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Slack ceilings

What is the suspended ceiling?

Натяжные потолки Trip-ceiling products, car of the individual strips of film PVC underbody, vykroennoe exact size space in all its features. Leaves average thickness of leaves 0,18 see Figure ornaments to do a professional technician, as in this case, as in all matters relating to the tensioning ceilings, many subtleties that must be taken into account. Openings for securing passage chandeliers, pipes in the ventilation grills, fire alarm sensors slotted in the film and increasing fixed-mount brackets. Polotnische attached to the profile of a hard plastic enshrined on the wall of room near the ceiling.

Coverage time to slack ceilings : on-line for 15 years, the assembly is 3 years.

History slack Ceiling

Натяжные потолки Throughout history, including the history of slack ceilings, the engine of progress is human needs, practical and aesthetic. Fantasy designers and builders experience ancient Rome, driven by progressively minded Burchiello, raised the idea ceiling drape cloth. Matter tried to pick the same color walls space, and when it comes time to dust, fading and provisala nadoedala or simply, it changed, and the ceiling look like new again.

A more recent ancestor of modern tripwire ceiling fabric ceilings in Armenia, where the 17th century began to use wet chalk, on the track bed frame. Dries, the fabric gave shrinking and went perfectly flat surface. Modern stretched ceiling originated in France more than 30 years ago. The proposed tightening of the principle of capping PVH-plenki entered the long list of building applications and had to deal with the challenges of facing, which were previously considered intractable.

Variety Ceiling

Slack ceilings can be single-and multi-tiered. Multilevel ceilings help share the premises of the functional areas to hide irregularities and defects basic ceiling, power, communications. Such a wide variety of designs : classical geometry, and a combination of geometric shapes, curved forms, lines and curves etc.

The same diversity slack ceilings are types invoices.

Traditional invoices :

  • matt (simulation qualitatively oshtukaturennogo ceiling) for traditional supporters ceilings,
  • satin (simulation qualitatively manufactured gypsum board painting) is the embodiment of elegance,
  • laques (polu-zerkalo, visually increases your space, creates a sense of space).

Натяжные потолки Exclusive invoices :

  • metallic and apparently, for those who prefer technological solutions,
  • Tree (imitation teak timber)
  • suede (simulation of natural suede)
  • marble (imitation marble painting in different shades)
  • OPAL (semitransparent invoice with a high rate of the diffusion of light; applies to embedding in the ceiling lighting),
  • foto-potolok, art-tehnologiya allowing defer to the suspended ceiling of any picture or photo
  • suspended ceiling with the "starry sky".

Where can a suspended ceiling?

Slack ceilings can be used in a wide variety of areas, both residential and non residential.

Натяжные потолки Slack ceilings are usually set in the following areas :

  • shopping centres
  • Pools
  • Hotels
  • restaurants
  • cafe
  • offices
  • sport
  • concert and dance halls
  • Hospitals and medical clinics
  • shopping centres
  • Натяжные потолки Pools
  • Hotels
  • restaurants
  • cafe
  • offices
  • sport
  • concert and dance halls
  • Hospitals and medical clinics
  • list goes on ...

In each case the designer can select the appropriate type of ceiling on the texture and design.

Натяжные потолки The accommodation ceiling can be installed in all the rooms :

  • Living room
  • bedroom
  • nursery
  • Cabinet
  • corridor
  • Bathroom
  • kitchen
  • loggia

Some tips on choosing ceilings for accommodation :

The old fund-stretched ceiling ideal base closure roughness ceilings. If you want to preserve the traditional bright mat type ceiling choose satin or matt white film.

To apply rooms, mostly light-coloured mat. Features glossy ceiling (lacquer film), expanding space, increase the height. They are suitable for space with a low ceiling. Very good looks glossy ceiling in the lounge room.

Натяжные потолки For the kitchen ceiling and ceiling in the bathroom suitable film mat, not rough or dye, as they are washed. Incidentally, in the bathroom and the kitchen is recommended suspended ceiling, as the roof line is PVC film and is not affected by humidity and ceiling will not be condensed. If your kitchen or bathroom flooded neighbors, the appearance of your ceiling little affected, as well as the credibility of the film would have. The 1 meter ceiling can hold up to 100 litres of water, which is kept Leaves 7 days. Protykat ceiling can. In such a situation must be masters of the manufacturer, which promptly otkachayut water.

The popularity of slack ceilings in the West is so great that no more prestigious private or office interior is unthinkable without them. Incidentally, we have recently, too. Experts estimate that this year leading Moscow firms to one square kilometer (!) Traction ceilings month.

Design opportunities

The tripwire ceiling is one of the best ways to create stylish interiors and refined ceiling at the lowest possible cost, both financially and physically.

