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Ремонт стен    Как избежать проблем при поклейке обоев repair walls How to avoid problems when pokleyke wallpaper
обои проблемы

How to avoid problems when pokleyke wallpaper : 8 ways to make friends with Rulon Oboevym

Обои Rarely do not grieved unexpected "bubbles" on the walls, for no apparent reason razoshedshiesya beads, prostupivshie dliness where stains. It was not important who affixed wallpaper : You are employed by or for cheap shabashniki. To avoid such a frustrating listen to the simple tips мастеров-профессионалов.

1. Affixed like wallpaper carefully, and went socket joints.

Reason : not reached "vertical" rule.

How to avoid : the first strip of wallpaper glue must be strictly on a plumb-line, which is suitable for any line with the weight on the bottom.

2. Wall prilipli fast, but features : writ large base, hooks and holes in the wall.

Reason : lack of attention to "skin" of the wall. And it is cellulite!

How to avoid : to paint the walls uneven consistently require : 1) alignment, 2) cut ends of paper, 3) ogruntovki Hanging glue, slightly diluted with water.

3. Wall departed from the damp walls.

The reason : it is wet wall!

How to avoid : the wall surface must be dry to absorb moisture contained in Hanging glue. Crude wall, of course, will not be able to do so. To check for damp fix scotch on the surface of the wall rectangle cellophane and leaving at night. If a wet morning, then dry wall requires additional space and ventilation.

4. Wallpapers away entirely, or at odds seams.

The reason : the wall surface dirty.

How to avoid : Check wall strength. The wallpaper is the tension they first increased in size due to moisture and drying to seek "szhatsya" to return to the old format. The surface leads to a guilty detached wallpaper. To check the glue to the wall of tape and immediately otdernite. If the adhesive surface in the whole grains or exfoliating paint, chemicals, necessarily otskrebite all away and zashkurte follow primer.

5. The fashionable silver wallpaper suddenly prostupili sero-korichnevye spots.

Reason : iron components pattern (silver or gold) okislilis "alkaline" on the wall. This defect occurs only in new buildings with concrete walls often elevated alkaline reaction.

How to avoid : okleivaemaya surface should have a neutral reaction. Check your wall with an ordinary linchpin if the mere drop of water leave stains, the reaction is neutral. In another reaction to renounce the "silver" or "gold" wallpaper of their paint can oxidize.

6. A bright wallpaper prosvechivayut some dark spots.

Reason : varied colors wall surface. Most prosvechivayut stains from tile outlets or at the seams regipse.

How to avoid : a look at the wallpapers available. If they are very thin, nearly transparent veins, the most to ensure that the wall was ROMs. But on the face and pryschiki we carefully disguised, but only after giving the overall tone! Wall as a sunset one layer of water-colours.

7. Blitzkrieg wallpaper entirely vspuchilis!

Reason : poteki stone, sitting on the surface of some concrete panels will not absorb moisture, so water from the adhesive does not lie in the wall, but rather emerges through the surface of wallpaper. This deficiency is found exclusively in new.

How to avoid : Check the wall surface to absorb moisture, smochiv its water. If the drops are, it soshlifovat top layer of the wall.

8. The new wallpaper flourish mould.

Reason : from the wall should not be removed fungal education.

How to avoid : to paint the walls thoroughly cleansed, dark spots soshlifovat, all special antibacterial process control (fungicides) and dried. If wallpaper pokleeny recently, it is imperative that the individual bands (usually in the corners), side handle and dried, then glue the new wallpaper. The "Fungi" sold in all major construction shops. For Wall fungicides same as a cure for skin, and strictly follow instructions. It is almost like a recipe!

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The author : Nina Dozhdeva

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