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Vinyl wallpaper

What is the vinyl wallpaper?

Виниловые обои Vinyl wallpaper, "is well forgotten old, and the sticker is not surgery.

People are "older generation" remember the first "moyuschiesya wallpaper" that appeared in the early 1970s, while "traffic cones" - paper milk containers. Both were double, from the paper-covered hlorvinilom. This material, and is the forerunner of modern vinyl wallpaper. Prototype vinyl wallpaper earned bad glory : room, laminated them, ceased to "breathe" as polyethylene layer was siftproof as to moisture and air. Who wants to live in the same plastic bag? Therefore, such okleivali wallpaper, mostly uninhabited buildings : the kitchen, corridors, bathrooms.

This is ill repute, and, quite unfairly, and modern vinyl wallpaper. What happened? The fact that the plastic layer is Microporous not hamper "metabolism" flat. The surface of the resulting "sandwich" is a sketch or embossed. In addition, there are other options. This, for example, the foam product line, the heat treatment which makes vinyl additional layer structure. Others, shelkograficheskie wallpapers are silk thread-cutting layer of plastic. Rodstvenny flizelinovye vinyl wallpaper, which polyvinyl painted on the basis of non-woven bleached pulp and synthetic fibers.

Виниловые обои

Where applicable vinyl wallpaper

Use a vinyl wallpaper from the wall covering, wall to the ceiling. They are well washed and cleaned. Foam wallpaper good disguise minor irregularities walls. Shelkograficheskie beautiful - and long ir. Stop flizelinovoy a painted vodno-dispersionnoy paint, and you can multiply (up to 10-15 times!) Perekrashivat.

What is unacceptable when dealing with vinyl wallpaper

Stickers vinyl wallpaper in principle no different from the usual stickers, paper. Here we look at all stages of the process. It also noted that it was unacceptable to work with vinyl wallpaper. The main thing is that the label should not be stretched to the width. Otherwise, they sozhmutsya with drying, and between the sheets, covers back, cracks appear. The chemical wallpaper to the wall better than filling, and special Hanging of rubber roller, a width of about 5 cm particularly careful to roll joints. To prevent stretching vinyl wallpapers, they are much less adhesive than on paper (not plastic layer skip excessive moisture, and polotnische "raskvasitsya"). And yet : vinyl wallpaper "kapriznee" in the dry - they carry little temperature changes (activating) and humidity. No nuances of ordinary instructions for wallpaper.

The surface

Виниловые обои The first phase in the sticker wallpaper-surface preparation. The old wallpaper in any case removed completely. To facilitate their otdiraniya moistened with water. The ceiling of wallpaper necessarily zamyvayut wall of the old whitewash. If the wall is covered with paint, you should check not otslaivaetsya it. The paint on the label, then otdirayut adhesive tape. If it visible pieces behind paint, the surface should be thoroughly cleansed. Take a wooden block, has gross fixed Skin. Nadew canvas gloves (they will need more hands), lovers wallpaper carefully protsarapyvayut bar all colors. Overtaken clear the filling stations.

Large chipped plaster (you can use ready-mix plastering 150 units). Irregularities and cracks shpatlyuyut good solid (metal) spatula. Of the compounds veterans recommend "Vetonit" or a similar, but not convoys through PVA (the latter is difficult to put in a few sectors, and it is difficult shkurit). Although Vetonit "and can be set with thick, but it is better not to risk it, and cause several thin layers with intermediate dry. After drying putty, shkuryat surface again. And then no matter how we move quickly changed, give room to blow away the cobwebs "about a week. The next phase-thick padding of glue (such as domestic "Moment" or the French "Kelidom", and better-recommended manufacturer of wallpaper).


And then the final process wall. Before slicing rolls, it must be seen whether the same number of series (even at a first glance around the same wallpaper series may have slight shades of paint). The length of the room height = + spare 10-15 see a reminder : save glue, not stretch sheets and use the roller. The other principles are no different from the normal.

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