Натяжные потолки Typically, consumers are willing to design, which defines the colors of the levels metrazhi, lighting, etc. The company manufacturers ceilings are always in the state designer, will help create a suitable design.

Choice Facts Colourful ceilings and an enormous virtually unlimited opportunities; Correctly chosen lighting and light to create unusual effects. Using sloping ceilings and stacked construction, the use of curvilinear surfaces. If colours film annoying, it is easy to change with the installation of the old frame.

Very popular reception diversify interior using the latest technology is a "starry sky". There are several options for creating :

  • "Star Sky Leaves without penetration. The fiber optic thread takes close to the inside of the door and secured with the help of the foam created falsh-potolka. The afternoon light is just smooth suspended ceiling, but with the advent of twilight on the ceiling are illuminated star.
  • Fiber optics yarn spinning out of the dark glossy tripwire ceiling Leaves 10 cm to reinforce the impression of thin beams of light.
  • Stunning refraction of light created in the sky "by the use of fibre optic thread with crystal lenses. They are mounted at each end of the visible light side door and cut through different windows of stars attached.
  • The most popular way is to use LEDs, which are displayed on the surface of the ceiling at 1 cm and look like little light bulbs. Transformers, which are connected LEDs can be customized for different effects of scintillation and color conversions, as a Christmas wreath, which helps create different compositions of stars.

Foto-potolki. Causing any images. This is one of the most exciting, relevant and, more importantly, affordable way to create exclusive interior design. He harks back to the tradition of artificial ceilings. You can recreate the interior of any palace or cathedral, to make room in the corner space or landscape. Production foto-potolka is : to mat or satin belt width up to 180 cm seal caused by wide-format printer. Print pictures and meanings determined by the standard technology. In case the rooms large enough for cutting and requires a connection of two or more works of art, it needs to be done centering seam. Images can be selected for the ceiling of kliparta collection, which is available in the company producer ceiling, or you can bring it to a disk image in a good settlement or vector image. Designer prepares layout, and will be printed on the ceiling line.

What color ceiling choose?

Натяжные потолки When choosing colors, listen to himself and advice from relatives. The colors are characteristic of a mood. A good mood is essential for a healthy. Psychologists have interpreted the impact on the mood and colors of people. These data may provide guidance as to the color line for a space.

  • White. Maybe harmonious with any color. White symbolizes purity, venture freshness. Negative-quality coldness (snow), severity. Not suitable for living rooms and children's rooms.
  • Blue. Cold colors. It soothes and appeasing. Symbolically associated with contemplation, mystery, patience. Recalls sea and the sky. Positive quality-loyalty and stability, the negative-melanholiya. Suitable for bedrooms and restrooms.
  • Red. Charges and stimulates energy. Visually, it reduces the space, but increasing the size of objects. The red is associated with warmth, energy, anger, shame and hatred. For the child, the dining room and kitchen, it was not appropriate.
  • Натяжные потолки Green. The color symbolizes growth and harmony, it is refreshing and helps in the rest. His positive influence, optimism, freedom and balance. Not good for the common rooms, offices and playrooms.
  • Yellow. Warm colors. Associated with the enlightenment and intelligence. It stimulates the brain and contributes to the work of digestion.
  • Purple. Promotes life. Associated with spirituality and impozantnostyu. Positive-a passion and dedication, the negative-bleakness.
  • Pink. Associated with the purity of thought, happiness and romance. Suitable for bedrooms.
  • Orange. Color vivacity and force. It promotes sociability, rebellion. Not suitable for small rooms.
  • Brown. Symbolizes stability, weight and age. Horosz for rooms and bedrooms.

Mounting slack Ceiling

Натяжные потолки The mounting tension ceiling technologically easy, but the ceiling mount can only experienced engineers with relevant experience and special mounting equipment.

To install tripwires ceiling measure of space, and then by the standards of the film is constructed with border-ceiling future. The ceiling dimensioning of welded art 1,4-2,3 m width and thickness of 0.5 mm. The perimeter of the room to wall mounted plastic (aluminum) frame. Typically, the frame is mounted at a distance of 5 cm below the main floor, where the ceiling is scheduled to embed the fixture, it must be deleted for a 5 cm

Натяжные потолки The minimum distance from the ceiling to the base tripwire must be at least 3.5 Then see the film fills in the corners of special clips. The heat gun room heated to a high temperature (between 50 and 70S). Begin the process of film editing. SB3 film is filled with special slots cage, forming a kind of "castle". Once the province of film will be filled and cool air in a room, the film shrinks. And the ceiling is produced perfectly smooth.

If floor space exceeding 50 m, the film is mounted to more standing rib stiffness. As usual film width 1.4 m, it is inevitable joints, which are welded together. The ceilings painted with a very fine line visible intersection of mat - is inconspicuous.

