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"Venice explanation on the wall"
Venetian plaster : application, design, price

Venetian plaster material is massive. Rather, stressed-elitist. "Chosenness" is, first and foremost, that every piece of the wall, each mural purely personal. Colors and nuances of the game in the world are born of. They can not be "designed" in advance, or play once. Wizard working with Venetian plaster, is the creator of that for each space has its own, very special way.

"Venetsianka" ecological, iznosostoyka, vodonepronitsaema has no smell, easily cleaned, pozharobezopasna quickly dries. Temperature, which could cause plaster, is a producer for each brand material. Usually determine the range of 5 to 35 ° C. Canned does not require maintenance. It neprihotlivo and durable.

Technology of

Техника нанесения

The notion of Venetian plaster is combined with high quality materials of a particular technology - "pripressovyvanie" to each other manually set (7) the most subtle layers of material. The technology includes a transaction mitigation and polishing each layer of special filling. Each layer vyglazhivaetsya until very smooth, smooth and glossy surface. The multi-layer of marble dust and toner binder must spressovat to a thickness of approximately 1 mm. For example, only 1 meter single layer wizard spend up to 50 minutes. Some techniques of Venetian plaster can fulfil only professional artists. Therefore, the value of work, which is usually included in the total amount of up to 40 u.e./m2.

Requirements tools

With Venetian plaster special requirements not only to the level of professionalism wizard, and his instrument. Spatula and nets to be a forged and polished stainless steel. Yet, during intense friction was normal in plaster remain tiny traces of metal : they otkalyvayut stone dust particles. Because of such traces are formed on the surface dirty lanes.

"Venetsianka" in the interior

Modern Masters offers a variety of colours, a wide range of application of new technologies and materials. Depending on the mode of produced excellent or mat surface. "Venetsianku" used for walls and ceilings and architectural details (columns, cornices, etc.), including in rooms with high humidity.

Take, for example, a fireplace. He usually plays the role of the fabric, the central object in the interior, and in style with "Venetian" germane to the concerns of figures that have attracted no fewer than in the middle of the blazing fire. Another thing - wall, which is on its functions will only dramatize the columns, small architectural forms and decorative visuals. The figure in this case, to be more lenient, uniform, and it wants a terse paint.

Венецианская штукатурка

Venetian plaster can work in technology create murals and decorative visuals. Painting done on wet past (before causing wax) layer of special pigments designed to hues material. Dye penetrates all walks of previously installed, and will never fade, not burn and become properties of coatings.

Coverage can be done in one color or multicolored be. There are any colours decision-contrast colors, soft blurred movements, geometric patterns, the effect of "flight" "golden glamour, and more. After drying wall is covered with natural bee wax, which increases the gloss coatings and gives a sense of optical illusions. Thin transparent film alters the angle of refraction of light beam, and it seems likely that the wall is not flat, but the cuts deep.

Some customers "with artistic creativity" are asked to create apartments in their apartments and homes modernovy corridor hall to withstand classical style, and rooms in the Empire style. This is achieved by applying stucco, which can be as long as you want to experiment and very convenient.


80% of the "Venetian" is the work. The cost of such coverage, including those in the 30 to 200 u.e./m2 (where freskovyh painting walls). Faced with the high cost of the "Venetian" is significantly lower than, for example, finishing wallpaper, which will perekleivat every 4-5 years. Properly implemented cover prosluzhit house the same as last for the wall. But if you want to change the face of their home, the "lift" "Venetian" - you will not be able to set a new cover over it.

Author : Valeria Ivantsova
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