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Ремонт стен    Строим стены внутри квартиры repair walls, constructing the wall inside the flat
теплые стены шумоизоляция стен гипсокартон перегородки теплоизоляция отделка стен

Building a wall inside the apartment

Стены внутри квартиры Everyone had intended to repair the flat at least once wondered : Do not break me this wall, and I did not move this wall on the right and two metres at an angle of 45?

The various construction standards and harmonization, I will not address here, since this topic is not for the article, but for the whole book, but let us assume that all cherished paper signed and sealed in your pocket, all affecting your flight of fancy wall demolished and left only to begin construction of new ones.

The first thing to understand what you need from your walls.

Would it simply be a partition that separates one room from another, or something more. Do you heat and sound insulation or not, whether in your walls and arched niche aperture. Or maybe you put a sliding door and want to run into a wall or do not represent their lives without regular exercise, but do not know whether to consolidate or Turnick Swedish side of your new wall or not. And so on ...

Hot Wall

Thermal insulation of walls pressing for those who live in apartments corner where two walls of the room are outdoors, or in the event of any defects facade, because in a normal house, which was built in compliance with all building codes and without disabilities technology, such problems should not.

So, the heat should obviously only the outer wall. The heater commonly used glass, mineral wool or polystyrene foam. The heater cover gypsum sheets contained in the frame of one or two layers. Mineral wool and wool have approximately the same conductive properties.

There is a bias against the glass and mineral wool as unhealthy, but it's not. In fact harmful to breathe fine, in the form of dust present in the air in the installation and mineral wool. Therefore, when working with them must use breathing. After the heater rose plasterboard, it is no longer a threat, moreover, it is non-flammable material. The best-known brands in the Moscow market for construction insulation from the glass and mineral wool are ISOVER, ROCKWOOL, URSA.

Dairy is more effective anyway, as has a lower thermal conductivity. The disadvantages include styrofoam higher than the mineral and glass wool price, and that it is moderately combustible material. The styrofoam insulation walls to use the stamps to add antipirena substances reduce its flammability.

Still wall

If you want peace and tranquility, but funny neighbours suit each day party, or you have a desire to establish a home theater in the living room and in an adjoining room is child, you just need sound walls. In principle, materials and technologies used in the Sound, very similar to insulation, but there are some differences. The soundproofing walls and partitions using a combination of materials of different densities. For example, the mineral and glass-like material with a low density and an ornamental plate on the frame is reinforced gypsum sheets and gipsovolokonnye, with a higher density. There are other, including specialized, soundproofing and absorbent materials, but their major shortcoming is a very high price.

Keep in mind that with heat, and with the acoustic you have to sacrifice Square apartments, as well as the thickness of walls grow by at least 6 cm.

All this on acoustic fair to any of the walls, which are now abandoned.

Types walls

The cost of gypsum and gipsovolokonnyh sheets, I have considered, I would add only that they are useful for a curvilinear surfaces, different niches, columns, arches, etc. The important point is that they are fast to install and do not require plastering. Inside these walls is able to electrical, telephone and internet-provodku, overhead cables.

The drawback of such walls is not fastened to the one carried heavy objects.

But there are several options-the use of cladding in the two leaves on each side, laying wooden beams in the metal rack chassis frame walls, as well as securing the plywood to the frame before installing gypsum sheets.

The partition of bricks. The traditional. Brick walls in the apartment for the best use of ceramic, polnotely or hollow. Polnotely good to build brick walls, which will hinge something heavy (for example, sliding oak double door). This wall is also easily develop niches, arches, etc.

The drawback is that the brick walls plastering surfaces before final finishing and more time building than other technologies.

The partition of gazosilikatnyh and penobetonnyh blocks. Such walls are built much faster than brick, but also necessarily plastering surfaces.

The partition of pazogrebnevyh plaster plates. This is a very convenient material from the wall being built very quickly, do not require plastering and ready for final finishes.

Unfortunately, keramzitnye, penobetonnye pazogrebnevye blocks and slabs have some limitations in terms of design, but it has been found that such problems are rare.

All of the above types of partitions negoryuchi and have good sound quality.

Table relative costs of various types of walls without plastering and putty.

Kind of wall material Price Price rub. (material) Price Price rub. (Work) Total rub.
Brick (in polkirpicha) 330 350 680
Penobetonnye and gazosilikatnye Blocks 270 penobetonnye
330 gazosilikatnye
300 570 penobetonye
660 gazosilikatnye
Pazogrebnevye plates 330 300 660
Plasterboard (layer 1) 235 350 585

Make a smooth wall

It is important to bear in mind that for pazogrebnevyh plasterboard panels and plastering is not required. But bricks and keramzitnye penobetonnye wall and we oshtukaturivaem shpatlyuem.

In my view, the best use plaster plaster.

It is, of course, more expensive than normal tsementno-peschanaya mixture, but has undeniable advantages to it : much more convenient to work dries faster, have better adhesion and allows for a smoother surface, which would then save on costly coating.

Remember that under the coating paint more expensive than under the wallpaper.

The coating preferably with colour to mark the wall finish coating with a very small fraction of the filling : 0.1 mm is the best, but better than less. Gypsum plaster mixture and putty represented in our market brands KNAUF, VETONIT, CONSOLIT, YUNIS, STARATELI, BOLARS.

Now that we are even and smooth wall is the most important time-what kind of finishing choose. There are many options, and tell every detail of this article is not possible, but the list is : wall wallpaper, wall by wall painting, and painting is simple, multicolored and nesmeshivayuscheysya multicolor paint, decorative painting, Venetian plaster, facing panels of different materials decorative stones (for the latter two types of finishing coating walls is not required), and others. The choice here is yours. The experience can say that here importantly explicit concept of the total project and the quality of its implementation.

Conclusion : some tips

If you do not trust builders, and very afraid that they use cheaper materials, as stipulated in the budget, it is in the process of building walls appear repeatedly in the apartment. Features, for example, more expensive and better-known brand pazogrebnevuyu stove from cheaper slab "no name" it is very difficult (about brick, stone and penobeton to say no). But the picture is working oshtukaturivayut and shpatlyuyut your wall is very real. The difference in the price of these inputs from the various manufacturers is essential.

The soundproofing walls, it is very important that between the carcass for gipsovolokonnyh sheets and the floor, ceiling and walls were prokleena elastic tape. If you do not, your walls will be an excellent resonator for shock noise transmitted through the floors.

Outside corner of a wall or partition must rose special trowel corner to avoid injury.

Many concerned about the practicality of a wall surface-easy clean-up, durability and ease of repair. Obviously, the most practical are strong and smooth surface (as opposed to brittle and texture). The repair of a damaged greatest problems may arise with the restoration of surface textures and decorative painting.

Finally, I might add, just in case : after repairs necessary to keep one roll of each type used wallpaper.

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The author of the article : Dmitry Bevz, builder

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