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The cost of repairing flat

The cost of future repairs, one of the major determining factors in its planning. Determine the cost of repairs to be difficult, as settlements, which must be taken into account when calculating, very much and there is a risk to miss anything. In this article we will try to provide you with a rough, but a simple assessment of the cost of repairs.

First, the need to clarify when assessing the cost of repair is the standard of upcoming repairs. It is clear that the cost of repairs "on the last word" will be much higher than the cost of repairs "huge way." If you decide not to update the wall, replaced linoleum and change whitewash wallpaper on the ceiling and want to make your home a model of perfect taste, a combination of beauty and convenience, comfort and practicality, items costing repair equipped.

So, if you have already decided that not just change wallpapers with rosettes at the wallpaper with tulips, and completely upgrading the style and design of its flat, the next thing you need to add to the cost of repairs, the price for services designer $ 10-40 dollars per square. meter. Designer prepare you Dizayn-proekt which will include the following sections :

  • The existing walls
  • Plan walls and the newly constructed walls
  • Plan furniture
  • Plan and the mine roof
  • The plan is a pattern of gender in relation to the type of floor covering
  • The electrical equipment :
  • - Lighting Plan
  • - Plan of electrical products
  • Scheme of sanitary appliances
  • Dissection of inner surfaces of the walls in the case of the individual elements of interior
  • All dimensional drawings of the interior
  • 3-D model interior
  • 3-D model interior of the premises
  • Statement finishing materials (tiles, wallpaper, cover on the floor, etc.)

Design simplify your life considerably.

Another item you want redounds to the cost of repair is a cost, that is, the money that you spend a construction company, which will implement your ideas and design. It must be said that the cost of repairs increases in the use of finishing accommodation exclusive copyright works (columns, architecture, arches, complex design performed on the individual drawings, paintings, etc.).

All necessary materials for the repair can be divided into two groups : the consumables (drafts materials) and finishing materials (blank material).

The consumables include : adhesives, putty, primer, dry mixes, nails, screws, pipes, valves, cables, automatic protection, etc. This is probably one of the most difficult to calculate the cost of repair items, since this includes a lot of small things, just count the number of which is simply impossible. So be ready for the supplies in the repair can be missed and dokupat they would have. The cost of supplies depends on the type and age remontiruemogo premises. In the old house with wooden bracing for the supplies you will need to spend $ 150-200 per square metre (because of the high fire danger and the need for better insulation wires), in old houses with steel and concrete floor $ 100-120 dollars per square. metre, the new panel, and solid brick houses about $ 100 per square metre per year. meter.

Finishing materials is something that will decorate their heart wall, floor and ceiling, and then what will the bulk of the cost of repairs. This, paint, stretched ceiling, decorative panels, decorative coating, wallpaper, parquet, linoleum, tile, laminate, min. Also within this group are bathroom, toilet, tub, sink, faucets, doors, electrical, switches, lamps, chandeliers and more.

Depending on the class of repairs, the cost of finishing materials are the following ranking :

The minimum cost of the repair is about $ 100 per square metre per year. meter. This means that you need to spend : on the door-no more than $ 150 each, for a bath about 300 dollars for toilet-$ 200 to $ 300-wash basin, the ceramic tile-$ 10, on wallpaper-$ 10 for a roll of electrical switches, and $ 5 per unit, parquet at no more than $ 15 per square. meter. Air conditioning for the money you can not buy.

Best value materials-$ 150 square meter. They are : door-$ 350 per unit, bath, $ 700, $ 400, toilet, wash basin, $ 400, tiles-$ 20 per square Meter, wallpaper-$ 30 for the roll, and the electrical switches - $ 12 each, parquet-$ 30 per square. metre air conditioner - $ 1,200.

Next standard price of raw materials is about $ 220 per square metre per year. meter. You either proportional increase in the cost of all materials, or most of the money spent on road vannu-dzhakuzi or shower cubicle. Just remember that all materials must approach each other at a price not buy expensive ceilings, and the maximum cost of wallpaper.

Further limits on the value of raw materials increased, depending on your ability.

In conclusion, the cost of repairs depends entirely on your desire, whimsical designer and your willingness to spend. Experienced staff of our company to give you a possible renovation projects, with a high degree of accuracy, calculate its value, which will not change significantly during the repairs.

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