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Evrovagonka : Classification, Selection, Price.

Evrovagonka is an environmentally friendly material with excellent sound and heat insulation properties. She estetichna and easily treated. Inside, leather wooden decoration, a special microclimate. Indeed, a tree absorbs excess moisture from the air when it is wet, and moisture is that when the air inside dry.

Obshivochnuyu decoration is a board made of wood mass. She has beautiful natural wood construction. Before and after the installation can be processed antiseptiruyuschimi and firefighting train, covered with paint, lacquer, morilkami. Вагонка

On a typical home decoration evrodoski differ slightly different compounds () and processing technology (by European standards). This allows to change the width of the board by the humidity and in the process of finishing that the emergence of gaps and denser elements fit plating, as well as carefully aligned wall. The back of the board sampled (cut slots) : when the decoration will be condensed, then through ducts easily retire.

Evrovagonka focus on the most stringent conditions, even when under the influence of moisture width of the board is changing, it does not affect the quality and reliability of the shell of a clearly accurate profile. Her small width prevents bow material gets wet, provide less distortion, more dense and plate presentation. A large wall decoration excludes drench it under any conditions and allows for both external and internal to the shell.


Texture and depends on the quality of wood timbers, the age composition of the soil and climatic conditions of the place. Evrovagonka made of wood coniferous (spruce, pine, cedar, larch), and used to finish any premises except premises with a high moisture content. There evrovagonka of alder, oak, beech, ash, lime, red and other wood good for exterior decoration, as well as bath and sauna.

The baths or saunas are often used evrovagonka made of hardwood (aspen, lime, etc.). Evrovagonka of lime and aspen has decreased density, and the lower the density, the less heated wood. In addition, evrovagonka of hardwood trees has not pitch.

The new beams and evrovagonki producers choose sites between crust and core, in this part of the trunk, usually wood better. However, many cities saunas believe that the light smell of lime and aspen creates a unique atmosphere and enhances healing impact procedures sauna. Древесина

Products made of oak are also popular. This type of wood is strong and resistant to decay. Slick interesting texture and color, ease of handling, more obvious pluses. Ash has burovato-zhelty color, it is firm and viscous wood. It is difficult to be treated, but easily gnetsya fallow. Ash dried little fractures, but is prone to rot. Under the title of the different species of tropical trees in the same color and similar wood structure. The wood is soft, easily, resistant to atmospheric effects and, in time, little deformed. Price and grade mahogany define beauty painting and fibers (smooth, striped, patterned, fireworks and other okrasov), and not the place of occurrence.

The screens

Standard sizes evrovagonki are : thickness of 13, 16, 19 mm; Width-80, 100, 110 and 120 mm; Length of 50 cm to 6 meters. The standards decoration thickness of 18.5 to 22.5 mm is used for the outside of buildings (with the important process of its protective), a thickness ranging from 12.5 to 16 mm in inner shell space.


Classification decoration is its division into classes and four classes in a wood :, and. first-class, second-class, third-class.

Must be pointed out that all the classes are the same technological cycle : constructed from one party forest, a dry bed and a humidity made the same machine. Order is at the stage already finished. The criteria for grading are defective wood and defects appeared in the production process. The reason for classifying products to a class of a sort.

Evrovagonka class very attractive price, but with the greatest number of defects, the board is flanked by each other, and the fallout may hit knots and holes.

The class may be small quantity of dark, black and tobacco captive knots diameter up to 10 mm. Boards are adjacent to each other enough and well dried.

Class allows a small amount of light sroschennyh knots diameter of 3 mm. Their number must not exceed 1-2 pc. odnometrovom at any station.

In the classroom completely excluded any knots and defects. The class products should not be at the heart of any defects in the full length articles on its front side and edges.


The price of battens depends on many parameters : the rock and grade of wood, thickness reference board, as drying material, equipment used in the manufacturing process and the length pogonazha decoration.

Experts identify products on the market price of three major categories : high, medium and low.

High-u.e./m2 of 15 and above. The price of this category of high quality decoration, made of high-value commodities, or from coniferous softwoods wood (such as lime), processed on 914mm (,).

Middle-aged 9 to 12 u.e./m2. Вагонка average price category is usually wood, grade which shall not be less than or pogonazh higher class.

Low-3,5-7 u.e./m2. This category includes products from coniferous wood-class quality.

Recommendations for decoration

Рекомендации по отделке

The finishing facilities board can have both vertically and horizontally. Otdelyvat horizontal boards to high offices, as they reduce the visual height and vertical, on the contrary, increase. Boards can be screwed directly to the wall if she wooden and flat. In other cases, first attach to the wall tents (crate) and already pribivayut boards (battens). If boards are vertically, the horizontal wall obivayut rods every 0,5-1 m when horizontal, the vertical rods located. It must be remembered that all the board must be in the same plane, that is, pribivaya pole must be that they were parallel and form one plane (vertical wall-to-ceiling level that is checked by the level and plumb). The same applies to the sloping wall (surface).

After manufacturing glass to begin upholstery. Start at the corner-and forward-board over the board. Waging recommended special nails with small cap, and make better use of a special bracket for mounting, but on the surface of the wall will not be seen any nail and get a really nice surface.

Then, should permeate the surface of the protective cover and varnish.

Completed a decorative skin will bar, which closes edge screens. For these purposes, you must choose homogeneous material invoices.


To calculate how much one package covers one square meters, have a working width of the board (without connecting ridges) multiplied by the length of decoration and multiply by the number of pieces in the package. For example : 0,088 m2h3, 0 m2h10 pc = 2.64 m2. The one package that covers evrovagonki 2.64 meter wall. But when buying panels should take into account the height and length of the wall. For ceilings 2.7 m vertical installation you can choose battens slightly lesser length (top and bottom off the bar and decorative mouldings respectively).

After buying evrovagonki otlezhatsya give it at least five days in a room where you will mount it, or continue to be hauling.

Author : Valery Boiko
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