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Wallpapers with paint

People have always sought to beautify the walls of their homes. Could he leave them unattended, without apply their creative efforts.

The Stone Age people diligently razrisovyvali sets caves, in the Middle Ages painstakingly weaving tapestries, the Baroque era obtyagivali expensive silk wall. The technology involved storylines of pottery or images. Odnotonnymi wall could not be. Nevertheless, it is not always as rights to the surrounding his plane was attended harmony. A century ago, aesthete Oscar Wilde brought to despair uzorchikami on their wall to exclaim something like : "These wallpapers dokonayut me! Some of us have to go! " If everything was so easy and fast!

Only in the age of art deco people started to rethink the color of walls and carvings. In 1925 at the exhibition Le Corbusier public to see for the first time completely white room. The artists offered Bauhausa functionality as a new approach to solving interior styling. Bright, bright and easy wall became a symbol of the changed attitude to housing.

In Russia it was particularly relevant to the consumer ROMs Wall : they often can be found in offices. However, the most expensive and elegant Moscow apartments (they usually monitor in glossy magazines) wall and painted vydelany perfectly clean, juicy paint. This clearly indicates good taste and the willingness of the landlord to some victims of physical and temporal order. Prepare the wall under the painting, making them ideal straight is why only a world-class driver; Plus, it is slightly longer than pokleit wallpaper : fillers made in several stages. The result, however, live up to expectations.

The decoration of offices, which usually produced in the shortest possible time, the difficult technology replaced by other more sophisticated. Office space, and include long corridors, and spacious conference rooms, and close jobs, require special attention to the walls. If homes can veil carpets or paintings, the offices are usually empty (printed on the printer ads and slogans are not in balance). That sort uniformity and monotony invoices are nowhere : climate should set at productive work, and not remind the hospital room. At the same time, any interior agencies must meet health, fire and other standards. These requirements and resulted in Russian business are the most widely used special wallpaper, which, after sticking being painted. On the one hand, staining can "play" color, on the other hand, you can select different invoices wallpaper, and finally, the technology much easier. The popular way of finishing we decided to examine in detail the case of the sale of material already known or even maloznakomyh.


Textures Covering

The massive use found in Russia steklovoloknistye wallpaper. A few years ago, when Moscow office boom began, the technology brought to our foreign construction firms. Then steklooboi appeared in all stores and building materials are now in their standard range.

In Scandinavian countries steklooboi widely used in private homes, but Russia is a "public" image of the material o, so it is difficult to expect them to enter into private housing.

The raw material for Covering a special glass, which at the temperature of 1200 ° C, pulled out threads, it is just as much in the thick fiber and processed in a particular tissue. Fiberglass is off, so the material is non-flammable and bad depending on the adhesive and paint. Steklooboi resistant to the microorganism, neutral on chemicals, it is not terrible water and smoke. The strength of the fabric is so high that can close small cracks in plaster.

Glass fiber adds stiffness light coating sensitive to shocks and aftershocks, like slabs of plasterboard or hard foam. The surface after causing Covering is not strong and flaking, it is vkruchivat driving screws and nails.

Most important factor hygienic and environmental Covering. The steklopryazhi is only natural raw materials : silica sand, soda, lime and dolomite-no toxic components. A perfect breeding ground for microorganisms and parasites (such as mites, bedbugs). Electrostatic charge is generated. Open hinge structure to natural fabrics vapor diffusion. Thus, eliminated most frequent cause allergies in humans.

Steklooboi supplied in rolls of up to 50 m and a width of 1m. User offer different fibrous structures and designs. In choosing guided rule : the smaller the space, the thinner figure and Bill wallpaper. With Covering problem can be solved unification of the old fixtures in the buildings where repairs were carried out repeatedly, and in one room could meet Wall of different materials : bricks, plasterboard, DSP, etc. After Set wallpaper and paint all the differences through ustranyatsya, cracks disappear. Even more important, what steklooboyami convenient obkleivat doors, doors, built-in cabinets and other furniture, it can be used in the renovation of the apartment, and the testimony.

