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Hanging plumbing

подвесная сантехника


Suspended ceilings are not only. And not just hanging gardens Semiramidy. In the early 1980s, the history of plumbing marked by the emergence of cable, or as it is called, wall fixtures, and the pioneers were unsteady. "Podvesnoe miracle" has become an alternative floor plumbing. Just do not think that innovation arose from the design and fine fix. This fashion was shaped by specific and very acceptable standard of hygiene, comfort, economy.

The first models appeared in the West in public washrooms, where the requirements for hygiene very high. For ten years, in the 1990s unsteady wall, urinal, bidet, sink and successfully moved in household toilets. Every woman knows that the most difficult and challenging place for cleaning around and under sanitary facilities. Suspended models can more quickly and effectively clean room.

Layout and design bathroom

Design bathroom with them become more refined, elegant and open. You probably already see illustration. II.F such bathrooms it is not usual, they characterized some ethereality and ease, "wastes" effect. Because floor area of not using equipment, the space looks more spacious premises. Very wins tiles, pattern which is visible on the floor and walls. There is no connection, no corroded pipes, shut-off valves. They are hidden in the lining, forming a useful place. Siphon washbasins rose polukolonnoy or polupedestalom lying about connections and runoff. Siphon if left open, it has not seemed himself to himself, is really "alloy new technologies, broken designers. Light, elegant, in fact the continuation of bowls. This is a coordinated design. Famous producers usually have a ready version of the collections : to sink together with the siphon, podstolem, mixer.

The proposed collections often can be found outboard version with a built toilets and toilet-bowl version Borne outside. Jovicic generally have two modes of flushing. Clicking on one button, spent half of the 3-liter engine, thus saving a large amount of water consumed by pressing the other button, spent a full tank-6 or 9 litres. Such amenities are fully capable of evaluating the residents of Western countries where schetchiki-rashodomery fix water used every litre, which has to pay. For us, the water-saving concept is unknown.

What's especially good pendant plumbing, it is that allows designers to design individual bathroom, relevant to your requirements. There are bathrooms and toilets non-standard configuration and layout, the challenging slopes of walls and angles, which seemingly did not deploy. Using the system installation is full use of every square centimetre (for example, moved into a corner toilet or sink). There is a standard model sink 60 cm in width, is the most comfortable, width 100 cm, is mini-modeli, a width of less than 50 cm latter will be particularly interesting to those small spaces, or there are guest facilities, which often do not have the extra metres.


We mentioned the installation system. This is, which made it possible suspension plumbing. With low cost, ready-to-install components (self steel frame for a single or rail assembly with total isolation from the condensing moisture, fixing material, fittings, screws, etc.) simply set anywhere sanitary facilities. Using this universal mounting system can be easily planned location of the bathroom, perestanavlivaya unsteady, washbasins, kitchen sinks, etc., making changes in record time (for example, to build more walls and a "zakutok for toilets middle stages). Edge is independent of the existing plumbing connections for all. A full installation takes only a few days. Irrelevant to vydalblivaniyu and installation, the system is installed on the existing wall. (There's even a special sound system installation for the attachment of the equipment on the wall of plasterboard).


Its strength and reliability, distinctive features outboard models. But it remains a psychological barrier, distrust of Russian consumers to them. Having painfully fragile they are. Graphics, of course, hygienic, elegant, but : still hunting at such a challenging time onto something good, that is not failing. And this beauty-afford it? Toilet resistant strain to 400 kilograms, experts say.


And what it's design? The different. The proposed collection of samples of high-art design can be found models with soft line, slightly rounded shape close to the classic. There is a model with a very clear and concise boundaries in the minimalist vein. From elegant flat tints air, pearls and blue, black and chocolate colors. Materials - hollow, glass, metal, wood. For any design ideas and for any purse.


Hanging plumbing is not necessarily expensive. There are inexpensive solutions at the Economy, in which a traveling toilet is a little more expensive than a hundred dollars. However, added to this the cost of installation, which costs about $ 200. Alternatively, you can offer special clips, which can be tagged and toilet pail and sometimes these clips are packaged together with the model. But the system installation is the highest pilotage! Specialists do not recommend saving it, it depends on the proper installation and operation of the duration of your equipment. Equip your home or office system that can firm that has experience in this area, can find equipment, assemble and maintain it thereafter. No serious company would never be able to offer you the latest equipment and a high level of service for "knockdown prices." Keep dealing with professionals.

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