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How to hire workers to repair

Нанять частников для ремонта There is little phrase that repair is a natural disaster. Especially if it is not cosmetic, and serious. The demolition of walls, moving plumbing, replacing wiring, laying laminate / parquet levelling the surface. This was the situation I faced. Because of the work to be great, the question arose as to who, where and how many should be hired.

The options were few : construction firms with litsenziey-dogovorom-garantiey (heap flyers from the mailbox), private teams of two or three people (on the recommendation of friends), a crowd of guest workers from the plate, doing maintenance at the entrance to the construction market.

I start with the fact that two participants had to have just done a complete renovation of friends - a very quality, it could be said, is impeccable. But after the report was that only one bathroom renovation would cost $ 2,000 without the material. And I had three rooms and a kitchen. In general, this option is no longer required for неплатежеспособностью.

Time to Recruit job market dangerous to me : friends terrorizing the stories that appeared "one day come-no bath, no toilets, no building materials ... no job."

Random, I made several calls to Bukuvu at the entrance and around the house ads. Most often encountered chastniki-moskvichi and called prices although below the original, but still, by my standards, is quite high (for example, $ 1000-1500 for the same bathroom). And more often than not been the case : not even asking what size toilets at the end of conductor replied : "Poltory thousands of dollars."

Finally, I hit on some companies, which was estimated based on the seismic and specific tasks (suspended ceilings, so many, so many exploit pipes). Price gave me, I decided to opt for this option and receive the crew of three Ukrainians.

The action plan was this : re-flat (demolition and the construction of new walls), a complete replacement of pipes and fixtures (toilet, sink, bathroom, polotentsesushitel, pipes), electrical (copper wiring, sockets and switches transfer), laminate flooring, straightening the walls and ceilings.

The first stage name was dismantling the old floors and walls are unnecessary. I met with the builders evening after work, handed the keys and asked whether they would be there at night. Yes, will be.

- But it is no stoymaterialov!

"We are going to hear the old parquet ...

The conversation took place at 7 pm. When I next day in the morning went to the flat, there is no "extra" walls.

You have that night knocking? !

- Yes! During the morning and evening yesterday bit. You do not worry, we will never noise at night.

... The truth known only neighbors.

From the beginning, I was promised a contract.

But two devushki-priemschitsy orders in charge of the work, basement me this form of the treaty itself. The text was about this : "We, Masha and Dasha Ivanova Petrova, on the one hand, and the customer on the other hand, has signed a contract for the building work, the claims, for 15 days." And neither the press nor the public address, or even passport information podryadchits. The company had net lime. But, as the Ukrainians were seemingly normal, I ventured further with psevdokontoroy, asking "just in the fire" to keep me passport. Which he did.

The next day I went to the construction market. And it has discovered the astonishing thing.

When the seller writes trademark check, he asks directly with the question : "how much you write?"

As well, I myself went here!

Yes, deceived masters ... - lamented "honest" seller. I have, is, and twice as many write. Here and simply false cheques can be bought.

So, the first rule : if each rouble counts, a better witness for the purchase of building materials.

The market, I bought two dozen 30-kilogrammovyh bags of dry mix to equalize gender, plaster, grinding walls, etc., and the number was calculated by the builders. And three days later they called and asked once again to buy again all the same.

"But you felt!

- There are not enough ...

There can be! I was misled! Zamylili several bags and resell to another site. For instance, the mixture "Staratel" to equalize the field, I asked for six bags of 30 square kilometres. m. Filled until 10 meters, no more. So, where the remaining four bags?

Angry, I ran denounce trusted. But, fortunately, do not have. Bags will not disappeared. Builders simply wrong in the calculation, and they were taking their plate, found that little had purchased. But, as the saying goes, if you are not paranoid does not mean that you are not being followed.

Hence the second rule : Material count at least twice and record what, when and how much to buy.

After filling seals and building new walls is for plumbing. If you are "not in order" to buy all the pipes, knee, evicting, angle, and other attachments is simply impossible. I understand this perfectly, and took in the second raid workshop responsible for the plumbing. And three hours later, we returned with three packages of any zhelezyak and heaps multilayer pipes.

For each type of A separate cost-calculated, we agreed stages.

The dismantling of the old walls (four looking to square 4-5. M), fixtures and parquet linoleum from cool to $ 160, electrical at $ 400, plate (30 square meters. M) cost $ 170, with the new wall with me have $ 150, and the full bathroom renovation-$ 600.

Now, we have nastelit floors and walls of bricks ...

The cost of all prices subject verbally. And a couple of times when they have read ekselevskoy table, it was apparent that some work is not thought to the price per square metre. When I was at the point, all quickly transferred. I want to believe that this is a typographical error, rather than divorce from 10-20 dollars. But it begs the conclusion : to carefully check all fees and be in your pocket calculator.

Repairs are fast, and no stupidity of my job, I did not notice. Bags were at the scene, the outlet / switches work, the new wall as a broken line which prikidyvalas "eye to" get in the way, I imagine it would. None of the neighbours, who shortly before that, I distributed his business card, have not called and complained. Maybe not so much this disaster?

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The author of the article : Elena Popova