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Зеркальный потолок Two weeks I prosidela home. Sick. And maybe, threw all the cases because of a serious illness-a flu or pneumonia. And it ridiculous to say, blames Milosevic continuous runny nose. I am ashamed to have been at work to sit down, as a lawyer, people sharahalis. Assumed with grief sheet onto under three blankets and wait for a cure. And it is no and no. Tosca. Yet, as designed, TV broken. An entire days in the window looking at the ceiling so spit. Outside the window is fascinating, as always, no. The ceiling is not too pleased.

And so he oprotivel me that I firmly decided to transform it beyond recognition. Let nothing reminds me of the disease. Moreover, from the wanton Lying on the sofa, and the lack of positive emotions, I have developed another disease with fashionable as "depression". Spetsialisty-psihologi in such cases are advised to change their lives or at the latest situation.

I will break his head : "What would it do with its ceiling?" Dude filed an idea : make, said the mirrored ceiling, and the arm, and the room would appear larger. I say : 'Where am I take this mirror? " And it : "Well, you tell! There are also special ceilings with a mirrored surface. - Cited gear. You hikes on the market, explain what you want. There are people in the know tell and show. "

Attend the market, I did not. First, I dislike them inside. Secondly, no time. Third, again, the ill-fated runny nose : to frost nabegayus slyagu and again. And fourth, why go somewhere where it can be for half an hour pick many firms all know, and then once go and buy.

I obzvonila dozen firms specializing in the suspended ceiling. Tried to be as brief : "agreed to replace the roof, but first want to understand what are generally gear ceilings, which differ from each other, what do who is?" In response, usually voiced deep breath, and the person advised to consult other sources. At my fair : "Why?" read about that : "We sell only one type of gear ceilings, and others can not say anything." And, of joy, finally, in one company agreed to provide detailed advice. "Come on and talk." This is what I have been able to ascertain.

General information about gear Ceiling

Реечный потолок The experts were unanimous : if we want to have a mirror in the ceiling in the room, I certainly can do and sliding. But generally these ceilings used primarily in areas with high humidity : in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, baths, basins. Why? Because suspension gear ceilings make aluminum, which is known to have rusted. So they did - they can be washed from this will only better (in terms of cleaner).

"But I did not buy a rack in the kitchen ceiling?" , I thought. "We can and in the kitchen!" , reiterated the point made aloud, my interlocutor. I like to eat, which is too obscure. 7p.m., as you know, not only consumes lots of time, but "muddled interior." Dirt accumulates in the ceiling instantly, and almost every year or gonna cover vodoemulsionkoy. A aluminium suspended ceilings just hard.

There are still tile ceilings. Compared with gear are two indisputable advantages : not soaked and do not rust. There are, of course, moisture tile ceilings. But damper me charming. The sliding roof is easy mounted (I talk about this).

The gear Ceiling

It also features a sliding suspended ceilings?

Рейки It consists of wood, folded to the side. Taking them out of aluminum tape, which can be cut to any length device. We mainly sell up to 3 and 4 metres. But some firms are cutting their machines. God buyer reechku 3 metres in length 93 cm to 5 mm - chik! And ready! Get.

Now width. Here the options are not very rich -- 20, 15, 10 and 9 cm width most popular pieces of our population is 10 cm.

Another important parameter is the thickness. The thicker rod, the stronger the ceiling. Best specimen thickness - 0.5 mm. This is enough to keep a ceiling and not distorted by the installation. Making device thinner (0.47 or 0.43 mm), the ceiling may be to give way, and it will dents.

Reiki are of three types : open, closed and with inserts. Closed mounted back, going for each other and recalling wooden battens. Between open rods remains a small space. But his little-seen models usually weigh in the halls with high ceilings more than 5 metres. So, no slots, nobody would notice. There is a pole with inserts. Such models are the open, only the distance between the rods obscures narrow aluminum strips. The ceiling is produced smooth, without seizures and depression. It's very convenient to wash, ideal for the kitchen.

