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Ремонт ванны    Насадки для душа: совсем не душная тема! Repair bath seat for the soul : not so hot!

Nozzles for the soul : not so hot!

Modern people rarely think that taking a shower every day, it is attached to the wisdom of ancestors, holding water above all else. And in vain, because swimming under a shower of boring necessity can be a magical mystery. Of course, provided the perfect in the shower and not have to be desperate daily struggle with mixers and switches.

Thanks to the efforts of developers shower heads, bath becomes a small spa, where you can enjoy every day of the full massage. One turn of a switch, and easy to imagine yourself somewhere in the jungle under the tropical rain clouds or dust particles with water mist. And if you want you can be under the powerful jet, a simulated waterfall. All of this is beneficial to health : by different regimes of the soul, you can relax at night or early lunch hours, promote blood circulation, improve muscle tone and even cleanse the body of slag. Modern technology makes it possible to combine virtually every opportunity hydromassage shower in a small, stylishly designed nozzle.

Radio or setting the ring to how the soul, are usually head on the rim or shower panel. Nozzles, replacing shower "affordable", which could not claim any special skills, they can create a few of spraying water. First of all, this is the usual mode (thin continuous jets), a gentle soul, mixed with air bubbles, pulsed jets, and finally one large heavy jet, which provides the perfect back massage. Some producers shower heads, for example, a German firm Hansgrohe, supplying its products advanced features. These functions include turbodush, enjoy swimmers wire jets. Or shower combination, which forms jets from the needle to rain, alternately alternate.

The most popular is a good invention, as a shower panel. Its advantage is that its surface can be inferred multiple souls with a variety of nozzles. Showers jets can be directed from different angles, providing excellent and quick massage to all parts of precious body. In your bathroom can be built regulatory pressure and temperature-thermostat. It will look like two cranes, one of which is responsible for water pressure and the other outside temperature. The thermostat spare lucky owners showers panel of unfortunate sense of the sudden change of pressure and temperature. Trouble emotion in the soul totally unnecessary.

In addition to health effects, the authors of the shower heads even thought about practicality : it wants to shower game for a long time. To defeat the chief enemy of good water-lime flush nozzle shower heads equipped with special plastic parts that slide in the nozzle automatically at every turn and switch prochischayut them.

While doctors have new evidence of the benefits of daily massage, designers care for the aesthetic component of water. It is the work of creative thought shower nozzles are so comfortable and beautiful, that they literally do not want to release from the hands. Incidentally, for economical beer purity in Europe invented a special shower head, to halve water flow. In a nozzle mechanism contained a simple turn of the ring gear. The unique design and arrangement of burners, chudo-nasadka restricts water flow, but is not harmful pleasures : one who takes a shower, most likely not even assuming that it is trying to clean save. With the introduction of meters of water demand for a head certainly increase and in our country. But saving one of the main criteria, in part because of the souls recently won an overwhelming victory over the bathroom. Swimming in them requires substantial water wastage.

Design shower attachment is surprisingly diverse : from the large dusha-tarelki to 240 mm in diameter (series Hansgrohe Raindance German company) to funny colored heads, made of rubber, is a fantasy of Italian designers of Agape. " The innovations include a bathroom, which has no division between the "pen" and "affordable" : a shower is a round bar one diameter, which is located at the end of the nozzle. Such is the soul bathroom, decorated in the minimalist style. Such models are constructed of the Italian company "Agape", and the German company Dornbracht. Always remain relevant and soul classic models, which handle feeds into nozzle, creating stylish and elegant form. Such models are virtually all companies specializing in shower nozzles : German "Grohe, Hansgrohe, Hoesch", the Italian "Teuco" and "Agape", the Finnish "Ido", and many others. Beauty in alliance with functionality, this principle should be most creators attachment for the soul.

Taking a shower, easy and fun to be himself. The soul can sing, dance, spent listening to your favorite music, think about important issues and make the right decisions. Water washes and kills everything in a trouble, avoiding the anxiety and unrest, to take a fresh look at the world. The soul can relax. The heart can be the best moment of the day. The soul can think of the soul.

Author : Alain Kipreeva
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