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Liquid wallpaper

Жидкие обои The best cure for depression repairs. The head constantly preoccupied heaviness options for improving housing and other thought was running out. The last time I obkleila corridor stunning wallpaper under deryuzhku "with large vertical stripes of color. All would be well, but some of the corridor of my apartment to take me in horror. The walls and corners vognuto-vypuklye, it is difficult to apply wallpaper back, then they nalezayut each other, the differences among different parties. Doorframes is inserted perpendicular to the floor and under 80 degrees, it is always a problem : what should go in parallel drawing. Start wallpaper blast from the corner, or on a door, or just pokleit their diagonal to the floor. Seven doors of various sizes and configurations exact reinforcing bars are all I remember how horrible dream.

"No, I said imagine, in a born-capitalism can and must resolve this problem," and with that thought went on a shopping spree.

Today, the market finishing materials is unlimited possibilities for changing the interior of your home, office and other facilities, allowing for an own design, to realize your dreams.

What you have liquid wallpaper?

But the question is : which determine their choice? Paper wallpaper, and adhesive tape require ideal wall surface, the selection of image. If Wall rife points, angles, that our apartments are not uncommon - wall task is much more complicated. Wall Panels require additional equipment, certain skills.

But in the next shop, I natykayus to stand with liquid wallpaper, and after studying the instructions conversation with the seller know that liquid wallpaper fundamentally different from the above materials. More often than not, they are a composition of a natural or cotton cellulose fibres, dyes and quality of the glue, which packed in a plastic bag. Suffice noodles contents of the package in a certain amount of water with a product ready for consumption.

Liquid product line consists of natural ingredients that have a neutral electrical charge is to provide the antistatic properties, they do not collect dust, which is crucial for maintaining health. Liquid wallpaper meet modern fire safety standards.

Жидкие обои They can be used for decoration of rooms, corridors apartments and office buildings. The wide range of colors can vary shades of white wall coverings winter, however pobleskivayuschih under sunlight, and fresh, gentle spring colors and bright summer. Strict grey tone will create a business climate in the office. Some of processed silk, and other liquid wallpaper will give your apartment wall covering woven effect will multiply the beauty and richness of the situation. If your living room should be excellent, solemn form, it will be indispensable liquid wallpaper, with the addition of fine gold thread. For fans of avant-garde may meet with a combination of color stains, it would require a true challenge mastera-professionala (which, of course, money), but you can achieve originality finishing flat.

Liquid wallpaper conceal small cracks and defects, fill gaps in snuggling SB2, skirtings, window frames, electrical outlets and switches without seams. They are not terrible wall curves and irregular angles (although this is debatable, with a view to our favorite flat). But to get a good covering, wall should zagruntovat. Typically, together with Liquid wallpaper, you will be to buy brand substrates. Prices are different, and the cheapest option is to wash the walls or ceiling or water-zinc Colours paint. It should not be bright in the dark wallpaper murram, it will be handling an. Liquid wallpaper can cover tubes and batteries, remember that all metal surfaces to be sure, since as a result of hygroscopic (that is the ability to allow moisture) wallpapers metal can rust and stains visible on the surface. The new apartments (the new home for several years, a "shrinking") finished tend to put off. Manufacturers argue that the liquid wall can be beautiful and cozy apartment soon. Different types of liquid wallpaper differ on the structure of fibers : some go to the wall thin layer of 2-3 mm, the other slightly thicker - 4-5 mm, they are more comprehensive, similar to the fabric. The "shrinking" homes and small cracks emerging from its elasticity they are deformed and shied away.

When the station with heavy air it out of the wall, and in its place a new laminated. However, it should be remembered that if the premises smoke and wallpaper for several years, the station with the newly inflicted cover will look brighter. In general, to meet the flat surface of the corner to corner "to use one Zamesa wallpaper. Unencumbered, but divorced water material can be frozen and stored in the refrigerator, until next nesmyvayuschegosya spot (if you indeed have free refrigerator). Try not to use it for food. And, for example, spots around the switches on information from the user deletes an ordinary eraser.

