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Cast iron pipe

Чугунные трубы

Pig domestic plumbing-traditional material, which has its own reasons : it is relatively cheap, fairly reliable, and why remains alternative to the high-grade steel pipes or metallopolimerov. How we wish it were not so, again had to go through as is so typical of domestic plumbing. The iron is absolutely not to blame. He has brought many benefits to mankind from the time when he learned his produce. The trick is to produce it, we often health. Therefore, we have told you about the benefits of metal pipes, which are mainly made abroad, and the galvanized, seamless steel pipes. The latter also made by domestic producers, but the method of manufacture is largely guaranteed quality.

How to detect defects in iron pipes? Of course, primarily thanks to a thorough examination of its exterior surface. It should not be a deficit, depression, failures or cracks, foreign stains indicating the presence of ash. Please note the cut pipes : the quality of the metal? Pipe wall thickness across from the front and reverse sides must be equally fine, dense, homogeneous. In addition, check the pipes by prostukivaniya : sound to be smooth and noise; Where audible tone changes likely internal defect. This is the situation as with a sick tooth, the rot which can occur under the guise of seemingly healthy. To detect this kind of damage and apply prostukivanie.

Purchased steel pipes should be corrosion protection, or when continuous operation is not prosluzhit you long. One way to protect against corrosion coating the outer surface of a pipe bitumen produced from oil. Of course, you can do it yourself, with your expertise and materials. The need to remind you how important good, quality connections iron pipe structures. This should be good, nothing made from cannabis fibers and sufficient length. Weight must be free from all kinds of impurities not contain a wood. Weight of the wood will not be able to do their insulating function, which will soon begin leaking pipe in the ground connection. The effects are well known : wet ceilings or floors rotten.

Strictly speaking, we would recommend you to install iron pipe for a housing shortage. The first priority in our environment is still holding this kind of literate master, looking at the work that you can learn a lot. John and tricks here are abundant, as in the installation of electricity. So follow the wise rule : "Not sure, not hands." But we fear that we are intimidated by you iron. What you! All will be well. This is an excellent sanitary material and capable hands it becomes a powerful and reliable water supply network.

Instead, you can use ceramic iron pipes : for the first, second and successfully applied to the outside drainage system. In addition, the ceramic tube securely protected from the corrosive damage paved. They are particularly resistant glaze, which covered both external as well as internal surface of the pipe. The walls of thick ceramic tube-to 40 mm, which is the guarantee of excellent durability, and they are connected by more than cast iron, that are the special form of vertical and the opposite, which is a hub end of the pipe. Ceramics have found themselves in the plumbing broad application, and on the right : the cost, Hygienic and reliable material.

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