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Electrical polotentsesushiteli

электрические полотенцесушители

Someone once aptly remarked that the morning is not good. However, there are some lucky that a man and a joy to open eyes in five (6, 7) morning and ran energetically take cold showers. I am at such exploits categorically not. In my life, a terrible morning and nelaskovoe time. Neither light nor dawn Otherwise alarm bell. The hard prodiraya eye hide from the warm bed and, trembling, in the bathroom pletus-wash, shave, clean teeth : Well then, my bathroom is the only place in the apartment where the people feel. There is always a warm, mad jawbone, and gradually beginning to realize that a new day. But it is not simply this : all the joy and comfort, as usual, be sure to precede the hard work of engineering. My bathroom is no exception.

Speaking in a scientific manner, there were warm and dry "from the heat of hot water in the hot water for heating in bathrooms." Simply put, from located on the wall and beautifully curved pipes, popularly called polotentsesushitelem-best friend, towels, rags, and other tryapochek socks.

So, in our bathrooms polotentsesushitel works for three. First : it year round (except for the month of ZhEKi off of us and our apartments DCH) supported in a bathroom comfortable temperature, usually 25 degrees. Second : is, as we said, "drying chamber for towels and all trivial. Third : play a constructive role (it will speak separately on another occasion).

But then the unexpected happened. When I all these advantages it still, I am the editor and said : "But I have so warmly in the bathroom! And no drying towels, I do not have - I have lots of drying! And we did it completely while repairs were cut, I did not sit this one pipe-tried. What this guy pisat-to? "

электрические полотенцесушители

On the one hand, with the authorities not to argue. But on the other hand, if it is not right, then how? I know that there are many options polotentsesushiteley. Varied. Beautiful. Large and small. Different. Import and domestic. The bloat and pribambasami. I decided to prove that polotentsesushitel is also subject to the article.

So. You want to replace the iron, lives, with traces of green paint shovel "doughnut hole" something more modern, attractive and functional. So, all polotentsesushiteli fall into water, electric and combined. Each dignified companies usually produces all three types polotentsesushiteley. Watermarks (that is, those who work in hot water), we have seen 100 times at home. Electrical, understandable case, working for electricity. " A combined-on each. They built teploelektronagrevatel (TEN).

Electric polotentsesushitel usually is the same as the water. This can be a turning T (similar to the letter "M" or "W", only with the rounded tops, and even rotating on the wall), "ladder" (actually looked like a staircase in the Swedish side), a model of perforated metal (metal sheet in brightly) hiker or more rings connected by two vertical pipes. And understand that you - or electric water polotentsesushitel, frequently only by the presence or absence of electrical wires and sockets. If the wiring built into the wall disappears, and this trait.

The benefits of electric polotentsesushitelya

Electrical polotentsesushiteli good in three cases. First, if you are going to do major maintenance. Secondly, if there is no desire to interfere with existing water system. And thirdly, if you hang in the bathroom another polotentsesushitel. Easy to install and connect with the grand reinventing all pipes in the apartment. Moreover, it could hang anywhere, on any wall in the bathroom, the kitchen, in the entrance hall. By the way, does not necessarily keep electric polotentsesushitel permanently connected. Let a lovely hanging racks. But if we have dried promokshuyu clothing, numerous plug to (and the more advanced models simply tapped a finger at the button panel cloud hovering on the wall), and the process has begun : What a pleasure to i.am morning in the already warm gown, and not warm his heroically warm your body!

What else? Oh yes! Some models of electric polotentsesushiteley be hanged and connect themselves with a minimum of technical expertise and guided instruction. But it is anchored to the wall and stuck a fork in the outlet. But we do recommend remember about safety at the high humidity and encourage trust специалисту-электрику. He knows what to do.

Tips old electrician

Electrical outlets in bathrooms is not without purpose. Because humidity shocks may shibanut routinely. The qualified electrical engineer advised the following.

First : if you love steam to the extent that the bathroom is a couple of clubs and condensate streams flow from the walls, you will have to abandon the idea of placing outlet in the bathroom. Better withdraw from elektroshnur polotentsesushitelya through the drill hole in the wall.

Second : use the special moisture outlet. However, they will have to pay more than usual. But the effort is justified by such a zahlopyvayuschiesya outlet covers and special rubber seals to plug onto and not miss water.

Third : the need to use wired (UZO), which, with a sharp rise in the phase difference between voltage and zero disables electrical wires (for the phase-wire "phase" - current to the outlet flow, and zero-zero "- derived). UZO worked for a fraction of a second. To purchase it, as did and moisture outlet, best in solid company selling widgets.

Fourth : Do not place in the cold wall sockets, which can be formed condensate (going into the mine elevator or stair lift, for example). The receptacle must be located as far as possible from the bathroom and kitchen sinks and will only be built into the wall, but never outside. In other words, on the wall should be visible to "piglet" outlet, and the rest should be removed in the wall.