A slack pass can use any lighting, but their power imposes restrictions : bulb to 60Vt, 36-watt halogen. Lighting fixtures attached to the main ceiling, stretching into the ceiling for foodstuffs holes, which okleivayutsya perimeter special ring. All work performed by installing lamps.

Натяжные потолки The installation takes an average of 2-4 hours. If there is a need to mount lighting, the installation could increase, but only slightly. Lighting installed directly into the ceiling. The requirements for halogen lamps, a 35-watt light bulbs for no more than 60 watts. If a rozhkovaya fixture, which made up character, it is necessary to take into account the minimum distance from magazines to the ceiling at least 15 cm.

Typically, the company is a manufacturer of ceiling to a wide range of lighting that you can find in the catalogue at the time of an order or measure. At 10 sq.m. the ceiling would be an average of 7 halogen lamps. The suspended ceiling can be hidden ventilation system, fire alarm and security.

Натяжные потолки General recommendations on the premises to install tripwires ceiling :

  1. If talks, the ceiling should mount after installing windows, as well as in heated rooms (up to 50-60? C), and not by the installation of windows on GOST window design may suffer. To avoid possible problems window openings closed polyethylene.
  2. Do not mount ceiling until just after wall of wallpaper, as the temperature of heating facilities may peresushit wallpaper and they otvalyatsya.
  3. The new flats should pay attention to the ceilings leak, that there is no draught.
  4. Distance to the surface of the furniture in the assembly should not be less than 30-40 see

Caring for the stretching ceiling

Натяжные потолки Trip ceiling practically no care and not burn. If necessary, you can wash neabrazivnymi means.

Tripwire ceiling for distorting effects are sharp objects that could honeycomb or scratch. Dumb things are not distorting factor. If somehow damaged-cut, slashed - Leaves must immediately close with a scotch and cause a wizard.

Undesirable effects on the plate temperatures below -5S. The film may potreskatsya.

Price Ceiling

Preliminary cost ceiling can be calculated in the office sales. The final cost will be determined only after precise measurement. The cost ceiling has several components :

a) The sheer size ceiling multiplied by the cost per square metre, the number of angles here added space, a decorative ribbons, lighting, fire alarm sensors, ventilation grills.

b) Identity. that is, curvature ceiling mounting height, the number and complexity of the installation.

Натяжные потолки Approximate price of the most popular position for a standard room with four corners, one heating pipes dating back to the ceiling and construction under one fixture before lower prices in rubles :

Description ceiling 5 m2 10 m2 20 m2
White Russian-made mat Leaves 4000 5000 9000
White mat Leaves French production 6000 7000 14500
White Leaves French glossy production 7500 9000 17000
Color glossy Leaves French production 8000 10500 20000

20 causes a suspended ceiling

Натяжные потолки Summarizing all that was mentioned above, there are 20 arguments in favour of pulling the ceiling :

  1. Slack ceilings longevity, made of PVC film of the highest calibre.
  2. The employer of more than 100 color and texture, including mat, satinovye, silk, dye (single lens effect), metallic, with stylized suede, marble, leather, wood, perforated and translucent. Leaves dye with a high degree of reflection.
  3. Warranty on-line for 15 years, the assembly is 3 years.
  4. Slack ceilings not ir, do not change color throughout the warranty period.
  5. Not provisayut during the warranty period.
  6. Do not shed odors in the warranty period.
  7. These ceilings reliably performed. They resist leaking to 100 litres per square metre. This amount of water, if it is not very hot can be lived in the ceiling 3-4 days if the water is cold-to 7-8 days.
  8. Slack ceilings do not sustain combustion (of fire-G2)
  9. The surface of the ceiling easily cleaned (ordinary detergent, is not only permitted the use of abrasive substances).
  10. Slack ceilings can be installed in places with high standards of hygiene.
  11. Installation is without construction debris and dust.
  12. Installation is done within 2-4 hours, while revamping basic ceiling is much longer.
  13. Installing a ceiling stretching to save time, effort and money over the traditional repair basic roof.
  14. Натяжной потолок скрывает любые дефекты базового потолка, недостатки потолочных перекрытий и коммуникации.
  15. Натяжной потолок позволяет снижать при необходимости высоту помещения.
  16. В случае необходимости потолок можно легко демонтировать и заменить комплектующие — полотно, рейки, декоративные элементы.
  17. Широкие дизайнерские возможности: цвет, освещение, нанесение изображения, декоративных элементов, создание многоуровневых потолков.
  18. С помощью двухуровневых потолков можно решить вопрос разделения помещения на функциональные зоны.
  19. Красивый натяжной потолок является показателем наличия у хозяина осведомленности в области прогрессивных строительных технологий и хорошего вкуса.
  20. Правильно подобранный натяжной потолок может являться средством цветотерапии.


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