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Советы по ремонту    Квартира в аренду: стоит ли делать ремонт Tips to repair apartment lease : whether to make repairs

Apartment rent : whether to make repairs

Квартира в аренду Before giving apartment owners need to make cosmetic repairs. About how to please demanding customers tell Hrapov Roman, director of the local office of real estate DOKI, and Irina Smirnova, the assistant dizaynera-arhitektora real estate DOKI.

Ecokube area and staircase

The cost of renting an apartment depends not only on what is an interior, but also on the look staircase. If the apartments meet customer requirements, but everted bulbs in the stairwell, elevator is not working, and the entrance door to the staircase did not exist, hardly a tenant wants to rent a home.

Only clean staircase, a good front door, closed at the castle, working elevators meet in the eyes of the lessee high price of the apartment. In addition, the entrance should be bright, provetrennym. If there is no cleaners, the display should podmesti hard floors and stair area.

If the area around the house cleaned regularly, the better to show an apartment in the dark, especially for the season-spring and autumn. Of course, one tenant can not remove the entire yard, so it is important that at least at the front door at the entrance was pure.


To ensure maximum benefit and rapidly to rent an apartment, it needed a "product" as : a room, remove extra things, clean water and sewage ventilate the room. Apartment rental must be clean, well-groomed. For example, if an apartment in many colors, the better to remove some, because not all the tenants will be able to take care of plants. But better to leave flowers cheap floor, they make the house more "populated" and comfortable.


What is the front door to your apartment? Maybe it is extended as a good material? Check the locks, their reliability. You can put a new iron door, it is not as expensive, somewhere near 300. e. Call, of course, should work.


If apartments are delivered without furniture, it is not immediately rasstraivatsya, while Boston and say that to rent an apartment with furniture can be faster than without. But without furniture can be seen all the space and the potential tenant, such as apartments, thoughts already rank of their furniture.

If the apartment rooms, it must be pribrano (no spread on the floor Toy). Bathrooms and toilets should be especially clean. The entryway entire upper clothes and shoes should be removed in a cupboard or on the mezzanine. Balcony also to be released.

If many apartments old furniture, it is best to leave only the basic necessities, and the rest of the furniture removed. The last time customers prefer the style of "minimalism" when the apartment is nothing more, in rooms is the least possible cabinets, shelving, etc. Unnecessary wall replaced wardrobe space, where you can store things. Valued compact, but multifunctional furniture. "walls" are gradually changing to light shelves.

From carpets on the walls (this dust) will be free apartment. And you can hang on the wall paintings or pictures. Graphics watched collages different picture.


The walls come warm, enthusiastic, pastel colours, not all like too bright walls and floors. The walls of the rooms, the preferred line, rather than painting or whitewash the walls. The wallpaper perekleit easy, much easier than, say, fully perekrashivat wall.


If the apartment is bright, sunny side goes on, the better to show the morning and afternoon, with the curtains open. If dark, the night when artificial lighting.

Bad when the room is not enough coverage. In this situation, save more artificial lighting-light is that it is!


If the number of lines, it hits should be, certainly not during rush hour. A better place windows to isolate the room from outside sounds.

If Heard railway-don not neglect to consider the schedule and find a break in the train, it always is. Run apartment at the time. If a very noisy neighbors, the better to show flat when they are not at home.

During the show should not be children, pets, they are distracting.

TV and radio are turned off. If the screening will be held at night, you can add unobtrusive, easy music.

The aromas

The rooms should not be extraneous odors (food, cigarettes, pets), the best option is the fresh air. In the kitchen allow smell coffee.

Generally, your apartment tenants at the time of their choosing to reduce the delivery of your property and choose the most advantageous offer.

I do repairs?

Needless to invest in European-as well as elements of Euro-basketball, floor heating systems, windows, replacement of internal doors, more often than not pay off. But it makes sense pokleit new wallpaper, floor covering change in the kitchen, parquet ottsiklevat in rooms, updated ceilings, and the kitchen, bathroom and toilet plumbing replaced small-cranes, mixers, pail and connections. This repair requires minimal time and financial costs, but provides a solid increase in the cost of flats. One dollar invested in the repair has averaged two dollars equivalent to the market value of the flat. The recommendation is not to spend more on repairs in 1500. e.

Frequently, making repairs, the owners of flats wrongly focused only to your own taste. According to experts, repair flats to be modern and style, as "calm". The more "universal" and the classic will be flat, the more customers it likes, the faster will be inaugurated.

If it does repairs are inevitable, it is necessary to know :

  • onto a wall in bright colors : pastels tone expanding space impressed purity;
  • consider installing additional lighting : bright light attached additional apartments, expanding space;
  • 한 window frames white or the color of honey, do not have blue or green, not everyone likes the forefront;
  • on the floor better nastelit parquet, the second-most popular laminate, followed by linoleum, is also becoming popular min, it looks beautiful, pleasant to the touch;
  • bathroom and toilet plumbing recommend equipped helicopter, again well-covered, in general, tenants prefer bathrooms with tiles cover the floor and walls;
  • All outlets have to work.

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The author of the article : Inna Alekseyeva