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Zastennye bins for unsteady

Бачки для унитазов

It all started one morning when my husband broke in a toilet tank lid. I do not know that Какая silence he found inside an ordinary machine. But I awakening of thunder, the wall fell prislonennaya cap. And understandably case-split into two halves rovnenkie. Resentment has been my limit. "Well, why, we ask, are you there useful?" - nakinulas I lean on her husband. "Keep a-wailing promyamlil it. "And I decided to adjust it." Frankly, I never obolschalas masterovitosti about their favorite. So always been a DEZa Lecha. He, in fact, the shy vsunuty his pocket cherished envelope was all ready to repair apartments. Potek whether crane, a broken lock, always in our house came the same Lecha.

But on the other hand, I never tried to see in my life satellite fix plumbing and electrical in one. After all, to fix the furniture, not necessarily to marry a carpenter. There are trained people. In short, she tried to protect her husband from the home annoying problems. Salaries are, and at that very much. And not to suggest that it suddenly awakened desire to do something with my own hands. Outcome of the sudden I was not pleased aspirations : the cover pity, without it, the fossil design looks even worse. And noise from the lander water became even louder.

But in all the trouble you can always find some strengths. Here it is my finest hour. Now her husband is not otvertetsya of repair. I recently hinted that it would not hurt to replace plumbing, as well as the buy new kitchen. On the kitchen husband sorts, but agreed to buy a new pail. Even allowed to think about how to improve our tiny bathroom.

Of course, the services of designers no money. And I went to the bottom of her neighbor, which recently combined in the repair of a bathroom with a toilet. Success story of the beauty and size of room. The only thing that instantly obvious, with the old toilet tank. Neighbour said : "Yes dysfunction, let stand until it is not flowing, and thank God."

Well, I do not know, I would not agree. One case where the toilet is in the dunes pencil case, similar in size to store chulanchik whisk. And quite another when it is painful almost in plain view. No, I will go the other way. Better learn from competent people, can hide anywhere disliked my heart pail.

So, it turned out that you can. This created special, so-called zastennye cistern.

This structure bore little resemblance to traditional porcelain pail. Rather, it is not likely. First, not a pail of faience, and a superprochnogo polyethylene. And secondly, it makes a different form. It is rather like a plastic bottle, only without the handles. The Corps has several special holes for pipes. And on the side is the so-called pork, which are inserted attachment. Built bins are of two types : for the floor (without mounting frame) and the suspended (with the mounting frame) unsteady.

Jovicic to floor unsteady

Pail for the toilet floor is really just a plastic shell enclosing an attachment to the tank wall. For example, the Swiss firm Geberit (Geberit) offers a secure two steel perforated (ie brightly) plate. Outside these bins (and the firm Groe, and the firm Geberit) have foam coating, protective of condensate and securing soundproof. The tank corps is mounting "ears" that bolts attached to the plate, plate, in turn, are mounted to the wall screws. No additional belt in this case is not required : the entire load is in the toilet, standing on the floor. The engine departs outlet sleeve, which is connected to the toilet and at the bottom can be bent 90 degrees. At a rubber tube manzhetka, it is inserted tube with decorative crown (the place of the outlet closes). After final assembly of the wall outside of a button. Indeed, it has and will merge water.

Jovicic for suspended unsteady

In Moscow sold two types of cistern. One is to secure the load on the wall. Another is mounted to a thin surface.

A model for the carrier to the wall "Geberita" called "Geberit kombifiks, Groe (Grohe), it refers to" Dal Uniset. (Retail price model "Dal Uniset" $ 160). This directly mounting frame, which runs pail. It can be attached to the wall only polnotelogo bricks or strong concrete (never a penobetona or plasterboard). The lower part of the construction for greater strength sod bricks and then "cutting" top-plasterboard and tile. After all installation work at seeing spokes of a wall frame fills the toilet. Incidentally, that the toilet is not pressed for a tile (otherwise it will be someday prolomit), the frame "Kombifiks" or "Dal Uniset" bookmark of a wall material. And then it is covered with tiles.

The kit models Geberit kombifiks "and" Dal Uniset "are" nuts "(long nails) to fix the toilets (or urinal), nuts, ornamental caps and outlet valve, feed water. However, the two largest producers model (Geberit and Groe) did make things a bit differently. Pail model Dal Uniset "put in additional foam" shell ". Specialists "Groe" argue that it creates high soundproof. Good adjustment : in a toilet can be safely poured water without fear of the middle of the night to wake all family and neighbours.

Manufacturers plumbing "Geberit" approached differently to the problem. Internal fittings made in a way that it had not originally quiet. The reason is simple. As you know, in simple domestic water tank lander thunders hit in the toilet. The Swiss same design a special piece. It is the screw, similar to the one in the meat scroll meat. Water as a "tightened" on the screw and gently runs in the piece.

There is also the distinct patterns of "Dal Uniset" from "Geberit kombifiks" : special rail, which can hang multiple devices, toilet and bidet. However, this innovation is not always convenient, necessary and justified at home. The truth is that manufacturers permissible height mounting toilets and bidets in the same collection may vary. There have been cases where the horizontal orientation was raised and lowered toilet bidet. Moreover, hardly anyone comes to head home to hang in a number of plumbing, as if by the levelling of its range. Rather, the case for public toilets in restaurants, hotels and clubs. That's easy to attach to the wall rails and hang on, for example, 10 urinal ...