Microporous structure provides heat and sound insulating properties, it can be said that the liquid wallpaper "breathe". If you have them on the walls of the kitchen or bathroom, as a protective layer applied colourless varnish. He is not changing beauty coverage, does not penetrate into the interior moisture and soot, a way to remove stains dirty wet cloth, but the effect of "breathing" wallpaper disappears, and with the same success can be pokleit vinyl wallpaper, which would cost much less.

To carry liquid wallpaper must :

  • The surface of walls cleaned of contamination, remove poorly preserved old cover potravit antiseptic areas affected fungus, obespylit, dried.
  • If necessary, the surface of walls to process substrates.
  • Spreading liquid wallpaper produce at or below 10 ° C.
  • The contents of packages pour in a separate container.
  • Dry additives (if available) mixed with the basic mixture.
  • Pour contents of water tanks, the number indicated on the packaging, and mixed thoroughly until a homogeneous mass.
  • Plot liquid wallpaper on the walls, ceiling with spatula (after 15-30 min. Excerpt) or spray (immediately) of the "gun", depending on the type of wallpaper and directions on the package.
  • Caused coating dries from 12 to 72 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity indoors.

Pistolet-hopper SENIDECO K-12 top loading. Orifice diameters of 4 mm, the constant pressure at the outlet 1,5-2 kg excess air pressure 3-5 atm. , Vozduhopotok 12 cubic metres per hour. To display on the ceiling using a special adapter.

Liquid wallpaper painted by hand with a spatula or with a special pistoleta-hoppera, in a capacity load by weight and pressure of air evenly applied to the surface. In this case, several times the rate increases cover.

The gun approached all options liquid wallpaper, but "Danish" decorative plaster. While highly skilled in its use is not required to warn : domestic vacuum cleaner gun mount it, as in the placement of constant pressure must be maintained at about 3-5 atmospheres, which is used compressor. Pistol and compressor bought or used vehicle for the firm selling liquid wallpaper. Price rolled a 10-gun. e. a day, the price of rolled steel compressor, hose and transitional-20 pistol from. e. a day.

Жидкие обои

Liquid wallpaper in modern Russian market in a few producers :

1. French liquid wallpaper "Senideco" at home plate Manzoni called for the wall ( "liquid wallpaper" purely domestic-term). This is the first French company, which has produced such an unusual wall coverage, it has 150 color options that allowed them to meet the challenges of interior design.

The wallpaper is dissolved pulp, mica, adhesive composition, quality dyes.

The liquid causing wallpaper to prepare the surface : zashpaklevat cracks and joints, metal pipes of oil paint.

Wallpaper be on the clean, dry surface ogruntovannuyu previously. If necessary, wash divorced white spirit or solvent for oil paint.

After drying liquid wallpaper may acrylic lacquer coating to increase humidity cover.

2. French cotton cover "Cotex offers great opportunities to demonstrate their own fantasies, by simply mixing cotton fibers with the dye solution, water and binder. If you are not confident in your own abilities, recommend mastera-professionala company, which will provide a unique individual colours and excellent surface.

French cotton cover can be applied to any old or new surface (wood, concrete, plaster and plasterboard, plaster, etc.). The process of surface oil primer, as well as other COTEX draw up the dirt and stains from the wall. A large-sized panels to be constructed and plotted as a time.

Contamination derived from pyatnovyvoditeley for cotton fabrics.

Coverage is designed for a wealthy buyers with tasteful. Price, of course, vysokovata but firms selling products that recognize the primacy of the French liquid wallpaper.

Жидкие обои 3. The wealth of colors and shades of liquid wallpaper Turkish firm Silkcoat "are similar to the French, and the prices slightly lower. They came on the market finishing in 1993. Thanks to good hygiene (which services), and aesthetic properties quickly become widespread. Supplied in Germany, Austria, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Romania, Pakistan, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Egypt and Nigeria.