Do not deceive ourselves gore-elektrikov assurances that, well, if a grounding outlet, it is OK. The so-called "evrovilkah" it really is. But the problem is that earthed electricity will simply nowhere, in many of our homes, especially older, it is non-existent.

Conclusion : outlet in the bathroom could not be considered. But if they want to, then, see above. But this, again, is dangerous. However, opinion is the first formal organizations that develop projects and build their houses. Maybe there are some other views on the problem and someone known to other means of electrical outlets in bathrooms meet the standards, and SNiPu near? We are willing to listen to all points of view and talk about this in an article on sankabinam.

Anatomy polotentsesushitelya

электрические полотенцесушители

But back to our hot "heroes" - electric polotentsesushitelyam. On the basis of actions they can take two forms : the electrical and combined elektro-vodyanye.

Pure electric filled with liquid coolant-water, oil or antifreeze, and the interior is reasonably heating element (TEN). The device is connected to the 220V. The temperature can be adjusted manually or (thermostatic head), or thermostat (device, which turns on or off, depending on the heating temperature in a room). Or ask the treatment timer. Thermostatically head, usually came with polotentsesushitelya. But the thermostat, which was "following" for maintaining constant temperature in a room, you must buy separately. How, indeed, the timer that controls the daily or weekly program heating. Why? And to avoid wasting energy wasted! If you do not need additional heat in the bathroom or kitchen at night or during the day, when all the work, the device is turned off. Naturally, this can be done manually. But it could not include manually advance to the air in a room, towels and gowns at polotentsesushitele progrelis to comfortable temperature. This is where the timer degrees.

Here again, I want to say a couple of words about the problems connected appliances in the bathroom. But timer many manufacturers offer more, in our view, a safe and civilized solution : pave cable in the wall and connect it to the hidden outlet. However, this service usually comes only in the load "of the timer. In any case clarify details from the seller.

Combined elektro-vodyanye polotentsesushiteli on construction, perhaps closer to the water. In their "conductor" is the hot water, as in normal water polotentsesushitelyah. But you can embed and heating element (TEN). And then, of joy, polotentsesushitel be tepid, even when someone in the likes of vodokanalnyh off hot water. But note : in this case polotentsesushitel be booked immediately with TENom. If provoronite not get set of fasteners to connect a system of pipes and electric wires TENa.

Now, talk about bad. Works such polotentsesushitel naturally from the network. So the beast thirsting consumes electricity : from about 130 W and 1000 W per hour or more, depending on the model, with an average 300-700-Vt. But on the other hand, if there is money to buy an electric version, the electricity comes naskrebete. What melochitsya? The health and comfort save only cormorant and the beggar. Case for Small-left to find a suitable polotentsesushitel.

электрические полотенцесушители

1. This model polotentsesushitelya firm Zehnder reminds hit razor

2. The elegant and stylish polotentsesushitel Art Deco chrome finish in performance (firm Zehnder ")

3. At this polotentsesushitel be hanged several towels. A panel of perforated stainless steel definitely adds charm (firm Zehnder ")

4. And the "ladder in the panel" looks fun and unpretentiously (firm Kermi "model Credo-Duo)

How to decide on their

All. Starting act. First decide what polotentsesushitel want; Precisely what the company and model. Even opredelyaemsya where and how to hang the device. There have, of course, to dance on the size and dimensions of the bathroom (entrance hall, kitchen). And sure opredelyaemsya advance, which will make outlet.

However, passion and serious reflection on the choice of easily avoidable. This is only my editor casualness think polotentsesushitel - malopoleznaya thing and it is still where threaded. But nothing like this. Typically, the state respects each company has a sound technical advisors, and even a project office, ready to meet (as described in the instructions), a complete set of works to bring your polotentsesushitelya. "

электрические полотенцесушители

Buy it - half. It is well-established. For example, did you know that the existing outlet sufficient forces to sustain your "otoplentsa"? And whether it is in the wall to lay wire? For all these needs in detail.

For example, in the view of the company's "Concept" (Konzept), the best course is to repair water and heating to one stroke. That is, in its entirety. And buy this set better in the same place. Better still, where are familiar with the features you bought appliances (polotentsesushiteley, radiators), and equipment. Then their eyes open and free devils recorded in the system (especially in the case of a villa).

Think for yourself, decide for yourself

The cost of construction, understandably, domestic. For example, hails from the town Kimry, in Tver. They are polotentsesushiteli and water, and electric, similar to the letter "P" and "M" with rounded tops. Diameter Pipe 1-inch and 3 / 4 inch (the diameter of pipes in the plumbing was measured in inches; One inch equals 25 mm). Colour-only chromium. Another issue polotentsesushiteli Kazan and Thule (diameter is 1 inch). For all parameters are identical kimrskoy products. Sold in abundance on the construction markets.

And yet, and yet, no matter how patriotic, I assume no thought of our dryers "is one ambush. Inch pipes, in my opinion, a little velikovata. Polotentsesushitel tightly secured and could not move. And the color-exclusive chrome. And if the buyer wants something edakogo-tailor and a suitable colour to the interior? The need to import.

