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Four ways to update the wall

Красим стены Decided to update the wall, get ready : you have to choose from a variety of offers available on the market. Here are a few design options walls, depending on destination facilities, the size and budget allocated for the repair.

It will aim to flokah, with special paint and plastic decorative coatings.


Flokovoe coverage is very decorative with a wide variety of forms and colors. Broken wire particles are mono, two with gunmen, pearlescent, bright, with a metallic shine as flakes, asterisks or straw.

The technology of this : first by covering the surface of the glue, and then using a special gun "nastrelivayut" floki and final veneer top are transparent varnish. The resulting coating has a high abrasion resistance and resistance to frequent washing.

Incidentally, the quality most essential to public spaces, not less attractive in the case of the kitchen, or perhaps the corridor.

For only a small area of the technology is too consuming. Therefore, to decorate the walls of apartments more suitable alternative. Acquired a special colourless varnish used to blend with flokami. The cooked mixture spify cause of pre-painted surface. So quickly and conveniently.

Paints with special effects

Such paints can be divided into two groups. One group paints with special properties. For example, to store and emit light in the darkness or alter the color saturation, depending on the angle and intensity of illumination. It also could include tile paint.

The second group paints with a special structure that allows for special tools.

First, using different colored inks do not mix with one another. And secondly, decorative effects occur as a result of spatula and rollers of various shapes forming on the surface of the original image.

Mosaic paint is a fine mist droplets, different colours of the base solution.

Paint can be out two or multikolornoy consisting of a few droplets of color. The mosaic of paint, in most cases, requires the air. In nabryzgivaniya droplets crashing against the wall, forming different-sized colored blotches. Reach the figure depending on the color of paint solutions mosaic resembles marble surface, grain granite or an invoice covering the cork. Often these colored paint surface reproduces the effect of velour or velvet.

It should be remembered that the choice of mosaic paint surface but careful preparation, you select the ground, coupled with the basic color of paint color mosaic.

Usually tile paint with a high resistance to abrasion and washing, which makes them suitable for use in areas of high road. However, more needs to carefully consider the mat mosaic paint. As for the overall properties mat paint stands less wear and is better used to paint the living room or bedroom.

Paints first group (with effect from the manufacturer) very faithfully reproduce invoice natural materials, and create optical illusions. Usually, the structure of paint particles are different nuances that make up a single tone. The chaotic distribution of dust particles on the surface and creates a unique color perception. For example, paint the sky with effect (recommended for discharge facilities with a large area, such as halls, lounges, shops). Dyed surface changes color depending on the angle of view and creates the illusion soft glow struyascheysya haze on the surface, curious and constantly changing.

Attention, shoppers! Chance of this effect : the impression made fully painted wall may vary significantly from the original, where a model showing a small stand, the selected colored paint.

Paints second group (in this case, all effects, cause your hands and fantasy), includes among its members a special supplement, co-drying. Special design-curly spatula, brushes, rollers lohmatye, suede, plastic sheeting and even paper waistcoat-will be original styles. Technology is : the colours and markings are completely dry surface layer of paint another color (coupled). Then on neprosohshemu colorful layer in different directions roll roller, coiled fabric patches. Even easier-to wet chemical surface waistcoat paper or huge suede. Figure comes from abrasion tool top layer of paint. But to get a picture "of wood fibers, requires craftsmanship. Install filling, similar to a razor machine requires precise movements of hands.

What can be difficult when using paint? Specialists recommend that cause the second layer of paint on a small area of about 1 square. m. After completing his handling color next square metre and so forth. With such technology or excessive keenness inattentiveness may lead to a job beads, ie, the border between the painted sections.

Decorative cover

This is often referred to as resistant to a lot of natural materials, lime, quartz sand, terracotta granules.

Coverage under the ancient "is a mixture consisting of mineral components.

With a spatula various forms prepared at the surface are resistant base layer, while the various movements of hands creating the necessary invoice.

The terrain surface can be quite varied, depending on the customer's aesthetic views and opportunities wizard. When completely dry base layer using brushes or sponges cause the finish layer. The effect of antiquities-toned wax, which is both a protective and dekoriruyuschim element cover. In other cases may surface staining finished vodno-dispersionnymi varnish or paint.

The diversity of materials in this area plays "old" very different nature, such as imitation grossly cool plaster walls of houses Mediterranean. And sometimes frozen "simplify" and "creases" reminiscent safyanovye binders old foliantov or folding patterns heavy fine.

The undeniable advantage of this decorative cover - minimal surface preparation and a large selection of materials, ranging from elite proposals to affordable options.

"Liquid wallpaper"

In appearance and technology of liquid wallpaper can be attributed to the decorative coatings. Yet this mixture on the basis of cotton fibers, raspushennoy pulp and other ingredients is an outlier in several decorative materials. Incidentally, useful if decorative supplements in the form of colorful chips or fibers are sold separately and randomly added to the mixture. Result efffektnym get more than the material is mixed with decorative elements. Dry mixture of water and divorces easily be affixed to the wall with brushes, roller or spatula. The plant is ready for a warm and pleasant to the eye and touch.

The only significant disadvantage of rabies-cleared by dyeing cover colourless varnish or paint.

Consumers noted the ease rebuild damaged in the coating (not painted). You have been moistened with warm water, removal sharp knife, and then cause a new cover. The material does not require thorough preparation surfaces and hides minor surface defects.

Note : The ecology of the material is little doubt. But as the preparatory layer under the "liquid wallpaper" recommended wash or oil alkyd paint (based on organic solvents). While the products of well-known foreign producers-safe material for health, the use of a large volume of alkyd primer or paint can confuse those few consumers who are environmentally sound, the main criterion in the selection of material.

Price issue

Floki (basis floki, varnish) : 140 rub./m2.
Paints with special effects (soil, paint) : 220 rub./m2.
Decorative covering "in old (plastic base, finishing layer) : 125 rub./m2.
"Liquid wallpaper" (ground, "wallpaper, painting) : 70 rub/m2.
(The average cost per square metre of the value of all consumables.)

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The author of the article : Tatiana Shcherbakova

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