Another type of fixed to floating toilet cistern-mounting frame of reference in the field. The "Geberita" The model is called "Duofiks", the "Groe", "Dal Rapid." The main feature and indisputable advantages - it can be fastened to a wall. And concrete and brick, and the "weak" nenesuschuyu. Rama mounted in a field some distance from the wall and attach the special mounting elements, and even its top of the wall. Thus, the entire burden falls on the bottom "feet", in other words, on the floor. The remaining installation of the same as the previous models. References "stalk" model company "Geberit" may be nominated by 25 cm, thus changing the height of toilets in the installation of plumbing.

The model "Rapid Dal (retail price $ 245) firm Groe" within the frame is special relsiki, which not only change the height toilet, but toilets. Generally, the construction of engine "Rapid Dal has three modifications. "Dal Rapid X", the so-called standard model, which in turn divided into 13 types. There is "Dal Rapid A" non-standard and "Dal Rapid L" - specifically designed economical model. It is the same as the "Dal Rapid X, but without rail height adjustment.

The most common in our market model was "Dal Rapid X". First of all, because it more than 10 modifications. Here "Groe, perhaps surpassed all. It can be enhanced as a capital, and the light wall (as a model "Duofiks" firm "Geberit"). There are even modifications for the disabled, with adjustable height toilets and nominated handles on the sides. Particularly interesting modification to the trapezoidal frame. You can use the angles of premises : to put any useful jars and A9.5.1.2. Moreover, a special, narrow engine, which can be crammed into a tiny bathroom or, if desired, for "technical cabinet" (there usually pipes and sewage risers). And even with special frame model "Dal Rapid X" can build a wall, say, in the centre of the bathroom.

The firm Geberit "is the" Geberit GIS, which allows (as a modification "Dal Rapid X") used to maximum space toilet block. Of special profiles and mounting can be done bearing wall, which will withstand any ceramics, and in any quantity. And another "Geberita" a model, which is called "Geberit sanblok." This built-pail, which was already "burned" wall panels. Such a model could be called "hot-key". However, this model is designed more for the European countries, where working hours are 80 master brands.

As their repair?

"All well and good, I thought, listening posts, but a legitimate question. If built pail, as then repaired? This is what, for the repair of the wall will Leche nutcracker? "

But I pledge assured - wall will not have to deal with. It was not because the bins are not breaks. Sooner or later, have to try out. The other : unlike conventional ceramic inside a pail arranged differently. No rubber pears or zarzhavelyh wires and kryuchochkov. Inside the tank is built a block-discharge device. And nothing else. Accordingly, breaking down only he can. So, the unit easily removed through a hole in a button built engine. Simply put, if something happened, you must remove the button, time to (in the hole) arm and get a block. But, most importantly, after a repair simply falls back. No additional equipment is required.

By the way, do not think (as I first thought) that the suspension unsteady designed only for thin people. Command load frame hanging unsteady at 400 kg. This means that if a toilet, which can withstand the load of almost half a ton, the frame certainly is not failing.

And another important point. When installing built engine you have to put filters. They, incidentally, experts recommend mandatory use of any imported plumbing. Our water, as it turned out, an import plumbing moves with difficulty. And in a few years, may have to replace manzhetku. Company "Geberit offers a set of three manzhetok, which cost about $ 5.

Where they have the button?

So, you have zastenny pail. And after all the installation on the wall mark quite impressive in size button. It was with her help and swallowed water in a toilet bowl. Buttons are of a different colour, size and shape. It depends on the manufacturer. But everything buttons (in the language of specialists, these are called handgun keys) are divided into two sectors. Left and right respectively. This is typical Western pribambas. " The fact is that each sector buttons slivaet different amounts of water : 6 liters, and the right, respectively, 9-litres from the left key. What do you know perfectly saves so expensive (at burzhuev) water. Have you "go to small needs" (Germans looked call it "small businesses"), click-clicking right. Well, certainly for a global bank only the left side. Button hung on the wall vertically or horizontally lies on the plane. How do you like.

Indeed, on key design trigger the imagination producers surpassed all imaginable expectations. The "Geberita" are four options trigger buttons (including pneumatic button, which allows you to remotely manage the flow toilets up to 1.5 m), three types of the material used and the 50 color. Of course, in a warehouse in Moscow is the proposed range. But in their office "Charous, official distributor" Geberita "I have buttons eight colors.

Company "Groe also offers several design options button. And the colors are rich-28 shades. But the search revealed the following : some domestic firms, which in our market, our products will not deliver more than two "standard" colors-white and chrome. " Allegedly, people always try to buy plumbing classic white, so why should they, for example, pink or beige button? Here I vozmutilas. I wonder if I am in the toilet tiles will not be white? What is the rationale? Yes even then, to find the button under the color tiles.

Faced enjoyable stories professionals, I immediately moved value of the overseas construction. Built-pail thing truly unique. If I vstroyu pail, toilet can move back to the wall. Hence, I have liberated 25 cm valuable space, and I will not sit on a toilet bowl, shared noses at the door. But most importantly, the invention could greatly assist laborious procedure repair facility. There is no need to redo the walls and PEK communication, if suddenly, I did attempt to combine the bathroom with a toilet. The fact is that in a built-tank (when it was "top" obkladyvaetsya plasterboard and tile) produced low falshstena. Specialists call her a box. It is in this box can cover adversaries look pipes. In addition, the upper level boxes can be more shelf. What is particularly valuable, for example, in the bathroom.

That's it. It is home dolozhilas husband : "Everything we buy zastenny pail. And I must have done masters pendant toilet. Because, it is much easier to clean the floor. " He agreed.

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