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Psychological mood and start repairs

Начало ремонта Consciousness rights so arranged that the two opposing positions can not be located in one section of the brain. Psychology is a branch of the soul, mind, the psyche, and repair is our life. This is one of the most famous of philosophy-dualism. And it turns out these conflicting simply to be together. Indeed, they were both VERY CLOSE. The notion-patch repair, alteration, renovation. And that is what we lack in real life.

So, if someone is a professional repair or simply repairing their homes, they are most needed psychological stability because the repair is a war and problems. If quality is not enough, it is a problem. The net psychology always includes "mental patient" repairs. So the customer is always patient, the Wizard is a psychotherapist.

If these simple formula violated the problem you provided. Problems often arise with the repair of emptiness. There are suddenly falling on the head and the two players. Naturally, each of the entities (customer master) could replace a lot of people. The customer is a firm or a whole family, in which everyone has an opinion. Wizard is a crew foreman with or firma-ispolnitel. Just added factor plurality, which amends the scope and nature of the problem, depending on the number of conflicting people.

Naturally, the fewer people, the sooner not extinguish the fire of unnecessary disputes and replicas. One I know exactly what quality of work performed directly depends on how calm and master craftsman. If the owner is dissatisfied, but silent and drawing an angry is not visible from work. Then suddenly due to bad customer patience bubble, and he gained a suitcase anger vyvalivaet onto masters. Honest become easier, and people become ill. And they are looking for options psychological exits. One evening drink, others hang with the customer, you can try to get faster and boy (of course, at the expense of quality). In any case, only worse than the owner. Nerviruya people, it makes a dirt. Naorat people and make do better approach is a natural monks and no matter what they wore and what drove the car.

It was during repairs are often displayed as a secret. They think if they pay money, they have the right to hysterical behaviour. In fact, such people do not need reasons. They simply want to miss the bit for everyone. Mentally disturbed people very much. Dirt is in us all, only situation. Repair is the most feasible.

The repairs involved property, money, and people who encroach on your territory and destroy your house, a dirt and dust and is not important that the customer is calling them himself. When people are doing repairs themselves, the conflicting parties are members of the family. We are accumulating dirt every day in daily life. Problems at work, lack of children and parents, the persistent lack of money, disappointment in life, the impending retirement are the envy of all are captured in our minds. According to the law of energy conservation, the substance can not be removed, and she awaits the day.

It is also for this reason that people are very happy totalitarian regime and start to serve. It is a pleasure to serve in government is impunity. It can be beat, rob, rape and kill, and you will have nothing. Repair of a client at the time of the appearance of this situation. The elevation of another man. "I have money, and I pay you and, therefore, I can ask outrageous, shouting or even pay and the sacking if we could blame you." You may think that I am inventing, but pity that all this is true, constantly faced with that view, the quality of work has never had meaning. Even not remember, as are people who come from other republics.

Master must exercise caution before repairs began. If the boss is behaving indecently, can be cheap and not start and in a timely manner. If people behave nastily where repairs have not yet started, please provide themselves, as it may destroying nerves when problems arose.

If you decide to repair themselves in the apartment, carefully consider :

1. Will you money to finish the facility started, it may be worth one room instead of the entire apartment?
2. How long are you going to work? Can you tolerate the mud all this time?
3. Will you remove forces every day and who your family is to be made? This is very important, because a lot of dust.
4. Where are your children, the elderly and pets? dust and chemical elements have a severe impact on the body and can cause allergic reactions, even among healthy people (there have been cases).
5. It may be worth less and faster, but hire masters?
6. Will you pay for the additional work, due to the curvature of the walls, bad wiring and plumbing old?
7. Are you an additional cost of materials?
8. Who in your family will be responsible for organizing and delivering materials? If you do not have time to pay foreman or foremen. That schedule will suffer.

Naturally, those who have a lot of money, just pay for everything, and possibly problems will be less. Normally, all people want to save on workers and buy podorozhe material, but I can say that this is not the best approach. Dear material requires good relationships and enlightened master usually want more money for risk. Who has less experience makes cheaper, but it can spoil expensive material. (Even expensive wallpaper paste quality is not easy.) Look for the best solution : the right balance between price and quality.

On this subject can write a lot and I think we will return to it again and again. I wish him luck.

The author of the article : Maryan

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