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Ремонт потолка    Как отремонтировать низкие потолки? Repair ceiling repaired How low ceilings?

As renovate low ceilings?

Ремонт потолка Once in the house need repair, the first question that comes to the head masters, discouraging them from making any changes, sounds about the same way : "What about the ceiling? ". Indeed, the problem of complexity. Immediately recall the experience of previous repairs, and eyes covered with a plastic floors and furniture washed by the flow of liquid plaster or dry hills covered schischaemoy manually paint namertvo vedayuscheysya grizzled in the slightest. Moreover, the whole dirty nightmare could suffer, knowing that the result will meet expectations of quality smooth surface, which could be at least 10 years not to worry. But do not mean it. Experience has shown that to really good effect in our homes, with the original vkriv and sidelong packed concrete slab, a little elusive. Even with the latest plastering mixture is not always a good result, especially in the hands of non-professionals, who are primarily doing such repairs. So do not be surprised if you radiate a brand new white cap just a few months later, Lisi cracks in the expansion joints treacherous concrete floors.

But in our country, despite the difficulties equalization ceilings will go a long way to whitewash traditional or substitute water-painting will occupy the first place in the affairs of repair. This is three things. First, money second, with a small height apartments, and thirdly, with absolute certainty for environmental clean material. Plaster and paint vodoemulsionnaya are inexpensive, not squeeze the living space, and, most importantly, breathe, which is especially important for small amounts of space. Because if there is a flat 2.50 m, it is better not easy, as time and again to "crude" way of updating. "Wet" is called because it involves the use of mortars of various mixtures : drywall, plaster, water-soluble paint, etc.

To subsequently suffer headaches for the effort spent in vain, and to truly acceptable outcome, it is all simply, strictly observe the process of finishing technologies, use only high-quality materials and do not trust the work of lay people. Start, as always, it is the preparatory phase. In this case, this means that the old surface, whatever it may be, or should be washed off to the base, that is to bare concrete slabs. You can then assess the coming work and plan of action. If the maximum difference in height of the ceiling is not more than 0.5 cm, the owners were lucky because such irregularity mask any good (better than German or Finnish) surface on which the able hands. If the maximum gap of 2-3 cm, one car has become indispensable. In this case, the ceiling should apply a special paint grid, which is called serpyankoy. It is best if serpyanka self, but you can bring it to the glue, such as PVA. If the surface roughness ceiling reach 3-5 cm, using PVC metal mesh that can withstand the thick layer of plaster. More must wait until the first layer of dry, and then put an extra layer of filler. To get a smooth surface dry fillers necessarily шлифуешь fine grit paper and then proceed to the final stage of finishing, or to wash and paint. Experts advised to monitor compliance with technology and apply for jobs filler, primer and paint a desirable one chosen foreign firms that otherwise might be pieces of bad options husking sleplennogo cap pie. Work with domestic oil and adhesive filler much harder. Their cause must be thin, or they Lepidoptera. In addition to the domestic car long enough, it added gustotertuyu paint, but the number of additives determine huge old way "to eye". Literate wizard in the process must check the degree of surface evenness. The current water level device to be attached to the ceiling problem. You can still use the old People-line, stretched between the nails, lives in different places ceiling.

Another possibility is finishing the ceiling, which is suitable for low-flats, is to get falsh-potolka. The easiest way to close with penopolistirolovymi ceiling light panels. It is fast, inexpensive and a good way to eliminate dirt, inevitably accompanying painting. But, unfortunately, such a panel to stick rough ceiling is meaningless. If holes, protrusions or distortions in the concrete floor too high, the owners have to make some lowering the ceiling by fixings to the equalization tanks. The treated surface of the concrete ceiling enterprises close its special dowels through construction pistols. The result will be an extra frame, which can then be obshit whatever appropriate building blocks. It is best suited for this purpose plasterboard, but you can take and gipsovolokno and laminate, and the DSP, and plywood, and the battens, and even metal. The flat plates subject to the ceiling, tended to use plasterboard sheets measuring 1.2 x 5 m thickness of 10 to 14 mm. Plasterboard good that it Breathable material, as it serves as the foundation layer of gypsum zapressovanny between two layers of cardboard. His smooth surface is great for all types of paint finishes, and if you want you can and pobelit. Bad only that the water leaks plasterboard no better, but from the traditional options and wash painting or not insured.

Simple pristrelivaemaya crate able to ceiling heights of 3-5 cm, while the more advanced device Ceiling-not less than 10 cm for low space could be critical. If transients in the ceiling overhead is very high, and the crate is not a simple fix, leaving only one way, the most expensive, but so far the most successful, the device slack ceilings.

Height premises suspended ceiling is not ubavlyaet and looks just perfect. The installation of the ceiling is not very difficult, and make it fast. The problem is that this requires special heat gun. It heats Sitzesteel surcharge, which vpravlyaetsya in special ramku-baget, fortified perimeter ceiling. After cooling device and the substrate becomes elastic as drum. Given the damage water can not be suspended ceiling (it is resistant to 100 litres of water per 1 m), the benefits of such coverage becomes even more obvious. Even if the top left neighbors on vacation, transcending off the water line just provisnet but not porvetsya and after drying natyanetsya again and take initial shape. Another conversation that to pump the accumulated water, it will cause a team of specialists from the firm, or just have a special provision for the discharge tube. However, in fairness, it is worth noting deficiencies and pulling the ceiling. Modern-polyvinyl material is harmless to human health, but he still synthetic and therefore not breathing. Therefore, when used in small flats, it is thought that at least the walls breathe. The suspended ceiling is still very expensive ($ 30 per sq.m.). Not everyone can afford it. But what about another shortage tripwire polotka, said Leaves easily break sharp object, it is unlikely that it is taken seriously. It is hard to imagine a man who without the specific needs of this special visitors up with a knife or nail to manually check the ceiling for strength.

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