Machinery sticking

Basis for steklovoloknistyh wallpaper must be pre-processed and make it clean, smooth, firm and fit as glue. Wallpapers well cut through a model of scissors and a knife. Always left rough 5-10 see Special glue to put directly on the glass wall with roller. The heavily contaminated surface Tissue glue, diluted with water. For once applied glue to one sheets. Immediately adhesive fit polotnische wallpaper and razglazhivaetsya soft roller.

It is important not to damage the edge of the fabric. If this happens, it should be cut with a knife edge on the line. Kleyatsya cover sheets which should match the structural pattern in the surrounding leaves.

After stickers on the surface Covering caused glue diluted with water to continue to bear paint. When the glue dry, can cause any paint on the walls. This may be the emulsion paint with a mat and shelkovisto-matovoy surface (resistant to abrasion and washing) or acrylic paint, forming a brilliant, solid surface abrasion. You can use latex paint and polyurethane laki-kraski. Paint, of course, is rolled.

Choosing colors is the "designer" item in the form of decoration. Often in the same room wall paint in various colors, or causing to a one-surface high simple drawing.

Steklooboi withstand repeated painting that is convenient. However, the structure and thinner than smaller figure, the sooner it "moderate" by several layers of paint. Thick same cloth retain its structure

According to stroiteley-otdelochnikov, a hindrance to the work of steklooboyami arise in the process of cutting in the lane. The reason for this is that even very high quality fiber cutting kroshitsya on tiny pieces. Therefore it is necessary to observe the following safety rules :

  • before painting with wallpaper to wearing long sleeves and gloves;
  • after the wall space to clean the air with the water filter to remove small particles of glass and prevent them in the body.

The trouble can be avoided even at the stage of selecting Covering. Naturally, the recommendation is age-old : not to save and choose the cheapest products. The experts tell us when deploying roll of cheap wallpaper, fabrics can immediately rastreskatsya and away. This means that the production technology is not conditioned. Wall plastichny not, as they must be.

Terrain and print wallpaper

It is a raw material in the paper wallpaper used by the painting. With its low price, the material is becoming more and more widespread, but only in private apartments.

Textures press paper wallpaper

Invoice wallpaper offers several types, with different properties.

An easy and inexpensive option is wallpaper brand Rauhfaser (raufazer "). They are made of recycled paper and sawdust, evenly distributed between two layers of paper, ensuring invoice Flesh Depending on the size and number of sawdust, wallpaper differ more or less salience. This type of wallpaper ekologichen, especially since the company producers, be Rasch or Erfurt, labelled their products special sign-environmental "Blue Angel", which is awarded for recycling paper and contribute to environmental protection. Importantly, however, that major suppliers, such as Erfurt, manufactures wallpaper in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, which guarantees at all stages of production and marketing of international qualifications.

Glued back wallpaper, a normal heavy wallpaper glue (such as "Time"). The relief wallpaper can also remove small humps and hide cracks. Sleek wool joints polotnisch only a soft brush, a state never hard roller, or upset dimensional texture.

After draining Rauhfaser cover emulsion paint. Apart from the traditional colour ROMs, you can use many "special" : transferred to the wall using a template kerbs, silk sponges, cloth, etc. Erfurt Company produces a special booklet "Stories of rural life, where transparent paper printed line drawings in the style of" Country ". The format images corresponding to the size of a film, and their stories are linked, so that they can be combined. You paste the image into a frame to slide, turn into a projector and manipulating images on a wall projector, you want your zoom, and then directly from the rim of soft pencil on the wall. You can then proceed to the artistic paintings. I believe this process can obscure aesthetic all the unpleasant aspects of the repair.

Today, the company offers special Erfurt workers repair wallpaper Rauhfaser Color, a pre-painted in pastel shades. There are nine attractive colours, and these are exactly the same wallpaper is painted. Of course, the creative process is minimized, but significantly save time.

