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Repairs in the newly

Ремонт в новостройке

Buying an apartment is a major and welcome step in one's life. Today, according to statistics, more and more families prefer flats in new : it is this segment of the market is developing very rapidly. Flats in a new house have a number of undeniable advantages : the use of modern technologies in the construction, infrastructure, greater flexibility in obtaining credit, etc.

After receiving a certificate of ownership, the owners seek to enter into a new house as soon as possible. But in order to build a new life with every comfort, they will have to overcome many obstacles.

Living in an apartment without finishing very uncomfortable. To date, the majority of newly deposited in the so-called "rough" finishing. Under this option in the apartment are plaster walls and ceiling, is tsementno-peschanaya plate floors. Roughing finishing no installation plumbing and electrical appliances, as well as the installation of internal doors. Purchasing an apartment in a new house, you almost become a space limited factory plates. Accordingly, the renovation of apartments will include a full course of planning and construction and repair work. "Finishing" finish flat in the newly would require, at a minimum, the following set of works :

  • Installation of plumbing;
  • electrical work;
  • alignment walls (angles are 90 degrees), straightening floor, plastering the walls and ceiling;
  • fillers walls;
  • plastering slopes windows and door frames;
  • installation of doors;
  • the final trim.

In addition, living conditions in the home initially left much to be desired. Here are a few references residents immediately moved to a new apartment :

"Very often interruptions in the elevator, water supply and electricity. The case had to keep off supply of bottled water. "

"In the neighbouring flats in the midst repairs. Working noise until 12:00 the night; Around tons of dust and debris ".

"The entrance wandering workers of all nationalities. The house is not protected, and the intercom is not working ".

And others. But all these bad things, a temporary phenomenon, which resolves with time.

There are more serious issues to be brought to attention before the repairs, otherwise all efforts in vain : there is a need to avoid the shrinkage of newbuildings and carefully options redevelopment and its officially agreed.

Experts say that in the first half to two years house is shrinking, and recommend to delay capital improvements. The most significant drops brick houses, as Brick is a heavy construction material. For monolithic newly characterized by uniform shrinkage.

Ремонт в новостройке

The shrinkage of the foundation, depending on the type of soil, groundwater levels and other parameters calculated in advance and included in the possible project. Respecting their companies and builders are trying to finish all the work and take home at the time the main figure is nearly completed. They warn customers of the possible shrinking of the building just modern home. Indeed, the consequences could be disastrous : the walls are microcracks, nabuhayut floors due to high humidity, there is a problem with the ceiling, perekashivayutsya angles, etc.

Do the minimum possible losses. For the first time, better to avoid luxury, but this does not mean that you have to give up quality repairs. Use construction materials that are not afraid to shrinkage. For example, the walls of "Will" better screen-the wallpaper very dense, small cracks remain below them invisible. Kafel and tiles in a bathroom can potreskatsya, so better to replace panels. The ceiling fine fabric stretched ceiling. The walls and ceiling are tentatively strengthened with the help of a special grid. Floors are often resistant cover layer mixture, which is the vibration, and will not "walk" tiles. Parquet, which is rarely observed shrinkage, can be set on the floor of a new apartment.

Another laborious process, which holders in the newly constructed flats have to come to grips with is a redevelopment agreement. Many developers offer flat with the so-called individual planning. What does that mean? The apartment is a single space with no partitions and walls, with connections for electricity, water and communications in certain places. Rooms with is the number of windows. Thus, in their two-room apartment three : one in the kitchen and one in the room. And this plan is as studio apartments, with a corridor, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, as well as with all the walls and partitions. Without detailed plans with a clear plan for each apartment house just take. Any deviation from the drawings and the walls are not in the plan, such as merging the kitchen room or accession loggias, is considered a renovation, which should be coordinated with the appropriate authorities.

"Kompaniya-zastroyschik invited us to develop individual plans for BTI our flat before putting the house," says Anna Bogdanova, whose apartment in the newly emerged safely from three to AMthefurnitureintheirnewfive. "But this is a very decent money. So, we decided to collect authorization documents themselves. The process took about two years, and our family has become almost professionals in part SNiPov, dirt, drawings and other unknown simple car parts. For example, a room without windows, where we planned cabinet had known at that plan as "Gym" - that the draft was not. Such nuances arise constantly, and what we learned in practice by many long trips and seats in the various thresholds for instance ".

Detailed project proposed operation with all redevelopment (including, possibly, the finest details, which will be considered in the renovation) is before the momentous change in the flat. He was accompanied on the project design and wiring. For them a look at the professionals : the services of a design would cost an average of $ 30-50 per square. meter and the electric project from $ 800 and above. But all problems are under the supervision of the architect of copyright. The project could be completed and the most intensively reviewed building regulations and particularly given the notorious electricity cables and other communications.

With hands on the project, it must agree on various occasions to obtain permission to redevelop. Thus, in order to kvartira-novostroyka delighted patrons for a long time, it is necessary from the beginning to lay the foundations for a successful repair : take into account the possible shrinking of the building, planned alterations to agree, choose solid construction crew and patient. About how to avoid common mistakes during the immediate repair, we will explain our next material.

Author : Diana Sorokina
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