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Ремонт потолка    о верной побелке замолвите слово Repair ceiling on the right word whitewash zamolvite

"O faithful whitewash zamolvite word!"


Despite the high-tech 21st century, many people, planning the renovation of an apartment or house, much remained dedovskih option. They say so still robust and beneficial to health. Who knows… Today we will explain how to prepare the ceilings and walls to wash and prepare himself to wash solution.

Before and during the ceiling and walls necessarily clear from the various spots, as well as from the old whitewash, zadelyvayut all cracks and roughness, and surface gruntuyut.

Corroded spots and poteki to launder wash water, and then process those places solution of copper sulphate (50-100 g vitriol at 1 litre boiling water).

Fatty hot spots showing 2% tax solution Soda Ash (pure white rags moistened with water and attached to spot until his disappearance). The treated surface thoroughly washed with water.

Zakopchennye ceilings, and walls, wipe 2-3% solution of hydrochloric acid sludge.

For repairs of cracks and other similar defects in the ceiling and walls need fillers. For simple and reliable filler mixing plaster, chalk and glue divorced carpentry in the ratio 1:2:2 (mass). Remember that cooking liquid filler component in 1 litre of water dissolving 30-50 g glue. Suffice it to produce quality stock and another prescription. It is 2.5 kg lime-test (dead lime thick consistency) disengage in 5 litres of water, then add the lime 50-100 g regular table salt dissolved in hot water, bringing water to the mixture to bring up to 10 litres, while not neglecting its mix thoroughly. The need protsedit future small car through a sieve and add a 1.5% or 10 st wood glue with razmeshannym of chalk powder (150-200 g). Fillers such convoy successfully apply for priming the surface.

Apply chemicals on the surface usually hand with a spatula.

Treated and zashpaklevannye surface of the ceiling and walls meet floors, cooked or prescription of the filler, or other prescription on the basis of slaked lime. The latter charge Z kg slaked lime paste consistency, 200 grams of household soap and 50-100 g varnish. Cut into thin soap chips, Z or dissolve in the hot water, add varnish. Separately, four litres of water to throw out lime. Mix both solution and wash-ready. Just remember to use water to dilute its total 10-11 million.

As you know, the aim of priming the surface, a flat surface on the smooth, thin-film, which is moving through a paint that will last fall to the surface uniformly applied evenly and prosyhat. So, wash carefully cultivated marked at the surface with brush, roller or kraskoraspylitelem. And when it prosohnet, you are ready to wash properly.

Usually chalk whitewash for the ceiling and walls prepared as follows : 5 litres of heated to 40-50 0S water dissolving 30 grams of wood glue and Z kg sifted chalk.

Good quality chalk ensure a whitewash, including 2.3 kilograms of chalk, 90 grams of wood glue, 17 g blue (ultramarine), 60 g household soap and 3-4 litres of water (a number sufficient to wash painting 10 m2 surface). Remember that if the ceiling or walls were whitewashed lime, chalk whitewash applied not because the ceiling appear dirty divorce and stains.

This recipe lime pobelochnogo ended : in a small amount of water placed 2-3 kg slaked lime, adding 400-500 g advance steeped in water colours, and 50-100 g sodium chloride ili150-200 g alyumokalievyh alum. All components carefully mixed and, gradually adding water to bring the volume up to 10 or whitewash. Received a slightly better Blue or ultramarine blue.

Do not rush the drying whitewash not to spoil the work. Do not start a draught, and if just pobelennuyu room penetrating direct sunlight, obscure windows.

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