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Ремонт потолка    Ремонт потолка Repair ceiling repairs ceiling

Repair ceiling

Prior training ceiling repairs

Initiating repairs, it is necessary to know at least about when you walk to the next. If you anticipate a long time not to raise their eyes towards the top is one option. If you wish to change through godik-drugoy "sky" over their heads is quite another song.

Ремонт потолка If your ceiling is covered with oil paint, nothing you more ink can not. Because oil placed on the wash of varnish, which pervades concrete, and any other material to keep it already is. The little choice : either back oil paint, which is yellow in two or three years even with all the sanitary standards (meaning that you will not be in the room to smoke and prepare food from their plates day and night), or high suspended ceiling.

There were glued to the ceiling ceiling wallpaper. Kleyatsya they directly on concrete slabs, which means you have to complete training under the new coverage. Again glue on the paper ceiling is not recommended in the model home builders have done so purely on the basis of speed and cheap, but they were not blot or shpaklevat ceiling. "Paper Beauty" is a stark maximum of three years.

What kind of ceiling finish you prefer?

There are other "sensitive" issues, not every home can be an ideal form of the ceiling. The fact is that our building is very poor. Understood that the ceilings of the wall should be at 90 degrees. The panel newly slab "walk", thus reducing the ceiling is not easy to perfect. The old houses are not worth a certain shpaklevok. Excluded, for example, expensive imported plastulas firm Pufas "- they increase the weight of the ceiling, and old plaster may not be able to withstand.

Ideally, the ceiling is updated simultaneously with the wall, but the entire Board Ceiling dirty work done before you primetes repair floors (parquet carpet, linoleum, tile or min). But if you still decided to pay attention only to the ceiling, passed the safety of floor, walls and furniture. Fine old newspapers or plastic sheeting. Those not sorry wallpapers have buttons or ordinary scotch. More "advanced" are aware that there is a special paint film. This paper scotch, displaying the special adhesive layer. Tape leaves no trace of either the wallpaper or paint or glass. Reinforce paint film tape on the floor, walls and furniture. All that will be the top leader in the development ceiling, although a trap. At the end of the tape is removed.

To remove the old coating is an old proven way : drain water wash and vodoemulsionku permeate solution of iodine (iodine bubble in proportion to a bucket of water) and Scratch perforator. But this time, easier and dingy.

It sells special adhesives that can easily remove all the old paint. Increased demand washing German firm Pufas. " OFF painted on the ceiling or a roller and brush through 20-30 minutes easily removed with the old paint.

Removing the cap attacks

In the process, many find that it is necessary not only to remove old paint, but a bad piece of fungus-up of mould stains and moss colors, often appearing in a room with high humidity.

If the fungus "settled" on your ceiling, is not ignored. Refurbishing of not save. As a result, picking away and wasted money spent force. Having better immediately declare war on this organic infection. To combat the best use of the funds from the mould.

There are German funds from the mould firm Pufas "in bottles of 500 city - and Finnish firm Tikkurila called" Homeenpoyste. " They are cheaper than German every four 3-for $ 1 million. Choosing our anti much poorer : affects national habit of copper sulphate. It also displays the fungus. But it means you can get only in the construction company or in specialized shops.

Using funds from the mould simply : pshiknuli to fungal dirt from cans, waited 30 minutes, looking like all Shypit and puzyritsya, and no attacks. Died. Hydroxide only unpleasant smell chlorine moving to the premises during the process. The insect attacks not taken of the disaster, and is in the early stages, means of helping to mould really cool.

Good protect themselves from the introduction of attacks in the future in advance. For this you need to take preventive measures. There are fungicidal agent for paint (again, "Pufas and Tikkurila").

Fungal large pockets can be removed as follows : concrete vydalblivaetsya or burn propane or plasma welding. Then again sealed and gruntuetsya vitriol. Clearly, in this case, turning to professionals. Simple view that the fight fungus useless, wrong.