Таким образом рейки со вставками крепятся к шине (слева – изнанка, справа – лицевая сторона) It turned out that most pole-running color white (perhaps we firmly rooted in the perception that the ceiling should only be this color). Those with a richer imagination can beautify your life in black, red, blue, so almost any color ceilings. Reiki cover enamel desired hue-and please your ceiling is ready. However, the surface is matte, not shiny. Instead, chrome ceiling (which my friend called "mirror"), Blue wonderful and, it must be said, we have enjoyed great popularity, took second place in sales after white. The third-place "gold" and "copper" (painted with gold or copper).

The purchase price ceiling to draw attention to the important part : a ceiling always sold in a transparent film which protects rods during transportation from scratches and damage. If the ceiling without film, it should alert you. Rather, it placed on an artisanal production. No major manufacturer would not allow itself to "expose for sale" rack ceiling without protective film.

Manufacturers gear Ceiling

Incidentally, the producers. BACK Russian market can rightly be called a Dutch firm Hunter Douglas (HUNTER DOUGLAS).

Произодители Its ceiling Lyuksalon (LUXALON ") was first, which saw a Russian buyer. And still the most popular and quality. It is made of aluminium 0,5-millimetrovogo. Lifetime him disqualified humour-25. This means that up to a quarter of a century would have no problem. You are fun to become your children grow up, and the ceiling would all like brand new. However, the need to pay for quality : the ceiling is $ 35-57 per 1 sq.m. Depending on the type of rods and color.

The ordinary Ceiling, the company produces multipanelny option. This makes it possible to combine different colors and pole type (open, closed, with inserts).

Italy is in Russia firm Catena (CATENA) and Prometal (PROMETAL). The first is virtually a thing of the market : competition, I know-Russian producers on the heels occurred, produce cheaper ceilings. The second company, on the other hand, thrives. The reason I do not know, but the fact is that its ceilings soon will decorate one metropolitan airport. Price ceiling of $ 16.8 / m? or $ 1.55 for the three-metre long pole.

Рейки различных цветов How do your ceiling? Typically, the buyer called a total area of the ceiling, which they need. The seller describes the price based on the cost of one square metre. Then moved to the area of hostilities. The seller again, and then again, these rods translate into square metres. In short, remember, for the price operate square metres, and to calculate using the "number" of units (in terms of fire). And the more space you purchase ceiling, the less it will cost 1 sq.m.

Returning to the companies. A young, but very promising German firm Gaypel (GEIPEL) entered the Russian market recently, but has already won recognition buyers. Its ceiling is $ 11-16,5 1 sq.m. or $ 0,9-1,77 for LMMT device.

In Russia only recently suspended ceilings gear did not. But times have changed and now the Russian company "Albes on imported machines using Italian or German aluminum tape is good ceilings similar" Prometalu and Gaypelyu. " They are cheaper imports, although not much : $ 10,3-16,2 1 sq.m. or $ 0,9-1,35 of device.

Mounting sliding roof

Construction is a major milestone in the life of the suspended ceiling sliding. The installation depends largely end result, the indescribable beauty of the interior (it, of course, you want to achieve). It better not be stingy and crew installers. Firms selling ceilings, usually render such services and provide year warranty work. Prices for installation range from $ 3 to $ 10-15/kv.m. Depending on the complexity of installation. Moreover, the figure of influence buying : more than the total area purchased ceiling, it would be cheaper for its installation. This is evident : why send a brigade to the customer if you want to make a "sliding beautiful only in the bathroom.

Реечные потолки In principle, if you like och-chen great deal of personal-ceiling sliding Unlike other outboard fellow simple assembly. The most important thing is to act directly opposite rule "because there is a mind-not to be." Because one careless click-and the rod is abhorrent crater, which has no remedy. But specialists, and we do this is not advisable. Better not to risk not zhadnichat and cause masters.

