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Ремонт ванны    Душевая кабина Repair bath shower cubicle

Shower cabin

It is good if the shower comfortable and beautiful. Make it is not very difficult if there is time, materials, tools and the desire. Showers with a flat tray, or simply pouring the floor to go easy on children and the elderly, and simple care. And the bathroom is more spacious.

Shower cabin tilting floor.

Starting to plan bathroom, it should be remembered that in some cases it is best not to use shower trays, and do shower cubicle tilting floor. For example, arranged showers in sport or fitness centres. Such showers can be equipped and homes. In order to discharge (specialists call it a ladder), begin to do better in the field.

Before you lay tile surface should be hermetically sure floors, reliably protecting it from water penetration. Tiles must put a slight slope, descending to the discharge openings that prevent education and stagnant pools of water on the floor of a shower room. If you decide to do it yourself, be sure to consult with a specialist.

Such work requires certain skills and knowledge. Experienced tells where to start and what tools to use.

Comment :

  • curved shower floor cabin easier cleaning;
  • you do not stumble;
  • shower cubicle can be done of this size, what would your bathroom;
  • the highest point is the junction with the bathroom floor covering; the lowest-point total.

Flat shower trays in the field.

By constructing shower cubicle with no steps, you can choose a flat shower pan with low sides. To install the shower pan, you must first prepare a site vydolbiv deepening required shape and size plate in the cement floor.

Next you need to identify the location of the discharge. It depends on where pallet located discharge hole. Just the same time, the process is simple : pan fitted with adjustable height legs. By tray, be sure to take into account the thickness and level of the bathroom floor covering, which will be adjacent to it. Once in the bathroom floor will hold, with an interface can be okantovat using special kerb. The surface of the pan should have a gentle slope needed for the smooth flow of water.

Comment :

  • quick installation with a set of prefabricated parts :
  • shower tray is readily controlled by the availability feet;
  • along with the pallet to buy low kerb, obramlyayuschy its perimeter;
  • cabin with trays have the advantage that they need to compile those sanitary facilities, which are necessary for booths tilting floors and between stitches.

Option 1.
Paul shower cabins on the level floor bathroom. In this case a stairway

Option 2.
In this case, designed with shower tray, gender quotas in the bathroom

How connect discharge in the case of a sighting, option 1.

How to connect the discharge tray option 2.

Install a shower pan.

Almost every handyman can install a shower pan before setting out for a right platform. Usually shower trays sold complete with the details necessary for its installation.

Before installation, check : is there a link angle shower cabin walls 90; I will firmly adhere to the edge of the pan wall; Whether the hub sewage discharge pipe in the pan. The lower part of a more immediately connected to sewage pipes.

1. The bottom of the pan attached adjustable legs podlozhiv for each pre-cut pieces of cardboard.

2. Before place pan in improving the field through molotkai chisels Protect surface so they are not sharp.

3. Through regular tiles can be easily verified, is a 90 ° angle spaces.

4. If the angle is straight, level and at an altitude of pan wall so that the province remained close to the wall.

5. Mount sewers so in a pan hub sewer hole was just under plums.

6. Pallet through controlled accurately billed feet horizontally. Be careful not potsarapayte surface of the pallet.

"Window" for your shower cubicles.

Shower cubicle can be purchased in whole or in part, combining as it sees fit. It all depends on your desire, skill and imagination. It is a very pan and put ceramic wall tiles, ready to buy and very transparent wall mount them.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of designs ablutions. They vary way open blinds, design, method of construction, materials. For sections of glass, fiberglass, various plastics. The variety of choice is particularly so because a large number of products offered companies from both known brands, and those that appeared on the Ukrainian market just recently.

The combination of design and quality harakteristi determines the price of showers and their components. If you decide to collect the shower cubicle of the individual parts, note that it can be located either in the corner of the bathroom, or adjacent to one of the walls. You need the tools and materials that may be found in your home : drill with the drills, screwdriver, screws, cement.

Typically, a set of showers wall consists of several sections (there are one, two and three or sets). Section podvizhno connected with each other that makes it possible to rationalize space bathroom.

There are sets of different design. Some sections consist of a whole glass or plastic, others are drawn from several vertical strips. There are sets of glass and corrugated glass. There are interesting models, a set of corrugated strips, alternating with transparent. Very ingeniously looks frosted glass. Kits vary as high sections (1 m 40 cm to 1 m 90 cm) and the total length (from 140 cm to 170 cm), which will ultimately determine the size of cubicles.

Well, you can always choose appropriate to your aesthetic tastes, konstruktivno-montazhnym conditions and financial opportunities. Thus, there is an option to select and successfully implement their ideas.

1. Be wall profile to the edge of the pan; Using height, install it exactly vertically; With a pencil mark on a tablet of drilling

2. The field drilling punch top surface tiles using cold. Attacking kerneru needs to be done carefully to avoid damaging the enamel.

3. To split tiles in place drilling should never use a drop of drills, drills are not held full thickness lining.

4. Dosverliv holes to a depth equal to the amount dowels are Fasten pristenny profile.

5. Set stationary wall, providing glass in the hinge. It is not perezhat screws to avoid broken glass.

6. Before we build a wall to hang the door, and adjust the loop. In closed door sealant should fit snugly inside the edge of the pan.

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