the same material, so deformed significantly lower than in brick. The panel recommended that equalization homes ceiling (at the plate joints often connected uneven), primers used for deeper penetration. If there is solid new construction, there is almost no problems. Straightening is not necessary since the plane turns in the ceiling is not; , And preparations are kept to a minimum.

For showers, toilets and offices

Gear ceilings are composed of wood up to 4 m and a width of 85 mm. They are white, silver and gold, and the mirror. But gear ceilings can be set Vimy, but if you want you can leave and the lighting or fixture. Ceilings gear used primarily for common areas (bathroom, toilet). Gear can be set ceilings on its own. Given that frame aligned with the building itself, with some dexterity it can be done without much effort. The first stand-right corner, next only to be put off. Lifetime gear ceiling is 15-20 years.

Panel ceilings are a plus gear design tiles fresh material 60h60 and 62h62 mm mm. Sets are at the outboard mounts, worn tiles on the frame. Most often, such ceilings are used in offices or business premises. Specially made for special fluorescent lights (60h60 and 62h62 mm), as well as hoods. Color ceiling usually white, but it can paint. Mount ceiling panels can also be their own system about the same as in the case of gear. Lifetime, 15-25.

For personal decorating "

Потолок Slack ceilings can be used in any environment, even if the actual ceiling in poor condition. The frame is displayed on the ceiling of the special unit (if one to buy, it would cost approximately $ 120), then it is mounted hard plastic tensioner surface. Such a construction resistant strain to 200 kg per m2. Color material to choose, but we can and painting. There must be a trusted professionals, as well as for the slightest inaccuracy to procure supplies again. Life of up to 25 years.

Self ceilings are expanded slab square 50x50 mm or 60h60 mm. They are both flat, and with the relief image. Tiles glued to a number of ceiling has been cleaned and prepared. If the glue is not complete, you can use either, but "liquid nails and glue chemical species (" Moment "," Epoksidny "etc.). In addition, there is a good "people's" recipe for cooking glue : take three parts PVA and one part dry finish putty, and all is well mixed. And to give finishing touches to the ceiling, joints between slabs best incorporated silicone s 101E.

Often found on the edges of the plates slight defect. It also rectified silicone. On the edge of the ceiling could be used decorative foam kerb. Swiss produced stripes 1,3-2 m long. Generally, self-capping the most affordable in price and ease of installation. Of course, you can call for the label wizard, but it does not own and will take two days. Lifetime ceilings up to 15 years.

This is not the ceilings

Ceilings of plasterboard is, in large part, "is not ceilings. Plasterboard is used to equalize the surface of the ceiling, as well as to create multilevel ceilings. Sale it is either in the form of frames, sheets or 1.2 x 5 m thickness of 10-15 mm. Sometimes moisture and nevlagostoykim. Apply moisture in the humid room (bathroom, cellars), nevlagostoyky-residential premises. Durability of the material is 15-20 years.

Ceilings under painting and ceilings under seal technology are only the latest phase. In the first case, the ceiling is ready for two special layer of water-colours, the second-ceiling gruntuetsya and glued wallpaper. Durability such ceilings lowest-3-5 years. This option finishing ceilings perfect for those who like frequent changes in the situation. Such repairs can easily handle on its own, after many pleasures of a new interior.

Preparatory work

Whichever of the above means updating the ceiling is chosen, an example of how the work remains the same. So :

1. The ceiling must be cleaned of dirt, dust and the previous finishing material. To gear and slack ceiling at this stage preparations are completed, because they equalized in the installation.

2. Straighten ceiling level. If the deformity is up to 3 cm, the ceiling is growing in the right places with plaster mixture. If bias is stronger apply plasterboard. At the same time created multiple ceilings.

3. Shpatlevanie ceiling. A day after he vyshkurivaetsya of putty, then gruntuetsya. Then you can start pokleyku wallpaper or foamed boards. If the ultimate goal is to paint, the ceiling caused layer finishing putty still vyshkurivaetsya times, then dyed, preferably twice.

The sad

Потолок Now talk about the money side of the issue. The cost of the finished roof is the cost of materials and wages of workers. At what part of saving-a matter of taste.

Better not to buy everything in the first sign shop, and visit them at least two or three. So you not only get better prices and be able to select the most quality products, but also receive detailed advice on its application (vendors usually know which products are in demand and why). The best known putty Vetonit (with index KR-normal, LR-mile), Pufas, Sheetrosk. Since quite a few options, it is difficult to tailor.

The cost of materials is a list of growing from cheaper to more expensive :

1) Self ceilings;
2) All plastering;
3) panel ceilings;
4) peechnye;
5) slack.

Thus, the price ranges from 70 rub./m2 in the first case and $ 35 for the last meter. And if you do repairs proxy, add another $ 6-20 for the meter, depending on the type installed ceiling and its original condition. Further find difficult.

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The author : Anna Morozova

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