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Ремонт потолка    Как клеить потолочные обои Repair ceiling As ceiling wallpaper glue

As ceiling wallpaper glue

Glue on the ceiling wallpaper are the same as for wallpaper, affixed to the wall. Leaves cut into desired lengths and placed pile on the table reverse side up.

Spreading glue and laying in "harmonica"

Mark densely cause broad brush, first at mid-sheets, then gently spread over the entire surface.

A layer of wallpaper on the ceiling wallpaper to be uneven. Further it is always causing some problems.

Promazannoe mark Leaves carefully stored. Since the end of the make deep creases around 30 cm so that a single layer of glue in contact with others. The resulting "harmonica" ends stripe width is 30 cm with it and you will stick Leaves from the ceiling, gradually distributing "harmonica".

Leaves folded in such a way left for a few minutes to soak mark in the paper and it has become more pliant (during which time you can do mark a further three or four pictures). But be sure that the paper does not become too soft, lest it easy porvetsya.

Клеим потолочные обои

1. A divorced wallpaper densely cause of the mid-line.

Клеим потолочные обои

2. From mid-Leaves mark distribute one of the edges.

Клеим потолочные обои

3. Mark in the same manner to cause another edge line.

Клеим потолочные обои

4. Making creases 30 cm in depth so that a single layer of glue in contact with others.

Клеим потолочные обои

5. The pictures are stored in the harmonica. "

Клеим потолочные обои

6. So long line becomes a ligament, which can be conveniently kept in his hand.


Before you podnimetes bridge to make sure scissors, roller for the seams and Hanging brush your fingertips. They will need to apply Leaves from the ceiling and think it smooth.

Soft adhesive wallpaper are very sensitive and can easily be broken. To avoid unpleasant surprises, and better managed with a "harmonica" use any means of support. This can be whisk, Nag plastic sheeting, cardboard or roller, for example, from reel packing foil, or, finally, has polegchavshy roll wallpaper, which has cut off several works of art. Then with one hand and putting roller "harmonica" wallpaper, while the other gently employ top station Leaves from the ceiling, based on the line. Then this piece of wallpaper tightly and keep razglazhivayut brush away from the middle to the edges.

In the future, there are just a ercise creases "bunching" and attached to the ceiling, one station after another, pulled tight and razglazhivayut brush. It shall ensure that the province Leaves exactly the same as the reference line. Only then can we be sure that all the other pictures will be absolutely right, there is a parallel line.

Well, if your clothing has many pockets. Then scissors and roller for the seams will always be with you.

Клеим потолочные обои

Prokleennoe Leaves lose elasticity and can easily be broken. To prevent this from happening is to create a base for the folded "harmonica" Leaves.

Клеим потолочные обои

Disclose creases "bunching", gradually smoothing wallpaper from the middle to the edges, education avoid wrinkles or bubbles.

Righties better keep folded wallpaper in his right hand and relentlessly to the left-plate is easier to keep "harmonica" from the ceiling and move on progress.

Клеим потолочные обои

Attach a line to the edge of the Line of Control, raspravte, push hands or brush and razgladte.

Клеим потолочные обои

The second plate placed on the edge of the first. Be sure that the seam line was clean and fit back to back.

The Wall

Клеим потолочные обои

District Leaves press blunt scissors in hand corner that has cut line.

Carefully docking with the wall is as follows : blunt scissors to be on the corner between the wall and ceiling. Then give slightly off his line and clearly visible on the fracture. Cutting Line in this case will be smooth.

In the place where hanged fixture, make an incision crossed that wallpaper not morschinilis.

It does not need to millimetre accuracy, as well as later cap, behind bracket chandeliers from the ceiling, and close the incision in the wall.

Клеим потолочные обои

In the place where the tab, incise edge wallpaper so that more could glue without tension.

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