In addition, there are Rauhfaser wallpaper with a stiff structure. All suppliers to be different : the Erfurt - Novaboss, the Rasch-Practica. The embossed wallpaper consisting of several layers of paper. Upper layer structured method of engraving, and the diversity of textures far more than in the application of chips, as Rauhfaser. It is a traditional wallpaper "gunny", "silk", "network", "query", "nabryzg" and the like. Technology can produce embossed wallpaper with any ornaments, from the Baroque to the abstract. Wall made of especially heavy fibrous paper, colouring material remains after the air. Wallpapers are glossy shine and white surface. Recent press types of wallpaper are on the back of the additional layer of paper, which attaches great stiffness picture will be better interaction with glue, which is applied to the wall in case of need can be removed wallpaper from the wall "dry", leaving the lower layer of paper as a substrate on the wall.

Using paper wallpaper easy, unlike conventional wallpapers that glue painted on the wall. The key point to keep in mind when working with paper wallpaper, is that despite the assurances of manufacturers formoustoychivosti wallpaper, paper, in contact with the wet glue absorbs water and razbuhaet. The spread of wallpaper relapses occur in the interface after drying. Someone coming out of the situation by filling (still above will paint), and another in other ways. But we encourage you to be especially careful and use of multiple opportunities, dense wallpaper.

Wallpapers by netkannogo Leaves

The most interesting type of wallpaper by painting wallpaper-based fabric. This is the automated way to finish, which mimics dry plaster. - Non-woven polypropylene material from cellulose, a few similar to fiberglass, but with a much more subtle structure. At the touch he recalled the fine layer syntepon. When wet this material is not any stretching or shrinking, which, of course, makes it hard to substitute. The basis of this material is fiberglass, it is made from the pulp and textile fibers with plastic cement. The surcharge applied foam layer of pulp, it is desired texture.

Different manufacturers of the polymer used in wallpaper, varies, but the number of polymer additives so low that products are certified by European standards, and have nothing to worry environmentalists. In addition, polymer additives is necessary to maintain formoustoychivosti, so a clean cellulose wallpaper lose on technical performance by using polymers.

Each vendor has its own brand name only a few : Erfurt-Vliesfaser, Mohr- Profideco, Marburg - Patent, Decor-fries. These wallpapers, through their formo-ustoychivosti can glue not only vertically but also horizontally. For example, Decor-fries is a special system ready Friesians (shop), which glued to the wall along the boards. By combining Friesians with a vertical wall Textured wallpaper, can be an exceptional effect. Finishing is very rich, although the technology is simple and does not take much time.

These wallpapers include "opening in 1997, finishing in the Moscow market. Flizelinovye wallpaper successfully replaced the glass, where not required relative longevity and durability, such as low-cost and low-density 'offices. Wall Profideco or Patent were cheaper, and work with them - faster and nicer than the fiberglass. At the same time, the most formo-ustoychivye wallpapers from all produced from cellulose. Another advantage flizelinovyh wallpaper-to eliminate them from the walls if necessary. These wallpapers removed the traditional way - otmachivaniem, stripping, etc. While steklooboi withdraw from the wall almost impossible, they have shpaklevat (to equalize the wall) or removed by spatula and tremendous effort.

Flizelinovye wallpaper kleyatsya at all plaster, porous concrete, gypsum board, paper, wood panels and DSP. Since tkan-osnova quite easy, it is recommended that cause paint more carefully.

Otdelochniki applied interesting reception prior dye substrate. The painted surface paint a dark, saturated colors and have it plastered wall. The basis of transparency produced original decision : ottenennaya basis and white image (foam pulp).

So, wallpaper based on non-woven fibers can be described as a leader of the "Woman" in the way of decoration. This type of painted wallpaper has all the qualities Present other wallpaper : the diversity of textures, the relative low cost, environmentally friendly, easy to dressers, manufacturability and high speed processing facilities, ease of use and universality.

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