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Pipes from metallopolimerov

Трубы из металлополимеров

Consider the kinds of tubes. It is not normal for the variation that we have to say and to what is called "high-tech product." This, as you probably have guessed, is a metal pipe connections.

The overwhelming success of modern science and technology, which first appearance in consumer culture is still fresh in our minds. The man never had affairs with such pipes, familiarity with them certainly no surprise, and possibly sold. This is no exaggeration. The fact is that despite the higher strength, the tubes gnutsya efforts hands, which is much easier to install in their apartment. That is not only their dignity. It is so easy (you are surprised) that 10 metres of pipes will metallopolimerov weight of 1-2 kg, depending on which product you buy diameter. This diameter is generally in the range of 16 to 30 mm.

Mounting such tubes, as you deal with the hard clay, flexible and obedient in the hands of a seasoned craftsman. If so, you are not on a fateful coincidence, refer to a specialist. Your apartment awakened in a matter of days, without escorts welding outbreaks, stories of metal and vodopodtekov.

When you are taken to a search of metallopolimerov pipes, the bold move to the Bay, much like the long, rolled in a range of the hose. That looks folded steel pipes. The pipe butchered a cold-frost reaches 40 degrees below zero. The resistance to hot temperatures can also be no doubt : limit is not less than 95 ° C. They are harmless to the environment-friendly, and most significantly, almost no corrosion (advantageous Unlike pure metal!) Not inclined to zasoreniyam - because of its elasticity.

Still praised this progress, a notorious pomyanem production. Indeed, poor construction may cast doubt on any interesting innovation, encourage any buyer, and even mastera-sborschika distrust in the product. Here you will common sense, eyes and experience, and, if the latter is not enough, what is now called "strong trading company." Turning to an educational institution, of course, you pay more than the market, but almost 100% can be assured of good quality of this type of pipe. A few words about what metallopolimery. In this case, aluminum, coupled with surrounding layers of polyethylene, with particular strength. The thickness of the structure, in other words the walls of pipes, hovering around 2 mm. They can be used not only for the water supply network, but also for heating-steel pipes are so because withstand the pressure of water on their walls when its thermal batteries. The sewers are generally not used. When buying a metal pipe to draw attention to what color they painted. Blue and Blue indicate that the tubes were intended for cold water (Swedish withstand temperatures of up to 30 ° C), and white tubes used for heating and hot water.

Ironically, those fragile items, at least in comparison with the same steel can withstand water temperatures over 100 ° C. Of course, one must keep in mind that the rise in temperature of hot water may not be long. Do not be concerned about these unusual pipes. They are very, very well-connected with other bathroom appliances, furniture and equipped with relevant details. It is not important what are done any equipment, which you must attach steel pipes, problems would arise in any case, components designed for all options.

When you reach adulthood, are establishing their apartment metallopolimerov quality pipe, it can live up to one hundred years. You do not have to you-so they are long-lasting. But in the second century of life have to deal with this issue, according to the research, the shelf life is not more than sixty years. You may wonder whether these products while a shortage? There. And long. They are very expensive. This applies particularly to import pipes. But it should-you cards in hand. Surprisingly, we deal with "high-tech product" is a wonderful use not only in plumbing, which it is intended in the first place. We will surprise you again. Have you heard of the so-called "warm" floors? Perhaps yes. And if so, it is most likely related to a method of heating rooms on the top floor concrete plate electrical wires. They are subject to mandatory earth, fall in aluminium foil, which is the front of the box of the material.

And all this can be replaced with the best effect these beautiful steel pipes. How? Easy! Swedes have long been invovled. The rough concrete plate placed mastic layer, which adhered even foam pieces, acting as insulation. The field vystilaetsya the same aluminum foil-it is an indispensable requirement in any case, as it provides the necessary reflect heat rays. It is now up to these wonderful lines. Uniformly, in a few circles, running pipes to the floor in such a way as to ensure optimum heating flats. The pipes poured concrete (seals thickness of about 5 centimeters), then, for drying concrete, is the front floor, which is already heating. It is unnecessary to make a flat battery, the lack of significant increase floor space and make it more convenient, free from the burden of breakthrough heating system, at least in your apartment. Add to that - if you chose to "warm" floors of the tubes "warm" same floor from cable-decent you save money on electricity with the same ease. In addition, you save themselves from the risk, which, willingly or not-always have a grid.

And another advantage of the "warm" of the floores metallopolimerov. The heating system, located above the floor, the "batteries not distribute heat evenly. Most residents of high-rise buildings know : floor steletsya cool air and warm, bypassing floor, the ceiling is raised, divided on the flat sections. Particularly sensitive people because of this state of affairs is often prostyvayut. The version that we have just had in connection with the metal pipe, completely eliminates these problems. Heat proceeding from the underground pipes, and exactly gradually progrevaet apartment from the floor to the ceiling, creating a healthy atmosphere temperature. The only physical presence in the room heating system is carefully positioned in the corner white metallopolimerny trubootvod, which is directly connected to the heating system of your home. This is great, is it not?

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