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What is the design and how much it cost?

Design is a set of documents in which any construction company or technically proficient team builders can translate design ideas into reality. For example in the design of flats are :

1. Obmerochny drawing (detailed plan of the premises before the works).

2. Planning decisions and the determination of the zone.

Ie future planning and distribution facilities in the zone (lunch, passing, volleyball, etc.), here is the same approximate location of certain items of furniture and accessories. Before construction, it is necessary to decide how skillfully divided into rooms and areas available at your disposal facility. This should take into account lots of nuances, such as household composition, age and the lifestyle of its members.

For example, flat-owners of a couple with a small child. The head of the family working hard, and basically the machine. But he has not forgotten and the rest, and on weekends they like to take with his wife at his house guests. In this case, if there is enough pink, you can offer to split into four apartments rooms : a bedroom of parents, child room, lounge, combined with the kitchen and cabinet. Thus, shared kitchen and living room will quickly and easily organize large holiday table, and the Cabinet will head of the family to work without getting distracted by extraneous things like televisions, and if he zasiditsya night, it will not interfere with sleep wife and child.

Room baby in this case, too, should be given great attention. Because young children love to tinker on the floor, the material from which he will be placed should be clean, warm and easy to wash. Just for the development of the child in a sports corner of the room, which can be easily removed when the child grows. If he has to go to school, and care must be taken on his job, it should be comfortable and well-lit.

3. The decision to organize the light environment.

This section defines the location of lighting design of the form (halogen, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lights, neon, etc.), their number. And in the same location and layout of switches.

The same interior can look completely different with different lighting. Light should not be too much or too little, it must be based on specific premises and the desires of the owners. For example, in the bedroom lighting should be subdued, intimate, light does not hit the eye. But it is also about bedside light from the bed, so you can at night, looking, reading my favorite book. An important design techniques are such things as light and light focus. The management of this luminous environment through various switches and switches, location and design work which should be intuitively understood not only masters, but also their guests. High technology and design techniques used in the areas of the world, allow us to offer our customers choices for the different styles and financial concerns.

4. The proposal to place outlets.

Now almost every house or apartment using large quantities of various appliances and electronics. The location and number of outlets play a significant role in the modern housing. Apartments will no longer look stylishly, if anywhere, will be based on wire extension cords and outlets from the elbow and legs adaptors. Moreover, their continued use is unsafe. The designer was so rank power, telephone, computer and television outlet that on the one hand they are apparently running from all walls, and on the other hand, have always been at hand, in an easy and accessible.

5. Proposals for the toilets.

One of the challenges for the designer is planning space toilets. Even in elite homes stand toilets do not always meet the needs of patrons. Everyone wants to have a new bathroom large apartments, and fit beside it a good washing machine, wash basin, toilet, and even a bidet and a shower cubicle. Do not forget about cabinets and breakfast for all sorts of perfumes and bathroom supplies. Combine the wishes of the client to the real dimensions of toilet block and suggest the most efficient use of valuable space, while there has been, where turn-What is the main objective at this stage designer flat design.

6. Proposal for finishing materials.

Huge role in how eventually will be your apartment, play materials. The number and variety of these materials is such that people far from the building to look into them quite difficult, because they vary in price, quality, longevity and performance. This section design designer offers the best solution for finishing space on the general style apartments, your financial wishes and aesthetic preferences.

Deadline this design averaging about a month and has 900 rub./m2 projected area. If necessary, you can begin the renovation at the time of approval of planning decisions and the determination of the zone.

Convoys dizayn-proektov other facilities, such as secondary homes, offices, shops and the like. slightly different from the draft of the flat above presented, but the essence of the designer, namely a beautiful and functional facilities that meet the needs and financial capabilities of the customer remains the same.

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