So, the ceiling cleared. But before getting down to work, to see if it you horizontal. The easiest way is to use plumb measure the distance from floor to ceiling in the corners of room. If you find that the slope is still need to be aware of this during the primer and plastering work to "restore the ceiling in a horizontal position.

The ceiling under the paint, wallpapering, whitewash

The first and foremost filling in all the joints in four. Some say that this is required, especially if the old house and built on a model project. At the turn of ceiling and wall boards are "progress" : a house to live is positive pressure air otslaivayutsya wallpaper, flaking plaster and fillers. Others believe that the closures have left open, it is for this very reason, "the game board.

The first views should produce mortared joints for stopping (to put it simply, cement with sand). Sale already in the mixture. You just add water. Exactly so much to get consistency test. Zadelyvayutsya seams with spatula or pistol. "

Proponents of a different perspective serpyanku use, which means simply building bint. Serpyanka stripes down directly on the rusty (open seams) with PVA glue, divorced water. The seams should skirt for about two hours.

The next two stages - the car-wash and prepare to finish the ceiling to the finish, which may be painting the ceiling (but not oil paints) or pokleyka wallpaper.

Primer should permeate the concrete and get nothing from the ceiling sypalos, and equalize the surface. Primer is the penetration depth-the deeper, the quality and weight.

The ceiling gruntuetsya roller. With respect, there is a good selection from which to choose. Of the imported products recommend that the German firm Pufas : "Tiffing-grunt LF" and "Universal Tiffing-grunt LH, most frequently in the sale. First wash apply where the ceiling-average roughness, a little texture to it. The second is absorbed deeper, it can blot ceiling on the old, poorly cleaned surface. They are both about equally. Can priming and domestic - are two to three times cheaper, but less durable. There is a very easy way to 10 litres of water for one or PVA glue. However, please note that long-ceiling or settlement.

Primer should be made to the conscience. But its function is so permeate the concrete, a ceiling that has become a monolith. Our handyman working as usual, is not accustomed to import wash with water from the smell of paint, and the habit still use varnish. While it should ideally be set only oil paint, gore-remontniki can paint proolifenny ceiling and water-based paints. The ceiling becomes suitable in a few months.

Maintenance is the most exciting jobs but terribly responsible, and in some cases fairly expensive. On a filler, is a perfectly smooth ceiling.

The shpaklevochny material is a white powder, which is being developed for water thick soft mass. Decorating there are three types : internal, external and mats. The sales-German "Pufas" Finnish "Vetonit." Best Russian surface-firm Glynn. " It is quite respectable-Polish firm Atlas. The Russian and Polish filler rate higher than the German and Finnish, but the result still produced two to three times cheaper. However, using German or Finnish filler, you do ceiling for a century. "

"Pufasnye ceilings to date a really good-time service up to 30 (!) years. You can use filler mixed, say, "Vetonit + Pufas." But! We must be clear about the rules psevdomatematicheskoe : relocation parts of the amount awarded, as is changing! There is such a bad thing as exclusion material. While initially placed "Vetonit" and then "Pufas" assume crash. And if done on the contrary, holds "evil grip." Using repair services, feel free to ask a sequence of segments, and not the gore-firmy vytvoryayut.

To guard against the emergence of cracks in the ceiling directly in nevysohshuyu fillers can apply normal cheesecloth or a serpyanku, acting as reinforcing mesh.

The bar for a perfectly flat surface-finishing chemicals, hide most minor defects.

Fine-finish surface, it is quite rovnenkaya and gladenkaya. Our (Glynn), or Polish ( "Atlas") in stores as it is necessary to ask "the finish". A Pufas "all of its stock issued in fine form, so basically, as mentioned above, may be used as the finish.

A few hours later, when the car podsohnet, shkuritsya ceiling. The single most banal paper plane. (Frankly, occupy very Putin, but the main endless running like "tears of ladders, podvinul again vzgromozdilsya - shkurish; back tears podvinul ... "tiresome to stomach. But nothing can be done about-be.) The monolithic basis, is awaiting the painting is ready.

