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Ремонт ванны    Разметка стены под укладку плитки Repair Your bath walls by laying tiles

Partitioning wall by laying tiles

Укладка плитки Partitioning the wall begins with spacings vertical and horizontal lines, and marked just the middle. The intersection is the central point of the wall. You can then preview guys like figure and will look first and last tiles in a row. Clearly, the sort of "dry" tiles on the wall is not possible, therefore, to take advantage of the surface line. Reference is it a normal wooden pole with a flat and smooth surface. Length rods half the width of the wall minus 40 mm.

Putting a device on the floor, gently spread to a number of tiles, given the breadth mezhplitochnyh beads, and razmette device, as shown.

Enclose your device to the wall so that the vertical centre line came exactly at the midpoint between the tiles. On the surface this line can not only calculate how many tiles fit in horizontal layers, but also to determine the width of whole tiles at the beginning and end of a number. Ruler to help determine the optimum layout and to minimize the number of cut tiles.

If the tiles ROMs, professionals are advised to start the ranks of the most prominent corner in the opposite side. Thus, in plain view tiles will be whole, which looks much better than the symmetric trim at the edges.

Forbid the number of bars in a row, a presentation and layout design can proceed to the next step of marking-base horizontal specifying the correct direction series tiles. A horizontal reference line with a ruler and level above the floor around the entire perimeter of the room at a height, which is selected depending on the chosen design solutions.

The practice is based, largely, either from the ceiling or from the kerb of the bathroom or from the bottom, so the bottom row of tiles is usually a non. But if you can be placed on top of the wall tiles only whole, not shortening the height of a lower number to the size, it is coated, in the first instance, usually laid tiles two lower ranks. The first series set at the level of pure floor. And in a room where the floors are not laid, the first series of tile set, for supporting the device tol-shina which should be equal to the thickness of future violence. If the lower number will be shortened to properly marking baseline must first defeat horizontal line to the upper edge of the lining. To do so solely on the level of need.

The surface line postpone vertical bars in the entire distance between the top line and the floor. Last mark and the level of the base line. Through the mark in terms of basic limited to partitioning the horizontal line along the perimeter of the premises. Along this line driven team hotel.

Regional sites will be stuck with a non-tile state level or plumb-line vertical line (it is a boundary last column whole tiles). Its pribivayut vertical side device. If horizontally all the tiles entire range, a vertical rod pribivaetsya not, and is laying on the wall.

Reiki should prepare in advance : they beaten nails spaced 300 mm, the point should just speak from the opposite side. Reiki set for the baseline and prihvatyvayut nails to the wall. Naturally, nails until the end need not knocking down a pole then have to be resolved.

If plintusny to lay some of the standard plintusnyh bars, rods instead of a board, width should correspond to a height plintusnyh tiles. The plintusnye tiles installed at the same floor nastilkoy floor.

  • If oblitsovyvaemoy length of more than 4 m, it put interim Lighthouse ranks. Verticality of the Lighthouse series check with a plumb-line rule.

  • If you do lining the walls in the new apartment, which has not yet been set plumbing, set under its beacons. The sanitary room you naturally run into pipes, cranes.

  • If the bathroom is already installed, the first of a series of mud rule, performed at a level high level baths plus width 190õ190õ190 tile (moderate). The first number is and adjacent wall.

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