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The repairs flat

The repair question where to start?

Ремонт: с чего начать? First, the new apartments should live a little. This is because you will more clearly what and where furniture should be, and what needs to be done to achieve comfort. Keep that in an apartment such things as vacuum cleaners, sewing machine, banks with jam, they need somewhere to store (there must recall all heavy objects) and, therefore, for them to do, or buy cabinets.

To begin, try to imagine how a design will look flat. Measure the size of each room, and then take the piece of paper in the video room and bigger in scale (top view), along with doors and windows. Next measure furniture, and also at the draw on another piece of paper. They write words : wardrobe, a bed, table, etc. All this cutting shears, and the placing on the image to the size of the room. Not wasting a physical effort, "" setting the furniture on a sheet of paper. Move furniture on a sheet of paper, we get a clearer picture of future room. Keep the width of the walkway to the door and do not leave them too narrow.

Next, fix a design. This is a taste of each master, and then decide what you want to do and how much to keep. From this, you can look in the stores right materials.

How to start?

Start with the most need dirty work, and look forward to their implementation so as not to have to comply with them again. The work will include : alignment of concrete floors, replacement and new electrical wiring, installing hidden outlets, straightening the walls, replacement heaters, installing doors and windows, as well as all work, which must be something PEK or zamazyvat solution.

1. You could begin with electricians. Decide where you wish to install additional outlets, and make connections for them by wire, but the outlet is not yet installed and connected to the panel. The kitchen is desirable to establish more outlets (TV, receiver, kitchen combine, SVCh-plita, refrigerator, gas stove, air, washing machine ...). (Washing machine connects trehzhilnym wires). All that wiring should be more thick wires, depending on the load, and additional cables to connect to the electrical panel. The corridor also be made by phone jack, a vacuum cleaner ... and missed overhead cables (you can set crab) to the correct place.

2. If you will change the heating radiators, it should reflect on where you have to apply the welding that are not going to talk about this issue. Here at this stage you have razdalblivaniem walls, dust and debris.

3. Then you can begin to equalize the walls and floors. Places docking panel walls desirable protykat screwdriver and prostuchat, for any voids. If they find it necessary neatly. This will improve the noise and keep warm in the 64c3 house. The angle of wall and ceiling should try to equalize well. On this will depend fit mouldings, or will be guaranteed slits. After the wall will be straightened, could be addressed installation outlets and switches.

4. Next proceed to the replacement of doors and windows podokonikov. When will straighten the walls and floors, doors can be set more accurately, while uneven floors can be wrong with the size of the floor to the bottom of the door.

5. Shpaklyuem and white ceiling.

6. Nastilaem floors, and covering tsiklyuem varnish.

7. Wallpaper glue. The wall to wall off panel on the staircase landing light, the charge outlets and switches cover. Cutting wallpaper under sockets and switches, and then prikruchivaem cover, and include light. To be sure that there is no outlet voltage included in it, such as transistorized receiver. On top of the ceiling could be razmetochnuyu pencil line which will be glued wallpaper. All wash below the line should be washed, otherwise there wallpaper short. Remember that if the wall were nabely (adhesive patch or lime paint), be sure to remove them because of the ground painted wallpaper is not adhered.

8. Waging mouldings and mouldings, thus closing the ends of wallpaper. Prisverlivaem board to the wall and privorachivaem screwed. His first must fit, and then turn to absorb the varnish and dipped, and then privorachivat. If you pay for the space you can stain wallpaper. The mouldings can be skipped antenna and cable.

9. Further drilling holes and suspended shelves, cornices, etc.

Bath room and toilet should be done in the first case. Set plumbing and replace or re-plumbing. Tiles tiles on the walls can be set only after welding. Otherwise, even the tiniest spark prozhzhet tile from the top layer, and the tiles will be spoilt.

Balcony or loggias can be only a last resort, as there can be stored balances and identify tipped and vices. All this will be the final round of work.

If at the time of the repair you live in the apartment, it must begin at the farthest room, gradually moving on to the kitchen.

Here we look at the sequence of work, but the choice is for you.

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