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How to choose the glue to wallpaper

Клей для обоев Glue-sticky to solidify a tight connection, bonding part.

Start on time

The choice of adhesive with a choice of the material to be glued. Often you can buy glue of the same brand as the finishing material (for example, some manufacturers of wallpaper adhesives produce the same marks as wallpaper).

Getting Started

  • It is necessary to define : what kind of glue with the work of a particular material;
  • adequately prepare the surface, which will determine the strength of the follow-compounds;
  • carefully read the instructions on the use of glue.

All types of adhesives are produced :

  • as a dry mixture, which is being developed water in the proportion of the package;
  • ready-to-eat.

It is important to know what

The main characteristics of adhesives are :

  • adhesive ability (adhesion);
  • security;

There are universal adhesives, which can be used for bonding various coatings (such as ceiling panels and tiles). Using a special glue for the various types of work to ensure the desired outcome than the universal glue.

What is the price

The availability of different fillers that provide certain quality (color, the level of adhesion, frost, etc.) - the more useful quality, the more expensive glue.

Glue domestic producers usually cheaper imports.

It should not be

Given the relative low cost of fish in the total value of maintenance, cladding, stowage, cheap brands inefficiency.

The package should include a list of requisites.

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