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Hydro-massage bath

History whirlpools

History, as usual, we name the sea bottom, the Italian origins of the name Jacuzzi. The seven brothers, wearing that name, came to America from Friuli. And they were all talented inventors. The brothers even gave his version of the airplane and have sponsored many development-story pumps and improved screw blades. In doing so, they had to examine the interplay of water and air.

And at this time in the house was sick child who needed water for daily massage to the physiotherapist. One of the brothers has been ingeniously solved the problem : he welding device, which are dipped in the water bath and massage issue strictly from a mixture of water and air. That was still an imperfect beginning of the sea bottom.

Modern comfortable elegant bathroom, despite everyt 658 hing, yet not all dreams. Designers constantly invent new stuff to add. Firma-roditel JACUZZI already has 250 patents on the topic. And is determined to go further.

What are the types of hydro and whirlpools

The beneficial properties of the water seen in human beings since ancient times. You yourself know, you just have to spend oneself seriously 596 , as you dobiraetes home with a single thought : climb to a warm bath. Baths, however, are different. For instance, Jacuzzi (as we used to call hydromassage baths) - what is it? Fun new Russians pride interior, means investing money or just a thing in everyday life?

Hydromassage bath, say its creators, is a habit that helps health. Hydro massage stimulates blood circulation and leads to the removal of toxins from the body and slag, improves metabolism and lymphatic circulation. It contributes to the beauty : it strengthens and reinforces the defensive reaction of the skin from the elements, struggling with the age-old enemy of women, cellulite, as well as the fatty deposits and over obesity. And most importantly, hydro recover fitness and physical form, increases tone and allowed to relax.

Причем соотношение воды и воздуха можно регулировать по своему вкусу.The ratio of water and air can be adjusted to your liking. In some models employed combining two types of massage : Classic and air (in the back and waist). Company JACUZZI in its model unit normal hydro-east, which is based on the use of "Watermark fingers." Special nozzles, located in two rows on the front wall of the bath to stimulate certain points tonifikatsii located on both sides of the spine, thus ensuring long-term energy balance.

Some models are equipped with an ozone, which in certain proportions added to the intake air in the bathroom. The natural gas has pain and disinfecting effect.

It is rare to find a bathroom with ultrasonic nozzle. The frequency and powe 596 r of ultrasound matched manufacturers such that a bath is safe for humans.

Baths are normal and corner. The baths of various sizes, depending on the number of people they serve. And in addition, each model has its own unique design. Inside baths with curved walls designed to be completely relax. Only then will the effec 596 t of massage maximum.

Location nozzles in the pool is not easy, and the special-anatomy. " For most of massage require certain parts of the body : the waist and rump, leg, side of the torso. The direction of the water mixed with air, can be changed to your liking, simply rotating nozzle. However, it should be remembered that the direct line of jet pressure is not re 596 commended because it slows down the blood circulation. The positive effect of relaxation is achieved only when the jets of water directed at an angle to fit parts of the body.

Hydro-massage bath can be different in the interior. Some baths are sold with the side panel for the other models they need to be purchased separately. The promotional pamphlets sometimes you can see embedded in the floor bath. There you will be able to do so in his apartment. In addition, you must know that any deployment bath should have access to water lines and pumps. So underneath (if you decide to build it) should be enough space.

Management and maintenance

Bath requires management and care. The complex device must be able to manage. However, that's easy. The simplest (and perhaps most reliable) is a type of brake. That is on board handles baths are to be rotated, then examine each. More intellectual-management by remote control. Here you can program almost all : a massage, the duration, intensity (you can enter your weight, and umnayat; Bath ask your mode), the sequence of procedures. There are models who speak several languages. If you have done something wrong and the baths have something to say to you, there is no need to close the dynamics of hands-better talk.

Of course, such a valuable thing requires good care. That was done as soon as it is easier to take care designers. First, the bathroom designed so that at the end of all the water from pipes swallowed whole, the special drainage pump does not allow it to stagnate there. You can clean it in a special program. Some models have a reservoir for liquid disinfectant. Bay its back and include a "disinfection" (in different models may have different names), you will be able to thoroughly clean without making much trouble. Be sure to leave the bathroom just before the start of the process.

Like any modern household appliance, whirlpool completely safe for humans. Moreover, she checks the correctness of your actions. For example, if you give a bath to a certain level, water massage turns. A "speaking" bath tell you that mistake. Despite the fact that depend on electricity, defeated Rights ruled shocks.

The pneumatic current administration is not given to rail baths and installing electronic control panel supplied voltage of 12 V, it is safe to humans. The pump is a key part of the sea, made of a thermoplastic material, and isolated from metal parts. Water, which must not fall into the plant, and it will not fall, since all have a special nozzle valve.

Hydromassage bath, 596 especially having a few people must have a very strong case. We have left behind the era of iron. Modern bath made of metakrila, strengthened glass and DSP. This is a very strong material, which has a beautiful surface shine and no allergy. In addition, warm to the touch metakril has excellent thermal insulation, and water in the hot tub is long enough.

The complex shape produced by hot bath formation of the casting sheet lattice metakrila (vypressovyvaetsya). Thus smooth surface using any seams and holes. Some companies painted the inner surface of the finished bath JACUZZI, for example, immediately pressuet colored metakril. The likelihood of changes color at selected sites is minimal.

All baths attached to a safe structure. It is made of metal profiles with four legs, which can be adjusted in terms of gender. This helps prevent vibration and noise in the process of the sea.

Despite the acknowledged utility hydro, it is important to remember that children, pregnant women and people with heart conditions should consult a physician before deciding on the procedures.

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