The price ceiling is usually included four elements : the very tents, tyres, suspension and mouldings. The kit attached Installation.

What is a pole, we have learned. Now let's get the rest of the design. Sheen made of aluminium or steel, and a bar with "tips" for them and tseplyayut rods. For each type of wood needed a tire - that no slots, bending and distortion. The pole of one firm can not forge onto another, interoperability is not good enough.

Going beyond. Bus with attached thereto rods clings to the Top. In fact, is a wire, which is attached to the concrete ceiling. This is a very important piece design : suspended ceilings and therefore called that hangs on hanger. Top can be adjusted in height, vyshe-nizhe. The note that gear ceilings "went from 4 to 7 cm height, and in some cases to 12. So if your apartment ceilings low, and growth you about two metres gear ceilings need to buy carefully.

Boards, or pristenny "corner", in fact, the ornament is. He is the interface between the wall and ceiling, as well as mouldings, lying on the floor. Note : ceiling tiles must be privinchen perfectly straight. That ceiling will cover one side mouldings, and the second-ugly move in the air.

Point lights

Точечные светильники To highlight the "rent-of course, needed lighting. Normally, suspended ceilings gear mounted point or "box" (raster) lamps. But, alas, they are not set, and must be purchased separately. Ideally, of course, immediately, "from their banks." There have been cases where the apartment is already installed ceilings, and at the last moment citizen spohvatyvalsya that about svetilniki-to forgotten. Annoyance!

Lighting fixtures are trying to pick the same color ceiling : white, chrome or gold. The bathroom needed a lamp with a special cap to protect from moisture.

The low-point lighting for the price of $ 1.7 per unit (white) and 3 dollars (chrome, gold). It is important that you have a literate wiring, and then the whole roof will, and short circuit of wetness not happen.

Экран What inserted in lighting device? There are no holes in it is not. This is actually quite simple : the need to measure the diameter of the fixture (in the case of a point) and cut a hole size. They say that it could be done even with scissors. I do not know, do not try it. But better, of course, the matter of trust. For raster lighting, they make a special slot machine and sold already "inside" device. Rod called a "screen", and is on average $ 7 each. Sometimes "screen" sold complete with fixtures.

Where to buy?

So, the case for small-buy this wonderful superpotolok? Community professionals finally convinced me of one thing : the market, I do not go. Why another broker when you can go to companies and the much cheaper to buy priglyanuvshiysya ceiling? The company interested so that the customers were satisfied, must keep the name. The fate of your ceiling for a long time (depending on the term of the guarantee) will be in good hands mozolistyh. Moreover, the market tends to have only what is a massive demand, something exquisite there is hardly matched.

Изогнутый реечный потолок For example, there is now an entry-curved ceiling overhead rack : you have, say, two pool ceiling space, but they are at different levels, or a tab zatesalsya. What to do? Indeed device not disperse, it pokorezhitsya and deformed. Did the problem : you do custom rods letter "g" or any other desired shape. As you wish. That pleasure is about 3 dollars more expensive than conventional direct ceiling. But beautiful.


So, if you finally decided and realised that without further gear ceilings your life is meaningless, we suggest checklist, which includes a few simple rules :

First, do not forget that the quality ceiling necessarily be in a protective film.
Second, remember the lights. Better to buy immediately. The assembled team will coincide with the ceiling.
Thirdly, the price depends on the total amount. The prostorney kitchen (Bath, pool), it would be cheaper per square metre roof rack.
And finally, fourth : Lift your eyes and imagine themselves honestly priznaytes, if your "home" such high ceilings? Maybe they, and so you almost head down, but you have to want to hook suspended? Believe, set rack suspended ceilings makes sense only if the "sky" in an apartment can easily sacrifice 4-10 cm height natural ceiling. Otherwise, this will give a great idea. That's it. Look. As far as I am concerned, we have not choose what sliding roof choose. Here too literally, from the wisdom of many, many sorrows.

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