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Repair? This is not too bad. Terms of repair

Rule 1. Plan

Правила ремонта Anticipating interior, immediately go on how you can upgrade. Uniformity get enough repairs each year do not become. For example, is it a label photo of the entire wall?

If you adore, try to attach them to quickly snyat.To same can be said of the bright wallpaper with a spectacular figure. They are good, but quickly tired of them. If you like bright, saturated image, buy kerb. In western catalogs can be found many ideas on kerb. Very often, it brings a whole top and bottom wall, enlarged different wallpapers. This beautiful, but hardly acceptable to ceiling height of two and a half meters. Our flat is best to affix the kerb on a wall. But the idea of European designers could also apply to us. Cut off pieces of painting and hang them in ramochkah Wall. They will be better look at the white wall.

Rule 2. Multiply by two

The time for which you expect to make repairs, Multiply 2. Never heard that found under the raised floor or otodrannymi wallpaper.

Rule 3. Repair is a record

How to calculate how much, what and why do you need? Calculate all in advance. Not поленитесь pick stores and distributors. Learn all prices. Select minimum and add to the approximately 30%. You get the basic price of your purchases. Then start the count. Typically, the number of rolls of wallpaper needed to Set rooms, expected on the basis of its size. But it is not always easy : the corridor and generate m and m room 5h4 have the same space, but different perimeter. So convenient to calculate differently. Each roll of wallpaper closing two-metre wall, so that can only measure of its perimeter and divide that number by 2 and then rounded to the bigger side, as well as wallpapers to be tailored to the picture.

Rule 4. Are role

The most difficult rule to follow. If, for example, your husband did not make repairs to the house nothing naive to think that it would bricks walls. In addition, there are areas in which the enemy is not even very good home wizard : sanitation, heating, electricity and gas. Better to invite specialists.

Rule 5. Do not try to experiment

It can be extravagant in the race to break all the walls, and then live and languish, that no privacy, time alone with himself. You can break all the doors and restructured under the arch, and then regret their acts. Tell themselves honestly, if you want to live in such an exclusive and non-standard environment.

Rule 5. Explore the laws of the mental effects of color

Buy a book on the interior, where you can find that information. And the result is that the new color walls are you depressed. The white walls talk separately, in their painting has its laws. Did you know that polar bears at the delegate yellow, the colour of melted milk and snezhno-belym it seems only in the sun? Same thing with the wall. If you paint them white in color, the room will appear diffuse daylight in the evening appear to the operating room. Add in a little vodoemulsionnuyu paint pigment colors Safeguarding or terracotta. Walls are the warm colors, which the French called ekryu. Incidentally, this color is much better than snowy whiteness, will combine wood, paintings and photos in the.

Painting walls is not easy. First, the walls should be perfectly smooth, so a lot of time you have to take a plaster and fillers. Secondly, if you do it the first time, get to the wall would very much ink. It is the initial wash money to paint and then onto the one that you have chosen for final finishing. At room measuring 20 metres you need about 10 litres of paint.

Rule 6. Sound savings

Consider whether you need a window with mahogany. It may happen that, pribiv it, you will understand : it is now necessary to change everything. If so, gradually become a monster apartment, infernal all your earnings, and DF cat wallpaper to 138 dollars per roll to bring you a heart attack. Is it not better to go to the wholesale market and buy a beautiful pine boards for a very reasonable price. Then, by the way, you can not paint, and varnish tinted cover.

Rule 7. But not lavish

You have to live with what you did. So, if you like carpeting 4 m in width, the width same room 3.20, do not despair because of the overpayment. The remaining piece can be used in the loggias of the car in the garden or even as bedding for dogs.

Rule 8. Make repairs gently

Tyap-lyap, painters ... So called cartoon about painters who are not so much painted as spattered all around. To achieve the desired result will not necessarily all be able enough to follow instructions and observe cleanliness. If you do not immediately make a repair debris already on the third day he pogrebet you by themselves. Buy large plastic garbage bags.

During pokleyki and paint very easily tempted to paint or placing the accumulated dirt. To do this was by no means. Even linoleum be spread on a perfectly clean floor. To avoid compromising the furniture, cover its polyethylene.

Rule 9. Be consistent

To somehow locate their construction, do not do it all at once. Repair first room, then the kitchen and then the bathroom and corridor.

Rule 10. Repairs should be completed

Rastyanuv repairs indefinitely, you risk to the chaos in the rest of his days. Calculate each marble. You can razmahnutsya on expensive materials, and painting windows, you will not have enough. And feeling that the repairs completed, it is not. So think!

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