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Wallpaper glue

Клеим обои So, you have to look at the diversity of wallpaper, determined to what kind of wallpaper you, and want to shop for their purchases. During razdumyvaniya, pick a color and image carefully read labels, which should be under the film package. These signs nezateylivye help find more information about the product : Water, resistance to light and wear resistance. Their closer examination much easier for you to do.

In calculating the number of rolls must take into account the height of manuals (figure), than it is, the more and wastes, and thus will buy more rolls. The arrows highlight the pattern of polotnisch against each other, but a combination of arrows and zero points to the possibility of any location. It also provides information on how to be removed wallpaper : dry or pre-need wet water.

The "line material" suggests that there is material that is suitable for color and design to the wall. Also note the number of wallpaper. All the rolls should be the same, or may be variations in color.

For smaller spaces suitable bright wallpaper with a small figure, they are recommended for dark rooms. A room with windows on the south side to okleit svetostoykimi wallpaper saturated color.

A large room would be appropriate wallpaper with rich colors and a large pattern. Wallpapers with a vertical figure-friendly "to raise the ceiling in the low space and romboobrazny sur help" expand "space.

The next step after choosing wallpaper is counting the number of rolls. The width of 0.53 cm and the length of 10.05 square standard roll of a little more than 5 square. m.

As we reflect on the improvement and count the cost of materials and work, everyone decides for itself : to repair itself or rely on professionals. Again, well, if there are skills and abilities to the case, but if they are not, or would apply to masters, or learn a craft Even though only for the repair of his flat.

If you opted for the second option, we offer a theoretical support and tips. Self without much difficulty can only corrugated wallpaper glue. Follow painting hides small errors made in the process of working with them. And after the second or third dyeing not be visible and larger gaps. Wallpaper patterned require more attention and care. They should affix polotnische for polotnischem without gaps, combining drawing.

From time to time, looking at his work from a distance of up well and there are inaccuracies in time to correct mistakes.

It is very seriously sliced patterned wallpaper. Wall raskatyvayut on the table face-up. Before cutting align Rapport at the edges together polotnisch. To prevent any confusion, on the back of them can be numbered in pencil. Mark prepared in advance to the powder has been a completely dissolved and no fat. Tolstoy layer of skin to mid-sheets and then spread to the edges. Fold sheets so that the mark would not fall on the front side and leave for a few minutes.

Override wallpaper glued in sequence so that the welding seams were sent to the light, and that has been seen edge seams. Start right or left of the window, "way" to the opposite wall and then start okleivat second part of the wall of windows. At least okleivayut a wall of windows and below it.

While sticking polotnisch take account of the fact that next polotnische completely cut edge of the previous one.

Wallpaper glue back much easier, because their edges processed in the factory completely smooth. District Leaves densely then to have stuck on the previous and align in a way that is fully consistent picture. Once you are labelled polotnische throughout the length and from the mid-razgladili Hanging broom handle to seam. Gladkikh or grooved roller "proutyuzhte" edge sheets, gradually increasing pressure. The modern "foam" wallpaper need to work carefully to avoid damaging the image. He was outside of the mark immediately clean damp cloth. The next difficult step is gently apply wallpaper around switches and outlets. You can apply wallpaper around the joints, tentatively in the right place to make an incision crosswise diagonally from the middle. They shall be less than the switch. Some rasslabte screws Holster switch or outlet. Surplus wallpaper paste with holster, carefully push Hanging brush or roller for beads, and then build strength in the original position. Previously necessarily shut down electricity in the apartment.

To seal windows slopes right or left of your plate to make wallpaper so that the portion equal to the depth of slope, moves to the window aperture. Nadrezhte line along the top jumpers, and he and some concealed on the back slope. A similar operation was carried out and on the opposite side.

The harvesting of desired length okleivayut wall of the window opening, he of turning inward. Small patches in the corners of the remaining open okleivayut appropriate size and design pieces of wallpaper. He striped wallpaper core Leaves are turning inward and to further promazyvayut glue.

The corners of the room have wallpaper so that the edge of 3 cm width went to another wall. When entering the province more than 10 cm, the speaker of cutting up to 3 cm, are turning to the next wall thickness and its new polotnische. Leaving downturn greater breadth, the wall roughness because it can be tightly press.

Polotnische acting on the edge of the wall should carefully tear, in this case, otherwise would not drastically cut the cut-off.

The hole on the serving of wallpaper a cat with an interval of 10 cm help avoid tension lines.

If you need okleit niches or arches, place sheets of wallpaper so that the province stood for openings at 2.5 cm pencil and mark the line. Then he nadrezhte at a distance of 2.5 cm and concealed inside, after which Hanging brush gently attach to the slope arches and glue. The interior of the niche okleivaetsya strip of wallpaper needed width. To avoid quick drying and education droplets mark prepare more dense than usual.

During this work should take account of Rapport, it should coincide with neighbouring sheets of wallpaper. A small tip : Try to choose wallpaper with a small height manuals, which would allow you to paint arches and niches.

There is another small trick to help wallpaper paste for the radiator. One or two sheets (as needed) glued to the wall to the top of the battery, and the remainder of yarn length in several places. Each strip runs for the heater and stuck.

These little tips will help you pokleit wallpaper in the apartment, without the help of a professional, which is not easy to find. In fact, the so-called reasonable prices can offer only employees who are not always professional work. And in the case of deficient work you have to complain about their choice of masters. Furthermore, knowing how to be the final result, you can actually monitor the order or practice and do all my own hands.

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The author : Julia Ivanchenko