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How to choose workers for repair

Выбор бригады для ремонта Quite often we hear and read about the problems associated with repair, as things difficult, almost tragic, at best, laughter through tears.

"You do repairs?" in the passenger jeepney, overheard our conversation with his wife, looking at us with pity and participation, almost as sick relatives, "but nothing will take place and this is important - not despair!

"Two repair equal one fire" - an ancient proverb says insightful colleague in the smoking and indulged in memories, "When last year I changed tiles in the bathroom ..."

I always hate to be in this situation. The rules require good form in response to portray the suffering of pokivat head povzdyhat : horror, the horror! " , but nothing of the sort, I do not. Repairs to me is just a routine action, unrelated to any special emotional or physical strain.

Sometimes I think people who vospronimayut activities with a fascinating mixture of excitement and hatred have some inclination to mazohizmu.

Repair, in my submission, it set a standard action generally resemble normal business, which launched the process of manufacturing the final product and the process are issues of recruitment (s), project financing and minimize costs. And so it is not only in the repair, as some originally catastrophic event, and the people who organize it, especially in the customer (property owner).

I am not the first repair, but this time the task was poslozhnee-repair "from scratch" chetyrehkomnatnuyu apartment in the newly total area of 170 squares.

The choice between working crews and construction firm was in favor of teams for a variety of reasons. Compared with a decent company is a good team at 40-50% less, mainly through lack of administrative personnel (usually allocated in the budget separately), nakrutok to "tools", "drafts Materials, quality and warranty. And yet : normal construction equipment company in relation to my request is a large corporation, and the team is a small company, almost a family absolutely (sometimes literally), and if these people properly motivated, they have to work and the employer will be thorough, almost gentle approach Unlike formal professional company.

And agree, in principle, if you want to make a relatively small consciousness, it is better to order specific artists who would only you, and not venture churning businesses.

Now on the masters. I must admit that, to some extent, of course, this lottery, even though you did not think, and the start was to be done, or at least looked previous work has received recommendations, etc. Personally, I think that is most important to these "ideas" are your personal impressions from the first contact with prospective employees. Talk to people on the souls (but without panibratstva, and God forbid, currying) listen to their life stories, their problems, plans, the condition of your possible cooperation, they must like you! Just like as decent and honest people with whom you are communicating. And I would not bother with people who you that is not glyanulis, although they all signs and excellent professionals. More trust your instincts.

I customary condition : all purchases raw materials allocated to the team. Once a week, on Sundays we meet at the site, show me your work. A cost estimate for next week on work and materials, I give money, a week get a report on the cost to annex cash and / or cash cheques.

Of course, you have to be very naive people to understand that the figures in the purchase receipt, may not coincide with the amount actually paid.

I am in a position to verify these checks and understand that about 5-7% of the cost of raw materials, I overpaying. I think this is a valid variance, given nerve and the time saved (by the way, the amount usually coincide with the prices in the markets and shopping complexes, or even slightly below, another thing that potorgovavshis can get some discount and that the adjustment, I think, building a "winning"). I think that is normal and acceptable.

I tried to motivate people, saying that if the results of our work, I love what they do, plus in the work they will tell me to better, easier, safer, beautiful will do a thing, what better use of materials for decoration, over and above the stipulated fees will be paid a certain amount more. This was accepted with pleasure and now in the last days of repairs, I can state that their advice and assistance could not have been appropriate (by the way, the amount of additional compensation, I did exception, it still stronger, "pushing" people, and the level of confidence we have enough to be sure that will not be offended).

You can have a lot to say about the characteristics and nuances of my personal experience, but the main conclusions I have made :

1. Repair itself can be frightening, unpleasant or take undue place in your life. In the past five months he held me 1-2 days a week (weekends acquisition of finishing trim.)

2. Ll be in good repair-choose to not just professionals, and good and honest people who have a lot in this business.

People should like!

3. With all due respect to the organization of construction equipment, a great many of them do not meet even the minimum requirements, the best of them are for the rich people who are willing to provide the company higher profit. The middle class is better suited good old masters team.

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