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Wall dresses ot-kutyur "
Wallpaper : type, price, choice.

Just a couple of years ago we had no choice : either buy a classic paper wallpaper in a small tsvetochek or buy : classic paper wallpaper in a large tsvetochek because nothing else had gone. Today, the market offers a wide selection so that sometimes get in all sorts of impossible. The most popular wallpaper talk in the article.

Paper wallpaper

Бумажные обои

Hard line, or, as they were called in the early 19th century, have a glorious past and clear prospects for the future through the obvious merits. Because of its low price, they can change the face of the interior every two or three years, if not every year without much damage to the budget.

This material is clean, breathable, and is suitable for almost any premises with normal humidity. The type of image wallpaper divided into smooth and embossed (with convex figure).

Paper wallpaper poorly carry impact, high humidity and ultraviolet rays. Thickness they fall into infection (thin layer) and duplex consisting of two spressovannyh between layers of paper.

Main advantages of wallpaper-duplex higher strength, as well as absorbent properties; They met the special trains that increase light and humidity. And if they added in the manufacture of crushed waste wood, these wallpapers are more ornamental and are similar to the Japanese paper. Moisture duplex wallpaper covered latex and easily withstand 15-20 drying wet. They fit well within the interior kitchen or entryway. A embossed wallpaper duplex, in contrast to the smooth, conceal small texture walls.

Disadvantages paper wallpaper is the relative fragility, because based on the paper. Also, they are (more-infection) ir in the sun. Therefore rooms, windows go to the south, to select wallpaper light shade.

Walls of wall requires careful preparation, the base should be perfectly smooth and solid. To improve the quality of their pre-nail glue to the wallpaper, and then glue are also prepared to leave.

The width of a standard roll of 55-70 cm, length of approximately 10 m. One reel of infection-3 cu duplex-from 3.5 cu

Textile wallpaper

The most expensive, but also the most beautiful, they are part of the image. Consists of two fabric wallpaper layers : the bottom, a solid paper or fabric, and the top, woven fabric or glued together thread (silk, linen, jute, rayon). The undeniable dignity of wallpaper, beauty, tsvetostoykost, shumopogloschenie and ecology. They have high insulation properties and belong to the group hardly materials and wallpaper containing flax fibers have also bactericidal properties. Fabrics wallpaper glue on paper, as usual, and flizelinovoy can attach to the wall, promazannuyu glue.

Subject to the simple rules of sticking textile wallpaper on the walls, they appear to be solid, level surface with a slight, but inevitable rolls to cover stitches. Roll width usually 0,53-1,2 m wide and about 10 metres. Price from 10 to 41 cu Roll over.

However, modern technology to avoid even this is not such a significant shortcoming. The proposed new generation of wallpaper, which can be okleit room walls without seams and joints. Textile coating can be purchased one large roll width is consistent with the height of ceilings in the room. Thus, in the room of matter produced single interface. Price seamless cloth cover-u.e./m2 20-45.

To maintain walls in an ideal position for many years will be enough time to go through them six months brush vacuum cleaner.

Vinyl wallpaper

Бумажные обои

These wallpapers consist of two layers : the bottom layer of paper (or cloth) polivinila covered bed, and then applied to the surface image or embossed. A thin layer of PVC wallpaper protects from moisture, mechanical effects and different light. Wall absorb some solutions, which delivers education and mould fungi. Quality vinyl wallpaper is thick vinyl film. The wallpaper can be divided into several types : the so-called screen, foam and vinyl-type filler vinyl (with embossing) Washable vinyl.

Iridescent, silk and silk screen Nacreous effect created by tiny nasechek-risok reflecting light. The foam coating vinyl wallpaper can be almost Cotta expressiveness terrain. They almost infinite variety : vinyl can mimic ceramic tile, leather, suede, natural fabrics, wood; There are drawings by marble, granite, plaster and other materials.

Vinyl wallpaper moyuschiesya have high humidity and are preferred where there is excess moisture.

Thanks to its visible surface of vinyl wallpaper perfectly mask defects walls, and well-slider roughness and corners, and even stretched to the complex field. Furthermore, they are quite strong, not ir are not afraid of moisture and nemarkie. So can decorate a wall for 10 years. When wallpapers heavily ispachkayutsya, wash and bid them even brush. The washing they will survive without work.

The drawback is the vinyl wallpaper воздухонепроницаемость. However, a number of leading firms offering vinyl wallpaper, allowing vlagoobmen through molasses, which on the one hand are missing moisture under wallpaper in their washing, and on the other hand, allow vaporization of condensate from the surface.

Standard sizes reel : a length of 10.05 m and a width of 50, 56, 60, see value of the roll-5 cu

Very interesting variety vinyl wallpaper is cool wallpaper. They are almost the same pattern. Produced by technology based on the principle of vinyl paste screen printing, followed plastizolya foaming at high temperatures. Wallpapers quite thick, the outer surface is pronounced topography. Issued with the figure and odnotonnye : both attach to a wall decorated and well-concealed small surface roughness. Cost-of 7 cu

The choice of wallpaper

When choosing the color of wallpaper, remember that a light and bright sun rooms can be okleit colors (blue, blue, Lilac, pink, light grey, silver and the shades of green, which is dominated by blue), as well as a deep dark colors (skin, temno-terrakotovy).

The colors are yellow, red and shades (Cream, orange, pink, golden, split, apricot, coffee, brown, chocolate, rozovo-zhelty, light), and green colors, where the yellow, not blue shades. They approached poorly lit room, the windows of which went to the north, north-east and north-west.

Please note that the dark and bright colors visually reduce the size of the room, a bright and soft shades like to increase it.

Medium-sized rooms (15-17 m2), with ceilings 2.53 meters better okleivat wallpaper with a small figure, the soft tones or vertical stripes, as well as room pasted wallpaper with a large figure, seem even less. The room above and bigger, the larger and dekorativnee might figure wallpaper.

And remember, which will be bigger and brighter decor wallpaper, it will cautiously select objects to it. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that big picture, especially on a dark ground, visually reduce the size of the room.


When buying wallpaper, it is important to remember that the quality of finishing facilities will largely depend on correctly identified glue. Particular care should be collected glue to thin bright wallpaper : best podorozhe glue, but it did not prostupit yellow on the walls already finished room.

Author : Valeria Ivantsova
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