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To entrust the repair of their apartments

Выбор бригады рабочих For those lucky few who have telephoned beloved uncle - proprietor repair company or find another way to shift maintenance care on the shoulders of his neighbor, my article is purely academic interest. We appeal to those who are alone face more or less the major remodeling their homes, for the first time.

Much will be for them unless the problem, it is certainly revealing. Some friendly advice, we hope, will help them along the way, "an open lot."

The first-choice team working. Start with a review of all of their relatives, friends, colleagues. Maximum range pick their dating - although certainly some of them have already made repairs and-a fortune! - pleased with the result. Better personal recommendation-only your personal experience.

Not lucky with friends and acquaintances, and had to employ an alien brigade? Try to check the bona fides of prospective employees still at the discussion stage plans.

Good : Brigadier expressing their wishes, ask something inherently unrealistic : "Mmm ... I am here on the occasion is something different tiles. She, however, used to, but in perfect condition! And the wife is the color of love. If it otkovyryat with cement, will be its use? " If you like to violent CRAZY, all agree that you should be alert.

And probably not even say that the smell of alcohol is just the "alarm".

Generally, ask more questions, do not be afraid to seem incompetent (you this is) : What you importantly, a thorough overhaul or reputation bully?

Your team began its work. Monitoring, control and monitoring again! (Perechitayte last phrase several times.) The team will build your home, you probably will have to "build" it. It is very important psychological installation. You remember - owner of the firm. Not razygryvayte judge, but throw minimum international soft. Be demanding, critical, pridirchivy (you will be even more respect).

The application of the series is a problem, the floor you curve! " reply : "You are a professional, you deal with the problem and". One couple familiar scenario old, but effective scheme "a good employer, the employer evil" and strongly recommends it to all : the result turned out to be excellent.

Returning to the control.

Often at the time the work brigade moved to the apartment repaired. And, alas, often takes this flat just as public housing, while playing a different order.

Talking to a situation fraught with you? At best avralom, for two days when everything is done tyap-lyap. How to understand that you are not shaking that caused by the slow pace of objective necessity, but not because the work was not done? During the day you are at work, and after 23 hours of noise did not. Our advice-podruzhites neighbors. They will be yours free and voluntary overseers.

Certainly in the house but there is one woman with sensitivity vigilant hearing. Go to it in the guise of an apology for the inconvenience - mol, repair it loud, etc. eyes and you know your team than busy day, and then suddenly she was not quiet. Use every opportunity to visit his apartment in the most unexpected time. This will save you from the fact that work will be carried out in rhythm "avral-quiet-avral."

Now, the timing and cost. Yourselves so that both will be slightly exceeded. It does not matter whether you bought an apartment in the primary or secondary market, or even lived there for several years. Domestic construction is a type of monumental art : No surprises no cost. But keep in mind : existing city law is quite severe restrictions on the timing of repairs to homes, repairs must be completed within three months. Is that consolation?

Accounting estimates (wallpaper, tiles, parquet floors, ceilings, etc.), not lightly to "stuff".

Even if you do not plan nothing magical, the sockets, switches, various cables, plugs, ventilation grills, etc. absorb a portion of the maintenance budget (with "normal" repair all flat-to 10% of the budget). And there will always be something to miss (Hanging glue floors), and something would not be appropriate or break (Phillips screwdriver, Imura surcharge).

By the way, your team buys tools in advance or at your expense-Determine this time immediately.

Purchase materials. Store or market? Some items (wallpapers, min) range approximately the same. Good foreman (better if you buy commit with him) himself advice, what to take on the market and what is in store.

But pay builders usually depends on the value of material, and because the task does not include Brigadier your savings funds. Rather, the opposite.

If the first visit to the shop (on the market) should be consolidated, the future purchase of losses and ending with builders. Respecting a professional (and we hope that you contacted with such) will not soil themselves stealing a bag of cement mix. Besides, you already know that how much and where, in which case the mouse briefs.

So, we have taken the first steps on the path of thousands. Bring the positive? No signs of paranoia is not there? Well, our article did you benefit.

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The author of the article : Elena Ponomareva