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As wallpaper glue

To stick wallpaper used specialized adhesive formulations. Hanging glue, along with high adhesive properties, must have a certain level of humidity, effectively develop and mould fungi (antifungal properties), not to leave stains on the wallpaper, and finally, and not easily razmeshivatsya form komkov.Dlya sticking heavy wallpaper (steklooboi, textiles, and vinyl wallpaper flizelinovye) should use adhesives specifically designed for this.

Making glue (in accordance with the instructions) usually is simple. To prevent drying education, water containers (buckets) to "roll out" wand to education stable craters, in which a thin trickle emptying the contents of the package. The liquid in the bucket to continuously mix until dissolved glue.

Before sticking wallpaper the entire surface of the walls gruntuetsya glue diluted with clean water at 20-30%. The vast majority of glue applied to the back side of wallpaper, but some types of wallpaper (eg flizelinovye) provide adhesive directly on the wall that necessarily indicated in the instructions for use.

Before work on the wall (with the help plumb) extreme vertical line, providing orientation for the first bonded sheets. Modern wallpaper kleyatsya only back, and the installation sequence of pictures (on the door or window of the door and the windows) has no meaning.

Wallpapers cut into pieces with some rough (50-70 mm) in length. In carrying out this operation must take into account the Rapport (repetition frequency) design, which requires a careful selection of neighbouring polotnisch height to match the figure. Some Thoughts (odnotonnye, wallpaper by painting with a smooth surface, etc.) do not have Danish design that virtually eliminates waste and significantly enhanced the work with them.

The flip side of wallpaper covered with glue (using paint roller), slices up half (glue inside), and kept in that condition for the time specified on the package (usually 3-7 minutes). Not withstanding this time to the nearest second, they are "perederzhivat" is not desirable. It focuses on cheap paper wallpaper, which can razbuhnut to such an extent that it will spill over into their hands.

Propitavshiesya wallpaper glue stacked on the wall, wrinkles and bubbles handles stiff brush. Use of this rag is not recommended because in certain types of wallpaper, mostly paper-paint can razmazatsya. Nakleivaya paper wallpaper, you should be taken to ensure that glue is not vydavlivalsya of joints. From the vinyl wallpaper glue can be removed with damp cloth, it is virtually impossible painted, and work with them better.

As pieces cut from stock in length, followed by sticking to the ceiling and mouldings oversupply material. The surplus sharp knife to cut a metal bar. Toope sminaet knife and tears the paper, and the blade should be changed frequently.

The lower edge stuck sheets trimmed so that it slightly (4-6 mm) in a horizontal shelf zagibalsya mouldings.

Quite often have trouble sticking to the surface kerb vinyl wallpaper. Even the use of specialized border adhesive does not provide an acceptable result : through a short time frame otkleivatsya starts, and sometimes falling. Only sticking 190õ190õ190 tape directly on the wall guarantees a multi-service wallpaper, the decorative element.

Technology sticking kerb as follows. The entire perimeter of the room at the desired height ranges horizontal line. The top label (on kerb) of the wallpaper, the lower edge of which caused the line to be trimmed with a sharp knife and a metal ruler. Swiss pre-impregnated with glue, glued to the back edge of wallpaper, with the lower edge (15-20 mm) is not pressed to the wall. Sheets of wallpaper start with the bottom of the kerb and cut its bottom edge. Cut stripes removed before kerb finally attach to the wall. This requires a great deal of attention and care, but provides an ideal (and lasting) compounds 190õ190õ190 tape wallpaper.

Labelling paper kerb on top of paper wallpaper no difficulty, as a rule, it is but a less well. It also recommended a technology described above.

And finally, short of the wall by painting with at flizelinovoy basis.

1. Apply adhesive to the wall.
2. Placing sheet of wallpaper.
3. Pridavlivaem roller.
4. SB3 ceasing filling and a knife.
5. Follow sheets nakleivaem back.
6. Places impose sharp knife cutting.
7. Apply paint roller coating.
8. In the future, if necessary, remove wallpaper dry without distraction.

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