Pozhalte, look here ... Maybe these? Water and electric polotentsesushiteli turning diameter pipe and junction points in the half. Producing them Germans (DM companies), the Italians from the firm Global Ship "(Global Ship), the Finns of" Corinne "(Korin), the Swedes (LVI) and Norwegians from Varmos (Varmos). The form these polotentsesushiteli recall lying on its side letter "M" with rounded tops. Number two-bending and more length "hinge" on one polotentsesushitele may be the same or different. At each stop there is a copy of cranes is part of the unit.

But the main feature of polotentsesushiteley that they can be installed perpendicular to the wall and kick vpravo-vlevo (180 ° angle). It is a pity that my attempt to understand the principle of turning node (same as he got and no runs?) Had no success. Spiš a humanitarian mindset. (Although colleagues Per let something about illiteracy and bestolkovosti, but they are worth.) However, I promise to look into the matter and report the results in material about water polotentsesushiteli.

Key colors turning polotentsesushiteley-chrome, white, gold and combinations. Other colors I have not found any. What, however, does not mean that they do not exist in nature. But it prostenkie model (I mean form). But polotentsesushiteli of which tell more, are catchy and nenashim word "conceptual". (Editor in the fight for clean Russian language would be an appropriate word, but I sorts.)

For instance, electrical and combined polotentsesushiteli Czech company "Neria" (Neria). Language does not turn to name their boring word "polotentsesushitel"! Between the two vertical lines throughout the altitude are horizontal (at the same distance from each other or groups). In some models have top and bottom half - they can hang towels and all that wish. They have a lot of original models - land, which want.

Or, perhaps, we have sold products German firm Art-Tek (Art-Tec) and model Bow Line (water and combined polotentsesushiteli; Color - chromium). These are stainless steel with horizontal, just vygnutymi rail. In my opinion, this is a piece of art, not fools. And with nothing more - all strictly and functionally.

In my opinion, the most successful versions of the elite group of heaters for bathrooms, electrical, water and the combined companies polotentsesushiteli "Zehnder (Zender)," Michael "(Emco) and Arboniya (Arbonia).

What they are good? First, the good. For example, let us consider a partial victims of our curiosity-model company "Emko. They called polotentsesushiteli EMCO DECOTHERM that translated roughly as decorative warm Emko. It is a "ladder" of round-the horizontal and vertical rectangular tubes. A top is the bar with hooks for towels and gowns or round mirror on two stretches. The choice of colors is very wide. If they want to, can be ordered in two polotentsesushiteli : suppose vertical tubes of one color, horizontal-other.

The next group of models in our "podium" - combined and electrical polotentsesushiteli of firm Zehnder. " Under this brand behind seven collections, "representatives" who differ from each other in terms of mounting options and tube "steps". For example, a broken ladder, where vertical pipes are in close proximity. Or another option : horizontal "rungs" are mounted on a vertical pipe only one province, and the other sticks out like rods razor. They have a sheet polotentsesushiteli - I told them at the outset. These are square metal plate with holes, which are horizontal elliptical. The size and height of elliptical bar across different models. Watched too well and get (more accurately, land) well.

The German polotentsesushiteley "Arboniya" There is one characteristic : their internal volume filled with oil, at the bottom of "someone" (in the thick of the first "step") set TEN. You can select a model almost any color and size. A series of models of electric polotentsesushiteley called Bagnowatt. "

И последний участник наших смотрин — германская фирма "Керми" (Kermi). Она предлагает три модели электрических и комбинированных полотенцесушителей. Первая — настенная металлическая панель из отшлифованной высоколегированной стали с квадратными отверстиями. Смотрится очень стильно. Вторая — тоже металлическая панель, но поставленная внутрь "лесенки" с горизонтальными перемычками-"ступеньками", выгнутыми дугой. Цвета панели и "лесенки" могут быть разными. Третья — наша давняя знакомая "лесенка", самая популярная форма для больших полотенцесушителей. Можно купить модель с термостатом и программируемым таймером.

А теперь о главном. Сколько придется потратить? По-разному. Полотенцесушитель может стоить и 550 рублей, и почти 6000 долларов. Смотря какой вам понравится. Кстати, не расстраивайтесь, если выбранного вами агрегата, допустим, радикально-синего цвета, не окажется на складе. Выбирайте его спокойненько по каталогу, заказывайте, возьмите на фирме чертежи и размеры агрегата и несите своему прорабу. А он уж озадачит рабочих. И сидите себе тихо-мирно на работе, делайте свой бизнес. Буквально через пару недель румяные ребята с фирмы принесут бандероль с вашим полотенцесушителем.

Но чтобы уж совсем все было в лучшем виде, поручите все хлопоты специалистам той фирмы, где вы его покупали. Тогда уж точно новенький прибор приедет к вам вовремя — как раз к окончанию отделочных работ. А раньше он вам и не нужен.

Автор статьи: Константин Елисеев, Журнал "MATERIAL" N2 2000

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