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Repair bath-key points

Repair bathroom-cumbersome case. The slight cracks can lead to water, which leads to leaks, damp, scandals with its neighbours and other unpleasant events. On the other hand, got started in the bathroom repairs, perform all work professionally as possible, nothing missing. After a good quality and repair bathroom is a masterpiece, combining functionality, stylish design and safety, both for you and for your neighbors. Starting bathroom repairs, you should pay attention to the following key points :

Paul. Perhaps the most important and complex facility repairs to the bathroom. The first step is to thoroughly clean the surface of the mud, frozen solution. Sex should be seamless and smooth, it may need to make a special levelling plate. The next step is waterproofing. By way of modern waterproofing divided into okleechnuyu, naplavlyaemuyu and obmazochnuyu. Waterproofing coating must cover not only floor, but go to the wall (10-20 cm). In addition, there could be a partial waterproofing wall, which is adjacent to the bath or shower. Particular attention should be paid to repair the bathroom most vulnerable area-plumbing closet. After causing drainage layer needs to be done protective plate, and then pack the tiles.

But to protect the flat of one of flooding and waterproofing may not be enough. A more reliable barrier. By repairing bathroom, try to eliminate common errors builders, in particular, failure of the floores. It is imperative that the level of floor in the bathroom was significantly lower than in other areas. If the level is not possible, remains high, up to 8 cm threshold. It would make on the floor of accidental discharges connected to the sewerage system. Obviously, in this case, the floor should be little inclination toward the plums.

The next item-bathroom renovation exploit pipes. On shtrobirovaniya walls, there are two basic rules : Use bearing walls (especially concrete) is not acceptable; Desirable to use a special tool-shroboreza-to avoid further cracks in the wall material. After installing seats should zagruntovat welding, and the pipes absorb heat insulation. Otherwise, you can obtain eternal condensed on the cold pipe and consequently damp wall; Hot water pipes can be deformed by heat elongation and also destroy the wall. If you entered the apartment, in which the tube is covered with thermal insulation, in the first repair bathroom fix such flaws.

So, plumbing divorced, move to the electrification of the bathroom. Connecting to a network might require not only washing machines and hydromassage baths, and shower rooms, and electronic faucets. The overhaul bathroom useful "just in case" an electrical exploit where at the time it was not necessary to do so, to save a lot of time and work in the future. Buying modern "bath electronics" will not lead to regular repair bathroom - just connect the new one. It must be remembered that this applies to a special cable to work in the humid room. Outlets and switches are located in the bathroom desirable, but if it's repairing bathroom, discovered the need for this special moisture-use model.

One of the last stages in the repair of bathroom-walls. The first step is to prepare the surface. The surface is cleaned of paint, if necessary trowel layer must also be replaced. It is therefore recommended the acquisition of all plumbing appliances after finishing, as well as after repairs to the bathroom to change geometrics. Strictly stay plumb walls and angles pryamougolnostyu interface. In the case of the geometry, you will find not only the mass of troubles for the lining, and installation of many plumbing appliances. It may even be a need for additional mini-remonta bathroom.

Finally, a few recommendations to repair the bathroom, a couple of words about the plumbing and ventilation. Connecting plumbing appliances must be in strict accordance with the assembly diagrams supplied with the instruments. It is possible that you toxins protracted bathroom renovation, will be able to find other, less laborious method of connection. Keep in mind that in the event of device failure, firm has the right to deny your guarantee.

Make a plan to repair the bathroom, do not forget about ventilation. Bath-room high humidity, and in the absence of air flow on the walls and ceiling will generate condensate. To avoid such trouble enough to leave a door opening 1 - 2 can also see the installation of the ventilation slats.

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