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Comfort in a small bathroom

Комфорт в маленькой ванной

The glossy magazines bathroom looks like a luxury hotel. Glow and shine, each thing on its shelf, a window can enjoy beautiful landscapes and clouds, proplyvayuschimi to heaven. There is a simulator, solarium, couch to rest. And what we have in a model shelter? Conjoint toilets 3-5 square area. metre, which is not komnatoy-to reshishsya name. But if the designer has adopted the slogan "less - but-better", the result can be impressive. Today, we introduce you to the techniques that allow little room bathroom is comfortable, beautiful and modern.

The development and deployment location dictated plumbing pipes, intrigues pipes for hot and cold water. The tight-binding toilets to the sewerage standpipe. Usually this part of cutting in a box that is not happy eyes. If risers already exists, the better it is not only hidden, but are used rationally, for example, cover a pail. If you have resorted to redevelop, a range of solutions have been widened. Through proper installation of plumbing already won part of the usable floor space. Modern plumbing permits have bowls and bowls for one low wall with the different parties that sometimes save space and zoning board. There are modern toilets with better flushing device, which is attached directly to the wall. This not only saves space but also creates additional convenience for cleaning toilets.

The partition may also share the bath and sink, sink and shower booth, which is so well insulated. The same dignity of the wall that hides it in a piping system.

Installation of piping and plumbing can in a bathroom adjacent to the wall low caps. This reduces the time and cost of construction, because it could do without the services mason and plasterers. Built sanitary facilities are processed differently. The most popular obolochki-vystupy height of 1 meter, the upper surface of which are used as shelves. Socle elements can oblitsovyvatsya tiles, wallpaper or okleivatsya otdelyvatsya wood.

Separated space can be more functional and belongings, furniture, for example, in a small fenced area and the washbasin and toilet are separated by a narrow cubicle with the extended section, and the cabinet rank in the electrical, heating system complements floor, or other object used in the bathroom. To stay away from the wall or walls of the cabinet to toilets should be at least 25 cm mounting unit with plumbing wall panels, built into the ground, takes a minimum of valuable space.

Big corner offer solutions. The corner can accommodate different washing machine and a small angular Storage over it, sometimes fitted perfectly bath, sink, toilet, releasing "traditional" place.

Corner shower offers comfort in a minimum of space. To close such premises optimal option : the speed doors can be installed individually, can be purchased with an angled entrance booth with sliding doors, as well as round and pentagon shape. The Corps of natural glass it is not zagromozhdaet space. The very tiny bathroom can be restricted to shower and abandon built pallet, making room will seem spacey. This shower is separated from the rest of space baths only easy option, which protects the premises of the spray.

Sometimes it happens like to have every necessary plumbing, enhanced convenience. But if it were to be the traditional way, it will not turn. In this case might come to the aid of innovative solutions. For example, the unusual configuration of rooms bathroom holds reserves and can be quite interesting. The rectangular equipment could not accommodate, but the change of angle of installation will provide free access to it.

Increase capacity rooms will "flexible" organization valuable space. For example, the use of mobile washbasin of acrylic, which, with a solid bar, easily change their position. The same turning locker, in a corner shower cabins. Combining a full bath with shower. When such decisions to visually unify all of the space and basement bathroom wall oblitsevat preferably the same material.

Color in the bathroom asking basically wall and floor tiles. It is common to all types of facilities : light-coloured and transparent material visually expand the space, reduces the dark. Stop dark or too bright colors of tiles and tiles of a major figure. Sparkling surface is not suitable, it increases impression. Surfaces and tiles and furniture to choose mat. Bed diagonally floor tiles visually rent increases.

Light in the bathroom should be a reasonable number because it is not a surgical operating. Functional lighting fixture in the mirror.

Furniture and equipment. In the bathroom, it is important to make optimum use of storage capacity for things without sacrificing the free space. Especially for small bathrooms developed compact baths, showers, mirrors, cabinets, miniature furniture. The compact light furniture from the same collection facilities attached easily. Clear and easy can be rack skaters feet of chrome-plated metal containers with sets of wire mesh. The space under the kitchen sink and over the best use for shelving and cabinets. The kitchen can be hidden even washing machines.

If the furniture is not the place, it will make maximum use of wall space, more precisely, wall niches and shelves.

Mirrors are the traditional techniques to increase the visual space. In our case without mirrors exactly is indispensable. It is appropriate here as nowhere else - and functionally, and the x, and visually expands space. You can add universality : that it is not just hanging on the wall, while another had a locker door for trifles. If not covered bathroom, added convenience can be krepyascheesya mirror on the wall with the changing angle of inclination.

Heating elements polotentsesushiteli, without which today is rarely a bathroom, also asked its place. Think not, can we make them многофункциональными. For instance, in turn polotentsesushitel support system, which supports small shelf for the necessary care of a skeleton of a folding screen to the bottom of Plexiglas (impressive and practical alternative to curtain).

The small space requires fine-tune the design thought that the bathroom became an attractive and functional. Our allies - the color, light and form. If the original design does not meet your objectives, you can change within reasonable limits and to achieve maximum comfort. To use every centimeter in his bathtub, ask the professionals who can offer you the best options.

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