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Types of wallpaper

Виды обоев Wall, perhaps the easiest, cheapest and easiest way to make the house comfortable. Of all the interior decoration of their central role. Just buy a ready-to be supplied in rolls of material and correct okleit wall. And comfort, uniqueness facilities provided. Today, we will talk about this material, without which few who are able to do home repairs.

Prior to the 18 th century in Europe and Russia walls and ceilings obivalis a cloth, hence their name and went - wallpaper. But with the development of paper-making fabric wallpaper were driven cheaper paper, and eventually became one of the most popular and common materials. But modern technology has not been spared in this field : long gained popularity with PVC wallpaper and textiles, woven materials. Most of them have been finalized by press wallpaper image. Technological development of printing presses and the use of modern technologies, printing has unprecedented wealth and beauty products. EVA and without pictures odnotonnye and multiple, different width and density, story-today they can meet all of the aesthetic and qualitative terms. Buying wallpaper, you are likely to draw attention to the colors, patterns and the location of the total production figure, emotional impression. Shoemaker and how selected Colour harmony with the overall situation at home and certain elements of the interior. Still, it would be a good way to know yet, and production of steel, because this determines their performance and durability.

There are three basic types of wallpaper : normal, and moisture absorbent (fleece).

Regular wallpaper can be negruntovannymi (image is printed directly on white or colored paper), gruntovannye (picture painted on paper previously painted surface), wallpaper (not painting, painting ROMs mat), embossed (with a pronounced pro figure).

Moisture wallpapers are : paper printed paints water polymer additives; Print with a protective film on the front side, where the polymer emulsion and varnishes; Received of thin colored plastic sheeting to paper-based and then embossing; As bezosnovnoy opaque polymer film with printed image. Such withstand repeated washing with warm water and soap is a high abrasive resistance, so they are also called moyuschimisya.

Wallpaper manufacture of absorbent paper with a face formed nap different fibrous materials (mainly textile production waste). Cleaning the surface of absorbent paper is a vacuum cleaner.

The materials used as wallpaper divided into several types.

Paper wallpaper made only of paper. When she single, the wallpapers are very good light stability. However, lack of is that they are transparent and adjustment. The wallpaper require particularly good preparation surfaces before covering the walls. If the wallpaper of a two-tiered paper, the front side, while light stability, and provide the necessary opacity.

Embossed wallpaper printed on paper with wood and then in the working process bumaga-podkladka kashiruetsya and deformed. The glue distorts them, after drying, they remain the same structure and size, do not "shrinkage".

Kompakt-vinilovye wallpaper. The main material used in the production of paper-varying densities, provided a layer of PVC. Prosloennaya paper has been great press, and post-weld heat treatment. The core material is a drawing and painting, which did not constitute relief. Vinyl wallpaper is very strong to cover the walls and while their appearance met the highest standards.

Terrain wallpaper in fibrous medium. Used to manufacture new unilateral tearing material-nositel. It consists of dlinnovoloknistoy pulp, textile fibres and polymeric adhesives. Moisture, moyuschiesya wallpaper of this material is ideal for bathrooms. Their distinctive feature is the fact that they do miss a couple of air, happily mask covered with cracks on the surface of walls and stabilize a soft wash. Monochrome relief wallpapers are best suited for further blue paint.

Granulated wallpaper manufacture of a number of new technologies. At rasslaivaemuyu tier paper through the press caused glue, and then disperse PET method, forming an image. In the deep and screen printing installed shirring pattern, which gives the press a stuffed.

Strukturno-profilnye wallpaper. Rasslaivaemaya double paper is prepariruetsya toothpaste foam. Are white wallpaper, grubovoloknistye wallpaper, with shtuktarnoy or tissue structure. They can be many colors, are resistant to contamination.

He described types of wallpaper are still textiles, luxury, wallpaper from natural materials, metal wallpaper, wall paintings in a wall (such as scenery), acrylic. Here, the choice is the owner of the premises, and better for visiting designer.

Buying wallpaper, pay attention to the series. Series must show the same serial stamp manufacturing. The stamp specified on the product label, one must read. Figure wallpaper should be clearly visible through the transparent package. When buying check that bought wallpaper will be sufficient. If you find that the number of rolls bought lacking, then buy more attention must be paid to the lot number, in order to avoid different tones. District them to be adequately protected against damage during transport. If they stick handled with a special manner, it must be fitted with special instructions. All information on wall space, use adhesive picture of a try from the store where it was purchased.

In choosing to keep the lighting and the size of the premises. It should be based on the generally accepted rules : Avoid large and vivid drawings in cubicles, and slaboosveschennyh room-dark shade.

Good wallpaper should be resistant to the effects of various detergents, sustained when wet processing and mechanical effects. It is also important that the tone and invoice not cry in contradiction with the general style and spirit of the situation and other design elements. You are wise, if trusted choice of wallpaper professionals.

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