Liquid wallpaper is a decorative silk wall coverings, developed by Japan based on natural silk cocoons, cotton fibre. Technology application does not require advance preparation, simple and accessible to everyone. The wallpaper is composed of liquid acrylic adhesive components, which does not cause them to the surface covered with old oil paints, to avoid stretching varnish and stains appearing on the surface.

Therefore, under the surface of wallpaper blot desirable, especially if it is covered with oil paint or plastic, metal or brick. If the old paint, with different sites vpityvaemostyu and other problem surfaces contaminated sludge wash through acrylic adhesive. The ground-arm "Izakriliko (Spain). It is also possible to use vodo-dispersionnoy acrylic primer "ASTAR" BAYRAMLAR (Turkey) (packages of 10 and 25 kg) or similar substrates at vodo-dispersionnom binders.

To make the surface more strength and water resistance, after drying silk cover, it is recommended that cause colourless lak-zakrepitel such as "Svyatozar."

4. Much the same can be said of the Turkish liquid wallpaper brand "Bayramix koza. They differ from the previous slightly different color scheme and their price is slightly lower.

5. New Russian market, launched earlier this year-wall coverage "Stenol" is a dry mixture of natural fibers (cellulose), color additives, kolorantov, thickeners and fire risadki (antiperena) on the basis of natural binder. The pulp produced from hardwood growing up in the Arkhangelsk region.

Wall covering "Stenol" has been tested in the test laboratory of the Department of Fire Service and the results of tests attributed to the group trudnogoryuchih materials. This allows it to repair and finish the so-called escape routes. Following testing in the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Control Center in Moscow has recommended them for housing and construction.

Coverage "Stenol" has much viscosity. It can be used as a heater or alignment mass, ie after drying it can be marked as paint, and the traditional paper wallpaper. The use of different types of rollers raskatyvayuschih foam rubber before with the figure, it can be a wall in the usual manner.

Датская декоративная штукатурка 6. Another domestic liquid wallpaper sold under attractive, but the curious name "Danish" ornamental plaster. Price, a package, as opposed to the prices of French and Turkish liquid wallpaper, roughly equal to the price of a standard roll of paper wallpaper. They resemble the French cotton cover that provides an opportunity to create any color compositions, adding to the white pulp a decorative belt :

  • "Kolorant-liquid additive color, which varies the number of different basic color saturation tone wallpaper;
  • "Bummiks-dry mixture of different colours (similar to the color coconut chips);
  • "Sena" golden touch, gives wallpaper characteristic shine.

The panels with "Danish" decorative plaster mixed relief rolls, which is textured finish with gunny, stone or wood. The use of liquid wallpaper in a room with excess moisture, as described in the instructions for use, although given their cellulose composition, excellent absorbing moisture and razmokayuschy should seriously reflect on the credibility of the allegation.

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Name primer






5-15 kg

24 hours


Dispenser, roller, brush


5-15 kg

24 hours


Roller, brush

Liquid wallpaper

Company name

The price cu

Area coverage sq.m.

Method of coating

Weight, kg (1up.)


Speed Vysyhaniya

Removing a wall

Senideco (France)



Wash, Nebu 64eb lizer


Finished color compositions

From 24 to 48 hours

Smachivaetsya water is removed filling

Cotex (France)



Wash, Nebulizer


The self-Obtaining the necessary colours

From 12 hours to a few hours

Deleted on a wallpaper

Silkcoat (Turkey)



Wash, Nebulizer


Finished color compositions

From 24 to 72 hours

Smachivaetsya water is removed filling

Bayramix koza (Turkey)



Wash, Nebulizer

About 1

Finished color compositions

From 24 to 48 hours

"Stenol" (Russia)



Wash, Nebulizer

About 1

Finished color compositions

24 hours

Smachivaetsya water is removed filling

"Danish" decorative plaster (Russia)




About 1.7

The possibility of obtaining a separate color and structure

Up to 48 hours

Deleted on a wallpaper

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