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Plastic pipes

Пластиковые трубы

Oddly enough, this kind of plumbing almost every sign, perhaps, unaware of this. The fact is that because of the low thermal resistance of plastic pipes in the home not being used, but the elements of these pipes are in the overwhelming majority of Russian bathrooms and kitchen rooms. To see them, just look under the sink wash basin and look at the curved pipe water discharge (siphon). Yes, if you do not metal, which means plastic. This is one of the most vulnerable household plumbing fixtures, already on the above reason, the low heat. At the same time, the replacement of the discharge device of plastic (for a detailed description of these and other plumbing fixtures see below) is the most comfortable. Damage to one of the building blocks of discharge you can eliminate damage to themselves, rather than relying on professional help, simple replacement slomavsheysya details of the new.

Simply cut in the flat water, shop, supplying the population living bathroom appliances, buy your part or full, go home, drilling a plastic device inserted a new piece of the old place, gently gather device in the reverse order (it's easy), drawing attention to the level of seals, and then add water. The repaired pipes in advance to place a bucket, just in case, and make sure that you are not proceeding. That's all repairs.

Now talk about the actual plastic plumbing and gave it to the extent possible, a full description. First of all, for those who still do not know firmly : plastic pipes made of plastic or, now fully expressed, plastic mass-input many synthetic products industry. Plastics can be of two types identified specific substances, of which they are composed. The first are the so-called thermoplastics. Their characteristic is that when heated they shrimps. Typically, they have greater flexibility, nehrupki, plastichny. Examples of thermoplastics : ®, polyethylene, etc. If you want to see what you can get from termoplastovoy masses, surround belevuyu prischepku plastic and scenery. The second group is not reaktoplasty razmyagchayuschiesya when heated. Most commonly, plastic fragile, and far more rugged. The manufacture of household plumbing devices are thermoplastics such as polyvinyl unplastified, particularly density and strength polyethylene and other materials. Not differently by different properties and capabilities of its products metallopolimerov, plastic plumbing nevertheless has many positive features.

The simplicity attach plastic sewer pipes, we talked a little higher. They are easy and convenient transportation. The little plastic pipe corrosion prone process that provides greater durability. Plastic does not need paint, he seamless as bright as a tree, so that the pipe was moving better chance of standing Sewer debris. The risk of pollution to carefully use a plumbing is minimized. Products from plastic virtually no condensation, which is not, avoid noxious fumes in the home toilets.

Returning to the production of plastic pipes, it must be said that most of the raw material to manufacture a polyvinyl unplastified because in the best strength and resistance to heat. Industry produces plastic pipes of different sizes and diameters. You can purchase, depending on the needs, pipe length in 2 and 10 meters in diameter holes 40 to 100 mm, which is fully in line with the practical need in their application. Nor has there been another little-known fact : the fact that the water system of metal pipes may cause a painful and even dangerous phenomenon of stray currents. The plastic pipes are practically excluded.

Finally familiarity with plastic pipes, to remind you all about the same as the products for which you must pay attention to its purchase. Host inspection plastic pipe is easy, because it is easy, and low volume. Do not advise you to buy plastic and to rework roughness on the surface. It is also important to cut at the end of the pipe was strictly vertikalen is a necessary condition for qualitative assembly

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