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How well a process of repair

Как грамотно построить процесс ремонта

In a previous article, we described the mistakes that become headaches owners after poor repairs.

Much of which may be related to an improper sequence of the work. What part to repair? What should be taken into account at each stage of work? But any repair, especially the capital, is a variety of work, and do them all at once does not work. And unwary repairmen is difficult to see where to begin and what can be done later.

The specialists have certain rules that help minimize subsequent alterations. These rules are very general and is suitable for almost all types of apartments and houses.

The first rule is to start to draw up the draft and, if necessary, to obtain permits. The draft defines the general concept of repair and the volume of work. In addition, during the preparatory phase is thought to the details of redevelopment, design, electricity and communications. Otherwise, the uncertainty of action may well have endless variations in the process, lost time and money.

Comment Gennady Timokhin, foreman of one of Moscow firms, providing a full range of maintenance services :

"The experience of building towards dare say that a large proportion of errors in repairs are still at the project stage. And they could apply to any work, whether the construction of electricity, transport or plumbing overhaul of floor.

For example, one of the most common problems associated with moving or cleaning bath : disposal of sewage standpipe to design so that the final height of 3-5% of the length (or less than 3 cm per square metre). This is necessary for the proper discharge of water, or zasorov not avoid. The difference Heights should be laid in the draft, for example, could be stepping into a bathroom. Incidentally, in drafting one should not forget that the level of floor in the toilet block usually 2-5 cm below the floor in the hallway. Roughly the same situation with polotentsesushitelem-moving it from a standpipe, it should be understood that the pipes it should go smoothly with transients. In sharp corners, the potential for congestion and air polotentsesushitel be cold.

Как грамотно построить процесс ремонта

Very often when drafting incorrectly calculated pressure on ceilings or walls. For example, the owners have suspended ceilings in the children's room, and only then thought that it would be a good idea in this room to build a sports complex. As a result, they had to cut more holes in the suspended ceiling and mount special sticks to the concrete ceiling. Or the customer is in the room brand wall, and then decides to hang her bookshelf. Will either abandon the idea or the channel wall again, solidifying its plywood.

Inaccurate design seals on the floor can also haggling with the redesign. For example, the customer after equalization floors in the room agreed zonirovat space using different materials for the floor covering : Everywhere put parquet, and the "dining room" area for tiles. But for parquet plate to be done below, and tile above. They had to re-do seals, now varying heights. But if this was included in the project, the redesign could have been avoided. "

With the hands of a detailed, well thought out and coherent project can begin immediately to repair.

Start with the most need dirty work. Thus, peredelyvaemyh flat first dismantle the wall, remove cover from the walls and ceilings, removed parquet (if parquet in good condition, it can be covered while repairs are plastic sheeting and postpone Kotel and lacquered at least not to damage in the works). The building of new walls and walls.

At the same time, is still a very dusty work, replace or restore the old window units. Moreover, with further work and wall painting wallpaper window will not be open.

According to menedzhera-konsultanta company AlPlast ", which offers services for the construction and installation of plastic windows, depending on the number of plastic windows and complexity of the installation, assembly can last from one to three days.

Please note the installation window : It is necessary to measure the level and through the news sheet density scan test drives. Ensure proper handling exterior joints. It is a good idea to order the sealing of joints on the outer perimeter of the window (she is Mountaineering), especially under the fillets to the wall with parsley and around the windows started exposed.

New windows and windowsills to protect them from scratches, and their faces covered, plastic sheeting and orgalitom. Balcony loggias or for the convenience of many doing the least : there is still retain remnants of materials, and tipped a vise.

Finishing walls, floors and ceilings

Отделка стен, пола и потолка

After a dirty job, dismantling walls and building new walls shtrobleniya under electrician, moving plumbing and radiators in which we have a story on how to convert a flat next phase of the repair-rough, and then finishing and finishing ceilings, walls and floors.

Equalizing the floores can not only make floors smooth, without differences, volume and potholes, but also to reduce or, conversely, to raise the floores, as well as to waterproof and soundproof. For lower-level floor usually removed all walks of previous ties to the base. A recovery floores best to implement a new cement plate; If seriously improve floor (5-7 cm and over), in the case of plate may podsypat stratum of sand or stone. At the same time, in the performance of seals, a heated floor.

Attend the leaflets can be very next day, but to enable it skirt for a few days (although now available and the hardening mixture). Its harbour cellophane and started leveling the walls and ceiling.

Straighten walls made to correct the large dip or curvature of the surface. The brain removed, or removed transients "wave" among plates. Places docking panel walls prostuchat desirable to detect voids and always incorporated, it will improve the noise and keep warm in the house. If necessary, and that if the wall is very uneven and have put a lot of coats (more than three centimetres), at this stage Remove pool trowel, or plaster to fall off. The Wall gruntuyut, oshtukaturivayut, minor defects are harvested solid surface layer. The finished surface is recommended antiplesenyu process.

If there is a need-aligned to the ceiling.

Particular attention is needed to give the angles between the walls, ceiling and floor. Anywhere they have to be aligned under 90 degrees. Corners must be clean, sharp, and drops amid without plaster, the line angle should be uniformly along its length, without any Brains.

After finishing a rough surface to engage in door. Gennady Timokhin, JIAS, recommended such a course of the installation : "The rough walls and floors can be wrong with the size of the floor to the bottom of the door and distance from the walls. Therefore, we establish door frames near the end of ill-out walls and floors, artwork door to check, then remove. cracks between the wall and box zashpaklevyvaem. When the door while you can hang least in this case, they are more likely to remain intact, but the box must have already finished. "

Отделка стен, пола и потолка

After that, you can say, the most difficult and dirty part of the repair done. Remained finishing trim. In what sequence to perform these works : poly-steny-potolok or vice versa? This question posed at a construction forums, most professionals were from my own experience, about the same answer : "It is better to hold them down-wash the ceiling (installation hinged wooden panels, other options), wall to wall, or painting, laying tile in the bathroom, cover on the floor. Even when on the floor to restore the parquet dust from the Kotel remove easily, and lacquer to bed last, that is not finished. "

At least there is only attach mouldings and moulding (pre-coated with varnish and dipped to stain wallpaper), a door, attach sockets and switches, hang outside air conditioning units and other equipment, furniture rank.

If at the time of the repair you live in the apartment, then start with the farthest room, gradually moving on to the kitchen. If residential apartments, all the work can be accomplished in every room, including the kitchen and bathroom. You also have to have kitchen and sanitary, but immediately set a new toilet or sink is not : because in the process of repairing them will be held through tons of debris. Install temporary cheap plumbing, not perpetuating "namertvo" to be moving with the work of the wall and the floor around. Remember to ask workers to clean the toilet with the remnants of solutions is a result of unemployment.

Most builders in the preliminary examination and preparation of a tentative estimate of "consultations" on the sequence of work and are reluctant, limited only by the common desire of the customer.

We tried to split the repair of the main points of design,

electrical and communication rough surface finish, finishing surges, and to highlight the most significant "pitfalls" awaiting at one stage or another. Accordingly, the reader can better understand the coming of repair and discuss it with potential operators to avoid mistakes made the right choice. And if you want to repair their own, the sequence will help to avoid mistakes and do all the work as a fast and cost-effective effort and money.

Author : Diana Sorokina
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