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Ремонт ванны    Установка умывальника, раковины, мойки и питьевого фонтанчикаPro-Remont.com Repair bath Installation washbasins, sinks, washing and drinking fountains

The washbasins, sinks, washing and drinking fountains

The washbasins

Ceramic washbasins single group or set of cast-iron brackets attached to the wall screws.

First mark on the template holes for mounting brackets, then prosverlivayut holes (installing brackets on a stone or concrete wall) and the insertion of dowels or hlorvinilovye tube. The brackets are set, check their level and reinforce screwed. When installing washbasins, the top bracket pin, he was in the hole bottom board a plane washbasins.

General view of washbasins with dvuhoborotnym siphon and hidden laying water and sewage pipes on the floor appear.

Установка умывальника

The washbasin with back without overflowing and sifonom-reviziey :
1-outlet pipe to the concrete slab floors;
2-outlet pipe for sewage standpipe;

Washbasins connect with a metal siphon 32 mm diameter. When released, that does not wash basin polomalsya with screwing nuts, the top and bottom should ring podlozhit rubber ring. When installing washbasins with sifonom-reviziey issue has added to the tube length of 110 mm. At one end of pipe cut threads, and the other end razbortovyvayut under siphon size. The sleeve navinchivayut sleeve. Razbortovanny end pipe, Nag Resin slivers on top and covered with putty, the insertion siphon while determining washbasin in brackets. After installation and alignment washbasins remove excess putty.

The group installed washing can be combined total outlet steel pipe diameter of 40 mm with a common cast iron siphon.

Mount sink depending on the type of fixtures, punched one, two and three holes at the bottom of the rear shelf nakalah. The passions of 28 x 28 mm made to a depth of 3 / 4 wall shelf. When installing wall mixing holes in the back shelf washbasins not punched.

The bowls

If the bowls set dvuhoborotny sifon-reviziyu, the top edge of it should be at a height of 645 mm from the floor.

Outlet pipe laying on the floor. Sink attach to the wall screws, which vvinchivayut in dowels.

Set bowl follows. First, mark the holes for mounting bowls, then prosverlivayut in stone, concrete or other wall and put into dowels. Obertyvayut a resin bowls slivers and put into it to siphon surikovoy putty. The privertyvayut sink to the wall screws and remove unnecessary surikovuyu putty. If the back bowls separate, it linked to the wall after cup bowls. Water connections to the sink can be located on the top, bottom or side.

The wash

Установка чугунной мойки

Shown installation of brackets iron sinks into two divisions MCH-2. To protect against the possible entry of the liquid waste (in the case of sewage pollution), in the premises catering kitchen should have between production and siphon 20-30 mm air gap. When installing sanitary equipment for use Screwing zavertyvaniya screws.

Installing drinking fountains

Установка питьевого фонтанчика Installing the Wall drinking fountains :

1-tube d = 15 mm, 2-Lift

Implements floor and wall drinking fountains. The bathroom equipped with nozzles for drink cups are receiving izlivaemoy water and divert it into the sewer. In addition, drinking fountains equipped with pressure regulators, maintaining constant stream of high pressure water fluctuations in the network.

The figure shows a wall drinking fontanchik pedal lowering water. To secure the cup used dowels with nuts. Issue bowl connected to siphon U-obraznym located inside the device.

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