But before we turn to the "artistic", which is to describe one way in which the ceiling under the paint. It's good that requires a minimum of effort and time in five less costly than the "vetonito-pufasny." Perhaps this is the simplest and cheapest option quality ceiling (ceiling wallpaper whitewash or not in balance).

Plasterboard is ready ceiling panels, usually measuring 1.2 m. x3 Sold together with instructions for use, which in principle is capable of any sort, even a less-than-repair people. Just to cut fixed metal frame, and to do so through self privinchivayutsya gypsum board. Then all shpaklyuem and paint.

The only disadvantage of this method is the loss of up to 5 cm height of the ceiling. But undeniable advantages : fast-time cheap-2, ideal for krivyh-gorbatyh ceiling-3. Hide any irregularities, as each plate, and the entire ceiling as a whole. The ideal option for those cases where the ceiling is tilted - savings in maintenance and produced an enormous cigar.

Plates of plasterboard can be painted onto any, it falls exactly, the surface is smooth. Apparently all. The only annoyed-plasterboard is afraid of water, and if you fill neighbours - top evil cause.

Final finishing ceiling : wash, painting, stucco

So, the ceiling ready to go. The oil paint has been said, and it does not communicate with the Board. Better use of alkyd enamel. Optimal-vodoemulsionnaya or vodnodispersionnaya paint. Better-mat. Will show up, as vague as advanced, visually expanding. Want to do-colored ceiling. Flowers are a myriad of colours.

Pro-vodnodispersionki its longevity. "Allows" wash themselves to two thousand times! In addition, this paint-smoker joy. Even if you pitch as a locomotive, the ceiling will remain pristine sound very long. 20-kilogrammovogo buckets available for 80-100 m2. Import paint enough to put in two layers, our best three. It is best to use roller or sprayer.

Vodoemulsionnaya or vodnodispersionnaya paint. Three paint each other only in that the first may smyvatsya, albeit with difficulty. The second is a completely water resistant. The best-German "Feydal and Pufas" Finnish "Tikkurila. Spectrum Color vodoemulsionki quite broad. Vodnodispersionnaya paint mostly white.

If you want onto the ceiling in some exotic color, you can not do without Kolerov-colouring additives. Mixing them with the basic paint a combination of, you can have any shade. Drawing always appear on packaging.

Oil paint-Russian or Belarusian production. You can find and Polish. But foreigners "butter" is not true love, and almost no supply. As mentioned, it does not breathe the ceiling and quickly yellow.

Alkyd enamel-German "Pufas" or Finnish "Vetonit." The import of enamel very wide range of colors, our home-slightly less. But Turkish - almost always just white.

In the West, enamel applied very broadly : their rich paint and accommodation and vehicles. We treated with caution, for a very banal reason : it every two expensive water-based paints. Instead, white enamel-white more than the color of white paint. " And enamel dries faster and humidity it was not fatal.

You can, of course, and disengage chalk water, add blue to shades and a whitewash. But trite pobelenny chalk-ceiling dubious pleasure, and they clean the house, he adds. Better still paint. Or if okleivat ceiling wallpaper.

Jewelry Ceiling

Luino or owners "shifted" apartments recommend ceiling tiles or stucco.

Two of the most common option-foam and foam mouldings. Foam has averaged $ 1 per running meter. Foam-five times more expensive, but looks like "under stucco, and is paint. Boards visually equalizes imbalances ceiling, and looks nice.

If funds permit, and the style of your home match, decorate the ceiling of gilded plaster. Prices depend on the flights of fancy and on the thickness of the wallet. For example, only stucco cost Rutskomu governor of the Kursk region of $ 62,000. But remember, stucco mouldings and visually "lowered ceiling. If it is already low, and mouldings you do is imperative, not a buy.

In general, bring to mind the ceiling and not too much money is not so difficult. It would desire. Select technology and appearance for you. Today, in addition to the classic ceilings are still suspended, gear, trip wires, wood and even tile (listed on the principle of low-cost to more expensive), but this is a separate conversation.

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